T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 - confirmed through FCC manual

We know next week T-Mobile and Nokia have a little shindig here in NYC going on--we'll be there for that one, so don't fret. But in the meantime, you can rest assured that yes, it is indeed for the Nokia Lumia 710.

As it turns out, the actual manual for the device that comes with the phone is now online via the FCC. Scrolling through it reveals fairly standard information, but for one, it is obvious we're dealing with the 710, due to the diagrams for the phone. More revealing though is the picture above from that manual, which clearly shows a Nokia Windows Phone with T-Mobile branding on board. Doesn't get much more definitive than that, does it?

We know everyone wants the Lumia 800 (and we don't blame you). But having played with a 710 before, combined with T-Mos network, we'll definitely be picking this guy up for daily use. But which will be better? Radar 4G or the 710?

Source: FCC; Thanks, Stephen M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • This was pretty much confirmed by the nokia USA website a while ago
  • But not for T-Mobile. Nor this older FCC filing.
  • Pretty much confirmed but also pretty roundly denied.
  • IMO its way to early y dosesn't Nokia wait until next year and bring out ALL the hotness at once and start a huge marketing campain. You need something that completely WOW's the users before releasing a low range handset.
  • I don't think waiting till 2012 will help them. They have a low presence in the US market.
  • If they can somehow get the US 710 to 16GB then it is something to look at.
    If it is still 8GB like the Radar I am not finding the phone enough of an upgrade to downgrade from the storage I get with the HD7.
    Tmobile needs more 16GB Windows Phones
  • It is indeed disappointing news. It's pretty much common knowledge that Nokia needs to land in the US with a bang. 710 is hardly that. This, inspite of Elop sounding the "enter with a bang" horn in just about every interview. I'm not even sure if the 800 would've captured the imagination of one and all, but the 710 will just be passed over. I love the 800 but here in the US, you need to have eye candy features like ff camera to make a case inside the store. I can't believe they're having an "event" to launch this pos 710. T-mobile ads here show the SG2 with lte. That's what their flagship phone is and that's what people get impressed with. All current gen wp7 phones look better than this. 
    I just hope and wish they pull one on us all and release another handset. Maybe the 800 or 900....That's a sale..atleast for me even though I just got the Focus S.
  • You are 100% correct, Elop said it himself, the 710 is a budget minded phone.  You don't come into the US with a budget minded phone as a splash device.  The Lumia 800 currently is their flagship device and it should be on tmobile and/or at&t before the 710 lands.  If this is their only phone all that hype is wasted over a device that simply isnt spectacular, come out with a lumia 800 or dont bother honestly.  If tmobile cant come up with a decent wp7 device I'll sadly have to switch to at&t once they get the lumia 900 (rumor) and since I'm off contract/prepaid it doesnt mean much to switch.
  • Impossible that ads there show the SG2 with LTE since t-mobile doesn't have LTE.
    Regardless I think you're over reaching on what this means for Nokia as a whole in the US.  Look at it this way, would you really want to launch your flagship on a half dead MO?
  • We've known for a long time now that Nokia-T-Mo were going to screw us over with the 710 instead of the 800. I see no reason to downgrade from my HD7 when the 710 arrives.
  • Do they really need a launch event to announce one phone,that too a Nokia 710.
  • I hope Tmob continues to pioneer the Nokia line in the US.  I also hope they expand their WP7 offerings from other manufacturers.  I think Tmob has an opportunity here to become the WP7 juggarnaut in the US if they become the first adopters of Nokia phones and embrace WP7.
    We're a WP7 family (we have 3 HD7's from Tmob).  I think both my wife and kid would like the 710 more than the HD7 ... wife would like something she wouldn't mind scuffing up (the HD7 is too fine), and my kid is hard on a phone.
  • Ah. . . . I wish that Tmo could become the WP7 juggernaut
    But at this point I think that spot's being filled by AT&T >_<
  • whoa whoa! I think we're all forgetting that this phone isn't meant for people like us. This phone is meant for the lighter users and those newer to smartphones kinds of audience. Let's not forget that these people are a market dominated by low end Android devices. How many parents want to get their 12 year old daughter a $200 contract phone? No, you get the low end phone. Not only that, if it's their first phone tit will promote loyalty to that brand. My first phone was a Nokia, I loved it so my second was also a Nokia. I tried BB as my first smart phone and if they had better keyboards I may have gone with them, but I'm very glad that I decided to give WP7 a try. I know this phone would be great for my mother. She has a SGS 4G on T-mobile. She loves the Super AMOLED screen but only has 3 apps she uses and less than 2GB of music. The rest of the memory is for games for my little brother to play.
  • +1 I understand our high-end users here are disappointed, but this is a foot-in-the-door for Nokia here in the US. It's a budget minded phone that's also really nice. It's good for T-Mobile, it's good for Windows Phone and it's good for Nokia. I also wouldn't expect Nokia to consider this their "big US push" but rather a small start. Either way you cut it, more Windows Phones from quality OEMs is a good thing...no need to hate.
  • It reads like you're aggreeing with me. . . 
    But for some reason i feel like you're countering me XD
  • excellent point! It's clear the 710 is aimed at the budget-minded consumers. For the functionality and price, it's got alot of value.  Kids will especially enjoy the phone b/c of the color options and snazzy feel of WP7.
  • Boooo! C'MON Tmo, this is too much of a downgrade from what I already have(HD7), at this point 4g doesn't matter as much to me if the hardware isn't sexy, hell my wife has the Sensation 4g and my phone kills hers, so I say again...Booo!
  • Well a low end WP7 device on a carrier that favors android isn't going to do well, from the likely poor store placement to the reps pushing more powerful and better specced android phones, which will ultimately lead to poor sales (par for the course) definitely the wrong choice to kick off their US campaign with. Guess we gave them too much credit.
  • @theefman...All the more reason why a device like the Lumia 800 would be 'wasted' on T-Mobile.  Given T-Mobile's lack of support for WP, regardless of the device, a higher end Nokia WP would not get the attention it deserves.
    The Lumia 710 is a perfect device for T-Mobile.  Not sure how the Astound did for Nokia, but if sales were mediocre, then Nokia's expectations probably aren't that high and if the 710 sells better than expected - icing!
  • I agree. Nokia could do worse. Hey, at least T-Mobile is doing commercials for the HTC Radar. I think they support Windows Phone just fine. When people rant about retailers not pushing WP, it's usually Sprint, AT&T and (of course) Verizon.
    The 710 is PERFECT for T-Mobile. I wish Nokia and T-Mobile the best.
  • I personally prefer the 710. I never had an HTC in my life. I´ve had many Nokia phones (remember the N95? - iconic lol). Plus, I am a student (I buy my own phones - prepaid) and from what I´ve hear the 710 won´t be that expensive. I would have bought the 800 if I could afford it because of it´s monobody thing and its beautifully curved glass screen. However, in terms of looks I love the minimalistic look of the 710. I am one of those who think that the 710 is overall better looking thn the 800. I think the white one is gorgeous. That´s the one ima get :) Expansys South Africa has already started to take pre-orders :D
  • Lame... 710 is a cheap joke. At least the Radar has good build quality and a decent camera.
    TMobile does not like their customers.
  • With all do respect, are you speaking from personal experience with the 710 or just assuming? Because it doesn't feel cheap at all, imo and the screen is gorgeous on it.
  • Mostly going by what was said at Nokia World. All of the Verge and Engadget crews said it felt cheap and like a toy on the podcasts. And really no one has been talking about this phone at all since it was announced. That is never a good sign.
    The pictures also make it look really cheap, although that tends to be the case of any white phone I suppose, especially one that has physical buttons that seem to be straight off of a fisher price model.
    Then there is the issues of no FFC and the camera specs are pretty terrible. Also upset that it is on Tmobile who already has a budget Windows Phone, we want a high end phone to compliment the Radar not another low budget phone to compete in the same space.
  • It's a budget phone. Eventually T-Mobile will get a high-end WP. Nokia is just looking at ways to introduce WP in the US. Verge and Engadget bloggers are just geeks with high standards. Stop hating and let Nokia and T-Mobile have their dance.
  • Wow, I think you guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill.  From reading these comments I'd have thought that Elop came to your house, slapped your mother, and pissed on your puppy.
    Nothing here is really that surprising.  You're getting a budget minded phone on a budget minded carrier.  Makes sense.  Nothing about that precludes any other phone from being on any other carrier.  Nothing about it prevents Nokia and their other partners from making a big splash latter down the road. 
  • Well said!
  • @StealthCrawler...Well, Nokia knows to hit the U.S. with a bang, that T-Mobile ain't the network to do it with!  This is a soft launch...  They will bring the bang in 2012, with a top of the line device, on one of the two largest U.S. carriers, but most likely ATT.
    The 710, minus the physical buttons, look similar to the black device Microsoft often features in their YouTube WP vids.  It's not a bad looking device, and it's perfect for T-Mobile.
    Perhaps when T-Mobile's future is a bit more certain, they will have a change of heart regarding WP; to date, they only wanted two devices - Radar and the HD7, and now the 710.  ATT seems to be the only carrier willing to go all in by offering multiple devices/form factors.
  • I'm very disappointed to see Nokia bringing "low end" Lumnia series to te market when they should be focus more on the high end if they want make a profit in the smartphone biz. It should be available to all carriers around the world not just one of they want to be successful.
  • I'm a loyal T-Mobile customer because of their great phone plans and customer service, but I love Windows Phone and let's be honest: THIS IS FREAKING DEPRESSING!lol Let's not try to bail them out by saying their trying to reach new users by offering low end phones. That's crap. Why not reach all consumers by offering both high and low end phones. We already have the Radar which would be the perfect phone if there was nothing else to compare it with. But there is; HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, Lumia 800.(better of new phones) And now we're supposed to get excited about the Nokia Lumia 710? This is what Microsofts WP7 strategy looks like to me: load up every kind of Windows Phone on ATT and offer little to nothing for everyone else. I am frustrated by the news I'm hearing. Get all the phones on multiple carriers. You do want to build a strong following. 100 Android phones will come out next month! Ugggh. Never mind. I could go on and on about this...
  • Oh yeah and let me not forget, the Nokia Lumia 800 is the "first real Windows Phone" and apparently the only second generation Windows Phone without a front facing camera... see what I'm getting at here. Love the OS. Frustrated with the availability and those poor Sprint and Verizon customers-not even a single new phone... Just sad. Maybe they should hire me.lol I would make sure consumers got the devices they wanted in their hands.
  • i agree if the phone has a similar screen to the hd7 no ffc less memory similar specs minus processor speed and the only thing that sets it apart is the color the back pieces and physical buttons what sense would it make to come down from my hd7 and besides that fact how is it that the hd7 an entry level windows phone has better looking specs than a second gen phone idc if nokia makes it if it doesn't have better specs all around.... i have about 14 gbs of mem i have to use and more than 8 is used up why would i want less 16 gb should be the standard high end or not..... besides wouldn't wp7 users like that better?
  • Yeah I agree the HD7 (besides the horrible screen resolution) is one of the sexiest phones for Windows Phone still. I would have gotten one until I saw the screen compared to the Dell Venue Pro and Samsung Focus. Shoot all HTC needs to do is keep the same design, add the new super LCD screens they use on the second generation phones along with the new cameras and throw in a front facing camera...perfect phone! And of course get it to T-Mobile!
  • I completely agree. Get all the phones on all the carriers, with the necessary variation for the two kinds of cell radio technology.
    Don't get me wrong, I am glad the 710 is coming to T-Mo. What ticks me off is the lack of anything else. I don't buy the "T-mo is a budget carrier" line. Whatever. They could easily add something aimed at enticing an HD7 owner to upgrade. Look at AT&T, every year there is at least one phone that is an upgrade to whatever you already have. For T-Mo, you are lucky if the next year so much a brings a phone to downgrade to.
    Yes, the carriers heavily subsidize phones. But carriers also pass on a good chunk of that cost for early upgrade.
    So much for rewarding my over-decade's worth of loyalty to T-Mo. Maybe I just need to cut the cord, move on, and accept the price-raping I'll get with another carrier.
  • I was thinking that maybe T-Mo started slacking because they were sure AT&T was going to buy them? Since it doesn't look like it'll happen, perhaps T-Mo will step up their game.
  • In other markets, can you get white OR black? The site shows both... http://www.nokia.com/us-en/products/phone/lumia710/ (at least in the videos). I wouldn't mind it in black. I have  DVP and it's "pretty" but at this point also all banged up (and having it in an Otterbox makes it HUGE). Getting the 14.4 HSDPA with a good screen and camera and a durable shell would make this an interesting purchase. I think sometimes people are too worried about bling and bragging rights :)
  • i dont think its about the bragging rights i think people just want to spend money on something thats worth spending money on as opposed to throwing away money on something worse than what they have as i previously pointed out yes the 710 is ok for anyone looking to upgrade from a flipphone and is beautifully crafted in terms of aesthetics but for someone who is familiar with the os they should bring something that will capture the imagination of the current users add all the bells and whistles just to appease and then put out a slick design and alot of memory so that we can enjoy it all its all about giving the consumers what they want and wp7 doesnt seem to be doing that on tmo with the 710 except for those who dont own a smartphone again the specs are weaker than my hd7 so what would entice me to upgrade? and i agree with the above person the screen is terrible on the original hd7 but see how they put an awesome screen on the hd7s and send it to atnt that should not happen i mean really what does that show the loyalist hd7 users that screw off u dont pay enough on your bill to get a cool screen? thats not cool radar 710 and hd7 are cool phones but in the long run its phones like the 800 (900 rumor) titan and focus that are really putting in the work necassary to satisfy the users here in the states the 710 is going to make a small splash in a big ocean considering that the iphone is the dominant deffinition of what is cool looking :\
  • Add a FFC I am going to go down and buy one of these phones for my parents hopefully its priced at 299$ no contract :)