Super Why! - A collection of educational games for Windows Phone (Hidden Gems)

While this may not apply to every Windows Phone user, the platform is a great medium for children's educational gaming. These Windows Phone titles mix learning the ABC's or basic math with visual aids that are presented in game format.

Super Why! is one such title that is designed to help you child improve their reading and spelling skills through four interactive literacy games featuring the four main characters from the PBS television series, Super Why!. These games are fashioned to teach your children the alphabet, rhyming, spelling writing and reading.

Let's take a closer look at Super Why! and remember, if you leave a comment below you will be entered into our daily Hidden Gems contest to win a new tablet or Windows Phone.

Teaching made fun

Super Why! is a collection of four games that features the television shows main characters: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red and Super Why. The user interface is not very complicated and well suited for a child to navigate around.

The game is narrated throughout to add audio cues and lessons to support the visual aids that are generated. The main menu has the four characters pictures, when tapped will send you to their respective game. In addition to launching the four games, the main menu also has a Stickers Game where you children can take a break from learning. The Stickers Game is a free-form doodle pad full of stickers of characters from the Super Why! show that are earned during game play.

The only "grown-up" portion on the main menu is the 'How to Play' section that spells out each game. The game's themselves will walk your children through game play with audio and visual directions but if you need to help your children with game play, Super Why!'s 'How to Play' section covers all the bases.

Four Games Under One Roof

The four games for Super Why! will help your children learn and support their learning of the alphabet, spelling and reading skills. The four games break down as follows.

As letters are identified, Alpha Pig flies down the path to the next letter grouping and when the word is spelled correctly, you earn a new sticker to use in the Sticker's Game.

Alpha Pig's Lickety Letter Hunt

Alpha Pig is trying to spell words that will help him down the alphabet path. Alpha Pig will call out the word he's trying to spell and you will need to choose the correct letters to spell it out.

Princess Presto's Wands-up Writing

Princess Presto is needing help spelling words. She will call out the word and you will need to help her find the letters to fill in the blanks and spell the word correctly.

As you choose the correct letter, Princess Presto will outline the letter with her wand and you will have to mimic the writing movement. When you do, the letter will have a glittery glow and disappear. Successfully spell a word and you will earn a sticker for the Stickers Game.

Wonder Red's Rhyming Time

Wonder Red will present you with a word, with two possible rhyming words. When you choose the correct match, you will then have to find a rhyming word for that word.

All totaled, Wonder Red's game has you finding rhymes for two words. When successful (you guessed it) you will earn a sticker for the Sticker Game.

Super Why's Story Saver

Super Why's game deals with reading skills where you are presented with a sentence that is missing a key word and an illustration for the sentence. Super Why will read the sentence then give you three words to choose from to complete the sentence.

When you choose a word, right or wrong, Super Why will read out the sentence and if the wrong word is chosen, the picture will change showing that the word doesn't match what is pictured. Choose the correct word and you'll get another sticker to add to your inventory.

Overall Impression

While Super Why! may not be something all of our readers will be racing to download from the Windows Phone Store, if you have young children who are in the midst of learning their ABC's, it's an app worth considering.

The four games deceptively teach your children lessons on spelling, rhyming and reading. The graphics represent the television show spot on and the user interface is very child friendly. It is a game that you can hand over to your child and through the audio and visual cues, will pick up on game play in no time.

Super Why! does a good job of rewarding children for correct answers with the stickers (over fifty can be collected). When an incorrect answer is given, the game also helps guide them in the right direction not only to find the right answer but to explain why some answers are incorrect.

The only thing I would like to see added to Super Why! is a way for a parent to review their child's performance. However, as is, Super Why! is a solid learning game for Windows Phone and a Hidden Gem worth trying for our younger Windows Phone users.

  • Super Why! - Windows Phone 8 - Trial / $2.99 - Store Link
  • Super Why! - Windows 8 - Trial / $2.99 - Store Link

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