Super Speed Touch, a no-nonsense approach for testing your reflexes

Super Speed Touch is a Windows Phone 8 game designed to test your powers of observation and reflexes. There's not a lot of flash with Super Speed Touch but it can be a challenging way to test your tapping skills.

Super Speed Touch as a very clean, no-nonsense appearance that doesn't have many bells and whistles.  And that may be the game's greatest weakness.  While Super Speed Touch isn't a bad Windows Phone game, I just can't help but think it could have a little more flash to prevent the game from getting stale too quick.

When you launch Super Speed Touch you are greeted with the "Game Over" screen that doubles as your main menu. Options to mute the sound, view the about screen, play the game and upgrade to the ad-free version ($.99) are all center screen.

The game screen is a 3x3 grid of white squares. Randomly, these squares will flash red and it's your job to tap that square before the red light fades. As you progress with game play the red lights fade quicker, picking up the pace of the game. If the red light fades without a tap, the game ends. Tap the wrong square, the game ends.

Of all the reflex oriented games for our Windows Phones, Super Speed Touch may be the more lack luster options to consider. You have no bonus items, no leaderboard (although you do have a high score display) and the playing grids never get larger.

While Super Speed Touch doesn't exactly suck wind and has potential but I couldn't help but think the game needed more meat on the bone. Whether it be randomly sized grids, multiple squares to tap, or a memory option where you have to repeat flashing square sequences... the game just needs a little something-something to help it stand out.  Maybe throw in a green colored square that you aren't suppose to tap?

Super Speed Touch is a free, ad-supported game available for Windows Phone 8. You can get rid of the ads through a $.99 in-app purchase.  Super Speed Touch can be downloaded here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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