Surface 2 firmware update is available, Surface Pro 3 to get one 'in the coming weeks'

Microsoft's nearly one year old Surface 2 tablet, running on Windows RT 8.1, is the only one among Microsoft's Surface tablets to receive a firmware update today, as part of the company's monthly "Patch Tuesday" event.

Here's the change log of what's included in the update, which should be rolling out to all Surface 2 devices today:

  • Surface 2 UEFI update (v4.22.500) addresses case where the battery drains under the 0% level and will not charge.
  • System Aggregator Firmware update (v1.0.51500.0) increases the overall reliability and compatibility with a Surface Pro Type Cover.
  • Surface Platform Power Driver update (v2.0.716.0) adjusts the minimum charge current to address the case where the battery drains under the 0% level and will not charge, and enhances the overall system stability.
  • Surface Accessory Device update (v2.0.671.0) enhances the user experience with a Surface cover.
  • Audio and Display driver set (v9.17.13.2822) improves sound and video display performance, and resolves the case where a display driver caused system instability on resuming the system from sleep.
  • Surface Cover Click (v2.0.643.0) update enhances the user experience when connecting/disconnecting a Surface Pro Type Cover.
  • Surface Type Cover Filter Device (v2.0.682.0) adds support for a Japanese Surface Pro Type Cover on non-Japanese Surface 2 models.

Microsoft released a small firmware update last week for the Surface Pro 3 that added some features to its Surface Pen. Today, Microsoft noted that while the Surface Pro 3 is not getting another update today, it will release one "in the coming weeks to further improve Wi-Fi connectivity and include other fixes."

Source: Surface 2 history (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Good :P
  • At about a year, I have two issues with my Surface 2.  A lot of the time when I turn it on, it shows the low battery symbol even if it has a full battery or the thing is plugged in.  I wonder if this will fix that. Also, the back-lit type cover's back-light no longer works.  I figure I just wore that out.  Kind of miss it when it is dark.
  • Did you try pressing F2 several times? I had the same problem and thought the light was broken until I realized F1 and F2 are meant to control the the brightness of the cover and not the screen.
  • Oh crap, that works. Now i feel stupid. Thanks a million on that.
  • Your Reminding me of old experience with my HP laptop when i thought that the backlit keyboard doesn't light anymore & while it was at the service center & they just told me their is a keyboard key to make it turn on...
    We All learn from each other, no need to feel anything as no one is born a scientist...
  • Off the topic. I always wondered what would it be like if we run wp7.8 on lumia 930 or 1520 :D
  • Not difficult to think about: It would suck!
  • I wonder what made you wonder like that.... (interesting thinking!)
    It'll be faster, than its with WP8.1 I think... But it won't look so good either!
  • Faster, yes. But I still don't think I could go back. 7 is what made me love the platform and the vision for the platform. I will always have a soft spot for it, but I could never go back.
  • Certainly, none can go back once he's used a WP8.x.
    In my case, I only used its predecessor i.e, WP 8.0 earlier and that sheer pleasure was enough to make me ditch my Android forever...
    I still miss few things in WP8.1 which I enjoyed back in "WP8.0" but the overall improvements and additions are irresistible :P
  • My biggest miss from 8 to 8.1 is the messaging hub. Drives me crazy that I have to use skype now. Others sure, but that is what I miss the most.
  • I have the first surface pro and I'm loving it! Haven't gotten any updates for it besides regular maintenance updates.
  • Totally off topic and belongs in the Forums not in this post.
  • Can't wait to update!! Too bad my Surface 2's magnet charger melted, otherwise I'd be happy to update. Waiting for my cousin to arrive from the US on December to bring me new chargers. Although I might as well get through eBay, should arrive sooner than that.
  • Be careful with chargers off ebay. I bought one for my Surface Pro 2 and unlike the original charger you could only plug it into the Surface with the cable coming down the side as opposed to being able to use it either way round. Thankfully it was only the charger that melted and not the Surface
  • Its only for surface 2 , not surface pro 2 ?
  • I got a big list of updates on my Surface Pro 2. A firmware was not in the list.
  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
  • They've patched WiFi on Pro line like twenty times since the SP1 was released. Nothing fixes it. Nothing ever fixes it.
  • I had issues with my speakers, as putting it loud has my surface 2 sound quiet as well as crackling
  • How about fixing the battery drain issue with SD cards. My standby time is 2 days if you are lucky.
  • I wonder how many times Microsoft will issue a firmware update that fixes Wi-Fi. This is like the 3rd or 4th time lol
  • Far more than that and it's never fixed.
  • I can say the same for the Venue 8 Pro, but the Bluetooth will cut out too. I usually know the instant it dies because the Bluetooth mouse (sculpt mobile) just stops responding. What sucks is that I always have to do a reboot when it happens.
  • this update requires a fully charged tablet !! fine if your top up ..
  • Surface 2 wasn't the only Microsoft tablet to get a firmware update, though. My Lumia 2520 got one, too!
  • Me too.  I read this post, but didn't think it was for my 2520 as well.
  • Are you sure? My 2520 only received Windows and Office updates, no firmware updates.
  • Anyone else with a SP3?  After the last firmware update, the touch and swiping has gotten glitchy, most notably on the start screen.  Not nearly as smooth as before.  Kinda strange.  Doesn't register quick flicks, registers a tap on some swipes, scrolling animation a bit choppy at times.  Really strange.  I'm sure the next patch will fix it.  Hopefully.  But anyone else see that too?
  • I have not noticed this. Though my wifi is crap again.
  • I've had the same issue, hopefully they fix it.
  • Hi! Try to calibrate the touch input. I had similar issue and the calibration helped a lot. Just try to be as precise as possible. I tried few times before I got it right.
  • I did the calibration and it made it unusable. I had to set defaults back via mouse.
  • Mine's been fine in that department.
  • Good, my surface 2 has issues resuming from sleep (black screen)
  • Same here!! Since day one! Microsoft refused to replace it, because I had an issue replicating it in the store. It happens all the time, then the one time I need it to happen, it works fine. As soon I got home, it happened again. I haven't used my tablet as much anymore because of this issue. I was really close to getting an iPad. Only because you don't have issues like this, it just works. This is my 6th Surface 2 as well. Each one with a completely new issue.
  • Still waiting for them to fix the WiFi on my Surface Pro. Hello Microsoft!
  • You're sure it's not your WiFi AP?
  • It's the Pro. MS uses a Marvell chip that's had issues since SP1.
  • Still cant keep my keyboard backlight on all the time. Hate it for gaming its like it goes back to sleep
  • awesome... I sure hope they are not getting rid of the surface rt line... it has and does everything I need it to. I don't wanna go pro
  • nice, I just hope there is a surface 3 comming up, the pro is one thing but we don't all need a "laptop"... i prefer the ARM version specialy becose it is a 16:9 aspect ratio... for movie and tv show, it bether and if ita version with the Nvidia K1, wow that would be very nice !!!
  • Finally my surface 2 gets some love.
  • Quite nice considering I'm getting a type cover soon
  • Just got an update Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2995388) Installation date: ‎10/‎14/‎2014 1:25 PM  
  • The only WiFi problem that I have on my pro3 is connecting to a hotspot that uses peap.
  • I dunno, my surface pro 3 is showing an update today...
  • So sp3 will be able to play xb1 titles
  • Uh
  • My Surface 2 suffers from the battery issue. Says no battery installed, dies immediately upon removing the charging connector. Update is still "pending restart" which I don't understand, as I've restarted it four times.
  • I wish I knew about this update last week. I had to exchange a 45 day old S2 because it died and refused to charge.
    Microsoft sent me a refurb, they told FedEx it was ok to leave out at my door without a signature, and they didn't even include a replacement power supply, despite the email requiring that you send it in with the unit. They have no phone number available online to call support and the callback website has been broken all day.
    I've never been more dissatisfied with the quality of service from any company than I received over the last week from Microsoft.
  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
    This should be on their priority list, c'mon
  • Why is it, I don't have any of your issues, my WiFi works fine, use it quite a bit! I haven't seen and from sleep or battery issues, mind I charge when 5% though
  • Do you think all the other commenters who complain worldwide in all forums are liars, or paid troublemakers employed by samsung or apple? Just because a device works perfectly fine for you, it means the other couple of millions instance must be necessarily working perfectly in all kind of different conditions? You must have some serious issue with your abstractional (in)capability.
  • ANOTHER? just how many wifi fixes are these guys going to release? I suggest you apply for a world record for the most wifi fixes of any device in history.
  • Are these issues mentioned in the changelog affect only the 2nd gen RT, but not the 1st gen? By the way this battery drainage issue sounds quite serious.. killing the battery unrepairable. Well, there must be ALWAYS a tradeoff between underpowered but at least solid hw (1st gen RT) and powerful but unreliable hw (2nd gen RT).
  • They need to fix the wi-fi issue and stuff that's the only problem I really have with the tablet. I have to restart it in order for it to identify my wi-fi hotspot at times it's really annoying when I'm on the move Posted via Windows Phone Central App