Lest we forget our valiant HD2 on T-Mobile, it appears HTC is set to roll out a nice ROM update tomorrow. This will bring the software version to 3.14.531.1, will reportedly fix a lot of bugs, improve stability and introduce some new apps including Shazam and Amazon MP3. The following issues will be fixed with the update:

  • Browsing Facebook photos is slow
  • White screen while browsing the internet
  • Cannot delete GMAIL messages from the preview screen
  • SMS sends to the wrong person
  • Twitter errors
  • Cannot unlock the phone
  • Cannot unlock the phone with the correct password
  • No space bar on company directory keyboard
  • Can’t hear Visual Voicemails
  • Speakerphone stops working after using the Call Assist app to call 611

Dang, those are some serious bugs! Users can navigate to www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade or receive a text message of the update automatically. Very cool and good luck HD2'ers!

Source: TMoNews


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