T-Mobile Lumia 710

We know next week T-Mobile and Nokia have a little shindig here in NYC going on--we'll be there for that one, so don't fret. But in the meantime, you can rest assured that yes, it is indeed for the Nokia Lumia 710.

As it turns out, the actual manual for the device that comes with the phone is now online via the FCC. Scrolling through it reveals fairly standard information, but for one, it is obvious we're dealing with the 710, due to the diagrams for the phone. More revealing though is the picture above from that manual, which clearly shows a Nokia Windows Phone with T-Mobile branding on board. Doesn't get much more definitive than that, does it?

We know everyone wants the Lumia 800 (and we don't blame you). But having played with a 710 before, combined with T-Mos network, we'll definitely be picking this guy up for daily use. But which will be better? Radar 4G or the 710?

Source: FCC; Thanks, Stephen M., for the tip!