Pin shortcuts to your favorite settings with System Tiles for Windows Phone 8

If you want shortcuts to important settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, rotation lock (GDR3 only), flashlight, and more on your home screen, you owe it to yourself to check out System Tiles for Windows Phone 8. This handy tool also just received an update to version 2.0. You can now change the background color for the quick tiles.

Head past the break to see what’s new in version 2.0 and watch our walkthrough video.

System Tiles is very easy to use. You’ll have shortcuts to your favorite settings in no time. In addition to system settings, there are also tiles for new documents, email, status update, adding contacts and more. To get started, press and hold any of the icons and ‘click pin to start.’ You can then edit the color or leave it as it is. Click the save button at the bottom when you’re done.

You can use small or medium size for the tiles. Press and hold a tile at the homescreen and click the arrow on the lower right corner to switch between the two available sizes.

System Tiles also allows you to have folders at the homescreen for these shortcuts. Swipe right from the main screen of the app and click the add button to get started. You are able to edit the folder name and choose which tiles to add. Click save when you’re done. Don’t forget to press and hold the folder, then click ‘pin to start.’

system tiles folder

Unlike the individual shortcuts created by System Tiles, folders can use small, medium, or large tile on the home screen

System Tiles is available for Windows Phone 8 and is a free app from the Windows Phone store, but you are limited to pinning 5 tiles and one folder on the home screen. Buy the full version for 99 cents to pin more.

What do you think of System Tiles? Is it handy? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

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    Was craving for my fix..
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  • Thank you for explaining this! I feel the same as the original poster. I'm hooked! Not everything has to be so serious.
  • Pretty sure this was intended as a compliment bk-one
  • I know, I just felt like causing a little ruckus this afternoon.
  • You know nothing Jon Snow! :P
  • Its about the needs and wants of our wives!!!
  • Truer words have never been spoken!
  • Yes, but they're also a business. And they have multiple staff. Can't they take turns having days off? That's what we do with my business. That way, you know, it can keep operating. :-)
  • What business do you have?
  • My heart almost stopped. The surgery to get WPC news feed to pump my heart might have been a bad idea.
  • Try being in Australia when Monday morning arrives there are only weekend posts to read, we have to wait until Monday night! Without prejudice, compliments assured :)
  • That sucks! WPC is my #1 app.
    I open it more often than any other news app. Idk what I would do without it(yeah I'm exaggerating, but kinda not)
  • Yes!!! I open it a dozen times a day at least. I read every single post, regardless of content... I love WPC and have been here for 3 years. I cannot remember a day without a post.
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  • We all are?????? *eye glows red *music starts *skynet
  • Internet sharing pin?
  • I don't see that option yet. I'd also like to see a tile for screen brightness
  • They're limited to what API allows. I'd love to see Battery Saver too.
  • Battery Saver is there.
  • There is one look again, it has the battery icon with a heart, in fact there are several Battery Saver shorcuts in the store some include the % and upate,"Toggles" is one so no need for a battery meter app which drains your battery while telling you the % :-)
  • Yes please
  • Obviously GDR3 didn't change the API for pinning Internet Sharing but hopefully Blue or GDR4 (whichever comes first) will add that. I use Internet Sharing WAY more than I thought I would.
  • Hopefully Blue will implement a quick toggles feature so that we don't even need such tiles...
  • Yeh I really need that! I use mine all the time when I'm out with my Surface Pro 2. It's a bit of a pain with all the steps I need to take to turn it on...
  • This is the system function I use most frequently. Rats!
  • Probably MS doesn't expose the API for this because the carriers have "the right" to remove this feature.
  • Very nice app , specifically the folder option
  • This is very useful. I was getting tired of loading my settings and scrolling to Data to turn it off and on.
  • Right, it saves me some taps. It has a streamlined feel to it.
  • lol, there has been plenty of apps like this. Just ask :)
  • Real toggles would be my fix
  • Yep that's what we need. People have been asking for a notification center which I don't see the point in because the start screen is the notification center... But we do need something to toggle all our settings easier.
  • Just like WP6 had... Miss those.
  • Heck id take a post about at&t and gdr2 at this point.... Lol
  • I was using it until the latest update to Skinery Themes came out. Now I'm back using Skinery for everything.
  • Skinnery does this and more, better. I was amazed once I experienced the full potential of the app.
  • Apparently wpcentral does work on the weekends.
  • But it's Monday morning already ;) I'm on my way to work!
  • I've been using this app for very long time. about 5 months at least. there are few more apps with the same functionality, but this one I like more
  • This one is new so (10/27/2013) 5 months couldn't be possible.
  • I started to wonder that there is something wrong with wp Central app....
  • Me too haha
  • I tried to buy official wp c app but. Payment is not going through via balance...
  • These apps will get better when Microsoft removes the limitations. Some people want a toggle and that would be a cool option, but first, I want them to allow all settings to be pinned. I have been wanting to shortcut NFC for a long time.
  • They also NEED to sort Settings by letter, at least give us the option, or a search like they have on the app-list. I have never had a phone with such a clusterfuck of settingspage. Even Android is better sometimes.
  • What else is left to be tiled?... Windows Phone needs more elements than just tiles!
  • A tile with a working clock would be nice, instead of the microscopic clock in the left corner of my 920, but i guess that`s too much to ask from microsoft...
  • You have a clock on the top-right, and on your lock screen already. If you have a suitable Lumia you also have the "glance" clock. You can also get lots of apps to run as a clock, like a nightstand or dock mode. It seems completely redundant to have a clock tile too.
  • I thought the part that said "clock on the home screen" (not the microscopic on on the right corner) was prety much straight foward easy accessible to understand. Apparently not. YES i can have 100 million apps that give me a nightstand or a dock mode, YES i have a clock on my lock screen, YES i have a glance clock, NO i don`t have a reasonably sized clock on my HOMESCREEN. Besides that, redundant?!?! Following your logic, this app is also redundant as are thousands of others. We already have at least a dozen (probably more) apps that give us shortcuts to system apps, "it is completely redundant" to have another one. P.S. Well, who could have guessed... Looks like im not the only one who would like a better home screen clock.
  • I understood perfectly well. I think it's redundant when you have 3 clocks already (top-right, lock, glance). Putting a clock next to a clock is redundant. It would be redundant to have a system shortcut tile next to an identical shortcut tile. I never said similar apps are redundant. But having the same information in the same place IS. More clocks! Clocks on every tile!
  • Microscopic? LOL
    You might need glasses.
  • Hey, smarty pants what time is it? I thought so, time for your nap.
  • It's 2:37, I can clearly see it on my phone... Without a microscope.
  • Agreed. Would love the HTC clock for my 920!
  • Would love a shortcut to internet sharing
  • Oh  I've been looking for something like this. I go into my settings way too many times a day to turn on/off my wifi. Wish they had more options though
  • Wi-Fi shortcuts have been available for well over a year, where you been ? ;-)
  • Well, to be fair I've only had a WinPhone a couple of months :)
  • Exactly. As soon as i bought the phone, that was the first thing to look for in the store.
  • Thank you, mr. Know it all!
  • More like 2.5 - 3 years :P
  • I like using "Dashboard". It has a combined tile to open WiFi settings, then when you press back it opens Mobile Data settings. It's a good way to toggle one on and the other one off.
  • Nah, takes to long to toggle.
  • An addiction with no rehab clinics, yet. Soon though. :D
  • These type of apps are a dime a dozen.
  • Not with GDR3 options, battery saver and rotation hasn't been availble before this in one place, but yes shortcut apps are plentiful in the store. ;-)
  • Insider has had GDR3 shortcut tiles for a long while
  • Skinery Themes added GDR3 options a week or two ago, and there are others as well., yeah... I'm sticking by my original statement.
  • compass missing ;) other than that, awesome app. of course it would be nicer to have realtime toggles but as we know the APIs dont allow that... yet
  • The app is pretty useful
  • Yeah, right. Just another one of the 1.000 shortcut blabla apps. It is filling up my homescreem.
    Now, what about a review of the 'media smart' app made by Frederik Zetterlund from Sweden? Also in the Windows 8.1 store. Very Nice design.
  • I agree, there are many of these apps available already.
    As far as 'Media Smart', there are also many DLNA apps... ones that are free and made by Nokia too.
  • I am missing out on a lot Nokia apps. I own a HTC 8X. Next phone will be Nokia. But I like the design made by Fredrik.
  • Exactly. MS refuses to make a notification centre and a control centre. My (first) screen barely has enough space for notifications...this forced me to make my own "shortcut" app Thumb Launcher.
  • Refuses?
    Leaks have implied that the 8.1 update will have a notifications center.
  • I know, I know... but I have been waiting for the notification center / quick toggles since HTC HD7 from Day 0. I would have to disbelieve anything unless it is an official announcement / until it actually shows up on my phone.
  • Why such a small choice of tiles? Be nice to add other already pinnable tiles to a folder.
  • No brightness? :(
  • Can you change the color? Of the tiles?
  • Still waiting for MS to release official 1-tap toggles to kill all of those shortcut tiles. My screen is barely enough for notifications.
  • I need a Brightness shortcut.
  • Glad I am not the only one asking for a brightness shortcut.....hoping 8.1 will have this since this app doesn't
  • Why do these apps never have an NFC on/off toggle? NFC is a huge battery drainer, there should be an easy way to turn it off after using it, but there isn't, and I just can't understand why...
  • Status Tile is a similar app with added bonus of showing the battery level. That way I dont need multiple apps for system tiles, flashlight and battery level. Also the developer responds to feedback quickly. You can find the app at
  • For me personally I wish there was a pinable tile for the equalizer on Lumia's or access to it from Xbox Music.
  • +920
  • Real talk Microsoft needs to make all settings pinable.