T-Mobile asks customers to be patient, Mango is coming

T-Mobile has posted a small announcement within the support section of the website, on the HTC HD7 support page, that asks customers not to contact the carrier with regards to the Mango (opens in new tab) update for the HD7. They state that it's "coming" and is ready for deployment, customers will receive a notification soon (don't pay too much attention to the 2 weeks time frame provided).

The link for the installation instructions takes us to a Zune update walkthrough page. It was published in August this year so it's definitely for Mango. There you go T-Mobile Windows Phone users, some hope for you and light at the end of the tunnel.

Source: T-Mobile, thanks Nick for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I saw that this morning as well. I'm ready for the Mangoliciousness!On a side not, is there a webpage to go to to see a FULL list of the coming enhancements brought by Mango?
  • So I am assuming I need to roll back to NoDo to get this, right? I'm currently running build 7712 on my HD7.
  • Wait and see what the updater prompts you is my guess.
  • Shouldn't need to rollback as MS is providing a Family & Friends cleanup update that will enable you to go straight to Mango without dropping back to NoDo. See Brandon Watsons tweet yesterday.
  • I been using the tech demo of Mango for a while now.. Now I went back to NoDo to get the official download.. I miss the Mango so much.. So many features that I took advanage of and now I feel empty.. Come on T-Mobile.. Lets get it going..
  • For an updates list of Mango enhancements, see the new Windowsphone website.
  • So much for getting htc devices getting it first. The Arrive supposedly has it now. At&t is apparently pushing it out now as well. It seems like this "update" is more anticipated than MW3, yet we have a date for that. I was expecting to wake up and have this waiting for me. @jones, they made it so you don't have to rollback to Nodo.
  • Sorry folks but that statement has been posted since the NoDo rollout. This is not new. T-Mobile is still the only US carrier to make no statement at all about the Mango rollout.
  • I thought the statement was updated in August? NoDo was released prior to August. AmIRight?
  • @accursedvenom. I just checked and no update for the Arrive. Looks like it should be later today. I hope everyone else is able to get the update soon too!
  • Im just so scared after seeing that in T-Mobile Deutchland I don't see my omnia 7 I bought in summer :S:S
  • Just use the "pull the plug" trick, as shown here: http://wmpoweruser.com/simple-trick-to-force-the-mango-update/Took a couple tries to get the timing right, but it's installing to my Dell Venue Pro as I write this. Why, hello, Mango.
  • Yeah as someone above noted, that message has been the same since NoDo. Nothing new.