T-Mobile adds new BingeOn partners, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others

T-Mobile has announced a number of new partners for its BingeOn program, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others. John Legere took to Twitter with some stats that the company has collected, like that millions of subscribers are now streaming more than twice the amount they were before BingeOn, and that on the T-Mobile network you get 480p Netflix instead of the 360p that others are offering.

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While T-Mobile's BingeOn isn't perfect, it is still a feature that many seem to be enjoying. If you are using a BingeOn, do these new partners excite you?

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  • Who is offering 360p unlimited streaming?
  • I was also wondering this when JL tweeted that. I didn't know that others were offering unlimited video streaming of some sort.
  • Being on the unthrottled unlimited plan (averaging 50GB per month for many months, with no problems with 720p+ streaming), the Binge On updates don't do anything for me, but they're great for those who aren't. But the addition of YouTube makes me worried about the quality of the data network moving forward. YouTube has to be much larger than all of the other supported Binge On services combined, no?
  • Does this violate net neutrality?
  • I think it does. But they are the uncarrier and can do no wrong I guess.
  • Not really, since any streaming video provider can add their content to Binge On at no cost.
  • According to their FAQ's customers can nominate, but ultimately TMob decides. So, unfortunately it isn't just a request to them to add.
  • How do i add my content to Binge On at no cost?  Does t-mobile do this automatically for me?  I'm guessing no...  I'll have to contact them and make the arrangements to be included in Binge On, which costs me time and money to do so.  IT IS NOT NO COST!
  • Are you a sizeable streaming video provider?
  • That's the problem. You shouldn't have to be sizable.
  • That's the problem. You shouldn't have to be sizable.
  • This. That is exactly what net neutrality is. Not allowing large companies to dictate over small companies. If @jonny_utah was a startup video provider, how would he be able to compete with the large companies if they have the option for unlimited streaming?
  • There are some fairly small providers that are whitelisted. It's not impossible, it seems.
  • Not impossible of course. But it isn't as simple as asking them. That is the problem, one carrier holds the control over this. We do not want the carriers to control the content that can come through the pipes. This is the beginning of carriers holding that control over users. That is not an open internet.
  • What control? Anybody can still watch any video they want on their mobile device -- nothing is restricted. Some uses mobile data and some don't, but it's otherwise like it is on any other carrier.
  • Right.... but... What service are you going to choose? The one on BingeOn or the one not?
  • Whichever one that lets me view the content that I'm trying to look at. If what I want isn't even on a Binge On provider, then I have no choice but to use my data bucket like I usually do.
  • You are not getting my point, or don't want to. And that is cool. But don't complain when some carrier or provider does something along these lines that now affects you negatively. It will happen... This is just the beginning.
  • If a carrier wanted to provide easy default end to end encryption somehow, but you and the endpoint needed to meet technical requirements. If you met the requirements, it was free, if you didn't, then you just couldn't use the service. Should they not be allowed to offer that service?
  • Why not? Are you expecting them to whitelist people's home videos that are hosted on file storage sites or something?
  • So what? T-Mobile found a way to give customers what they want. If you can't afford to catch up, then that's your problem. This *isn't* what net neutrality is about. Net neutrality says all packets are equal. That is the case here. They're not preventing any company from utilizing this service. Yeah, if you need to upgrade your system, but can't, then it may hurt you, but that's free market.
  • Net neutrality just says that they can't/won't prioritize certain data to or from certain customers or providers.  BingeOn just allows customers to make a trade-off for unlimited data in exchange for watching lower quality video. This probably lowers the amount of data streaming through their network (thus improving the network performance for everyone) because the 480p video is so much less data than HD that you can watch twice as much and still use less data.  That's how they are able to do this: it saves them money.  Sure they are the uncarrier, but that doesn't mean they are a charity.
  • Trade-offs for specific companies though. That is the problem. As I stated and asked besweeet above. If you are a TMob customer, what video service will you choose? The one on BingeOn or the one that isn't?
  • You're missing the point. Max Omni stated what net neutrality is. What you're referring to isn't net neutrality. It's just free market economics. If someone offers a better service than another, yes, people may choose another service. That happens. Is it unfair? No. Why should you prevent yourself from offering something just because someone else can't?
  • Again, that is not the point. Tmobile gets to choose who can and cannot be part of this service. That is an unfair advantage to the companies who have been chosen to be part of this.
  • No, they don't choose. If you meet the requirements, you're allowed. That is part of their deal. They will allow anyone on it as long as they meet the technical requirements. That is a *BIG* deal. That's what makes this *not* a net neutrality issue.   Edit: Clarification: If you have a service and you meet their technical requirements. They will enable this service for you at no cost. If you can't meet the technical requirements, then you're just going to have to deal with the fact that some services can offer more than others. That's free market economics.
  • Their FAQ on their website states that customer can nominate. Do you have any sources that show any company can be part of this if they meet said requirements?
  • Their FAQ absolutely does state that. Click on the question "Which companies are part of Binge On? Are their subscriptions free too?" Binge On FAQs: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-24292 Here's the important line: "Binge On is open to all video streaming providers who want to participate and can meet minimal technical requirements." So were you reading a different FAQ? Did you only read the sentence after that which talks about nominations?
  • Where is the windows 10 mobile upgrade
  • About time! YouTube is what I stream the most when I feel like streaming. With this now, I really don't have to worry about my data.
  • Also a free subscription to MLB.TV. 
  • The addition of YouTube is big for me. I just need Funimation and I'll be completely covered.
  • I love binge on. I don't have home internet service. All I have is a T-Mobile 7GB mobile hotspot. Because of binge on, I can stream all the Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime I want to my laptop without going over on data.
  • Wait a sec.....didn't youtube just have a fit about allowing BINGEON on their website, that it was against the net netraulity? I guess they worked it out....
  • My friend's still waiting for CBS All Access to work with this, but YouTube is good, too...
  • Does not look like a CEO at all. Very casual !!!
  • Unfortunately, I am not eligible fir thus because I am on a $30.00 prepaid plan. As I understand it, I would have to be on at least a $50 or $60 plan to get it.
  • I turned bingeon off on my account because I have unlimited data and Tue streaming to.my phone is still being optimized at low quality