Survey of Windows Phone developers shows high interest in cross-platform development

Cross-platform development is considered a safe guard when building and launching mobile apps and games. The ability to pump out content for more than one platform provides enough ground to fall back on should one eco-system not accumulate enough sales for a good ROI (Return On Investment).

Last week we covered the results from a survey held over at Windows Phone Geek, a popular destination for Windows Phone developers. Part one of the survey, which saw a total of 1853 developers take part, revealed a high interest in developing apps for Windows 8. The website has now published the remainder of the results.

According to the data collected, 75% of Windows Phone developers are interested in cross-platform development and are actively working their way towards a multiple eco-system supported goal. Just 23% of developers who took part in the survey revealed they're not currently interested in developing for other platforms. 

Carrying on from our previous coverage of the survey, there's a high amount of interest in Windows compared to competitor eco-systems. When asked, "For which platform(s) do you currently develop?" 1730 answered Windows Phone, while Windows 8 came in second at 710 with Android in third with just 212 (note: this was a multiple answered question, so the percentage surpasses 100%).

It's noted that while the majority of respondents were actively developing for Windows Phone, 123 developers were interested in the platform but have yet to begin development. iOS came in fourth with 201 and finally 'Other' took last spot at 183.

With the Windows Phone Store passing the 100,000 apps milestone, the platform is looking healthier than ever, particularly with Windows 8 around the corner, which we believe (and hope) will provide much needed injection of content for consumers to download and enjoy. The platform as a whole is on the rise, as is reported by Kantar in Europe, but for now the future is still uncertain until Microsoft makes its next move.

Source: Windows Phone Geek

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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