T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 Unboxing; We have Data Sense

As we noted earlier this morning, the Nokia Lumia 925 with its aluminum body and 8.7MP PureView camera went on sale today on T-Mobile, giving customers on that network their first shot at a high-end Nokia Windows Phone.

The device retails for $49 (with a 2 year repayment plan) or $550 outright and could be bought in stores or online, which ever you prefer.

We picked one up this morning and have been toying with it for the last few hours and so far we’re impressed (we also dropped it onto pavement, by accident).  The device does come with Microsoft’s Data Sense installed and ready to use, which should make many of you happy to know where your data is going. Likewise, Skype, Nokia Smart Cam and T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature were all pre-installed too, giving users quite a lot bang for their buck out of the box.

The Lumia 925 can be thought of as a sister device to the Lumia 920 and while it lacks the bold colors of its sibling and built-in wireless charging, it does have that improved camera (six lens elements), super light body and let’s face it, it looks sharp.

You can read our full review of the unlocked version of the Lumia 925 here and let us know in comments if you plan on picking one up!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • $49 is a solid price. Though I nabbed my 928 for $30...
  • Same
  • Don't forget the $20 a month.
  • ... which goes away as soon as you finish paying the full $529.99. Other carriers continue charging the device installment even after you have paid it off.
  • Who?
  • No they don't, they give you a discount in exchange for a 2 year contract. Their plans cost more, but you also get significantly better coverage.
  • That's all based on the area you live in - 'cause my house has WiFi, I don't see how you can beat that.
  • In Ireland the subsidy you pay for the phone is part of the network bill, you pay until the end of contract even if you end up payin more than buying the phone outright, that said alot of contracts here are 18 month and you actually pay less for the phone than buyin outright... My 920 for example was 579 here off-con (was when I bought it) but because of the bundle I picked, when you factor in the network bill I'll only have paid 460 for my 920... Depends on the phone and network, its also why network exclusives die a painfull death here...
  • Actually, they do, as is evident by the significantly cheaper prices of their prepaid plans.  T-Mobile even lowered their price quite a bit when they stopped offering their phones on the cheap.  I live in the Dallas area, and my coverage is generally significantly better than that of AT&T or Verizon.  Plus, I get unlimited internet, which as of this evening will be LTE (and won't cost me any more than my current 3G).
  • Confirmed. My plan dropped by I think $5-7 a month once I switched to their new plan. Even got unlimited texting. Win win. I really dig T-Mobile.
  • There is no discount with a contract we are talking plans
  • Were any charging shells available at your store?
  • I didn't see any and forgot to ask :/
  • Is White the only colour available? I wanted to compare it to the black one in person :(
  • Yes...for now
  • I also prefer the black. My local rep said TMo won't order any color but white unless the phone sells well enough.
  • racist..
  • Yet theire doing nothing to sell it.  :-/
  • Tried to find the 925 on their website. Search for "Nokia Lumia 925". They stuck it in their business section. You'd have to already want this phone to find it on TMO website.
  • Ahh, so I went to get mine and a rep was also unboxing his, which he received direct from the Nokia rep. Guess what else he got? A red charging shell of course. Anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?
  • Same thing here, except he actually had his 24 hours prior to launch. Case and all.
    T-mobile is not only shorting their customers who want this phone with its accessories, they are bringing down the Nokia brand for customers coming into their retail stores interested or just curious about upgrading to a better phone than they currently have.
    Not being knowledgable about a product is their own employee's individual fault, but not having proper and full support of Nokia's launch day product with no accessories is T-Mobile Corporate's fault and that is unacceptable. And don't EVEN get me started on NO HEADPHONES IN THE BOX. That's just stupid on their part, when all international versions come with them and even CHARGING SHELL/STAND BUNDLES AT LAUNCH. Also diffenent colors, but personally I prefer the white. I understand from a marketing standpoint they are probably waiting for releasing bundled deals around the holidays (at a price sure to attract new customers, especially after the release of the iPhone 5S) but for us, the Nokia Lumia die hard fans, we're left in the dust at launch... unlike iPhone/Galaxy S fans :( 
    Look, I know that Nokia isn't as popular as other brands here in the US, but that doesn't mean T-Mobile should sweep them under the rug until interest rises purely based on sales! Shouldn't we, as the consumers, dictate how we want our phones? Not some CEO's who think they know what's best for us!
    Nokia is awesome! My first phone was a Nokia 5110. And their current partnership with Windows became revolutionary. 
    Please don't misunderstand me, I love T-Mobile and have been with them since I switched from Cingular. But after finally gettting an up-to-par phone with the plan I want, I am stiffed by corporate who decided to just send the store the phones alone, no accessories whatsoever.
    Just purely disapponting, that is all.
  • They checked at the store I went to get mine and no charging covers...
  • Pretty sure I was told the charging shells won't be avail through tmob. We haven't gotten any at my store, and our Nokia rep was pretty sure we wouldn't get them.
  • None at my local store either. If they did, from the looks of the accessory display, black would be the only color offered. Every accessory they have for sale except for screen protectors is black.
  • Ha. Yeah. We also sell pink. Here lately, both the 925 and 521 have only had blk or pink cases. But we have 30 different cases for the gs4/iphone. Go figure.
  • The guys at the store I went to were confused about if they had it in stock or not. Then another guy said they had it in stock but they're not allowed to sell it yet. Then I told them today is the day they go on sale. Anyway, they eventually said that im right and I walked out. The moral of the story is that the retail outlets are responsible for lack of WP market share for the past 3 years. One of the reps came to take a picture of me holding my new Nokia. Apparently Nokia is doing some kind of best photo promotion. But the guy took a shitty photo of me because he didn't know how to use the Nokia.
  • How can the rep take a picture with your new Lumia 925 of you holding your new Lumia 925 ?
  • They'll come in multiple colors. I got a sweet deal with my phone and it came with a red charging shell(which negates all the thinness of the phone btw) and the stand up wireless charger. 
  • New accessories on the rack at my local store today. Some pink, purple, cyan, white, and translucent smoke. Varies by accessory.
  • They didn't have any at the store that I went to.
  • Built in wireless charging is the only way to go for me. I don't even care if it adds a half mil of thickness and 15-20 grams of weight.
  • +920
  • +920
  • According to Nokia alot of other people care (At&t) which is why the 1020 didn't have wireless charging. Shame...
  • +920
  • +920
  • +928
  • I would have agreed with you before.  But after getting the 920 and finding that I'm too cheap to buy $50 chargers, I now appreciate why some people may opt for slimmer profile instead.
  • Couldn't get the 925 huh? Its ok
  • Couldn't agree more
  • I am thinking on jumping the to the other side from the Cyan L920. I mean, I like my phone now but being able to upgrade twice a year, with unlimited 4G data and considerable cheapest plan ( that is if I pay the phone full price), I think I may just pay the ETF and get that bad boy. I will sell my Cyan L920 if necessary. Still brand new with wireless charger just in case anyone is interested.
  • This crossed my mind as well but, AT&T is rhe premier windows phone partner. It will bother me knowing AT&t gets the top of the line phones while T-mobile rarely gets a gem such as the 925. You don't think this is a brash decision?
  • It depends. For some $50+/mo is worth the crappy selection of phones, considering you could take that $600+/yr and buy the phone you want from another source.
  • Good point
  • Keep this in mind my friend:
    Tmobile lets you upgrade every 6 months.
    AT&T every two years unless you want to pay A LOT more and in my opinion get ripped off....
  • There is a trend now where each carrier gets a variant of the AT&T Flagship. Next year, or later this year, TMOB will get a "1025"
  • And with T-Mobile's Jump you are able to upgrade after 6 Months. If you still have not paid off the balance on your current device they will wipe that off, therefore it is not added to the cost of the next device.
  • It is only my hatred for ATT that keeps me from switching.
  • You should free yourself from hatred it will do you no good. I will pray for your soul :-P
  • If you're in Dallas area and wanna switch to TMo, I can hook you up AND unlock your 920 free. PM me.
  • Take the Jump. Remember Microsoft out dated OS, then MS improved greatly. The same with T-mobile starting behind the curve ball in coverage, now they made great strives forward. And still undisputed champion, I've had T-Mobile(Voicestream) 15 years and no dropped calls or service up and down the east coast of the USA. The secret to having strong TMO connection is Nokia phones.
  • Gotcha beat... Aerial!
  • This thing is beautiful. Makes my 920 red with envy. I can't wait to see what they have waiting for us 920 owners when our contracts are up.
  • Yup. I cannot wait to see the next generation of Lumia 920.
  • This is the most gorgeous of all the Lumia phones thus far (sigh)
    I"m gonna get the 1020, an upgrade from my 920 because I'm a jerk and need to always have the latest thing. But I truly envy the looks of the 925 and hope that aluminum >4.5" thing that's coming end of the year matches this in design and slimness
  • I'm I the only one who thinks this phone is not that good looking, people are hype just BC of the aluminum band around it??? It make it look funny to me, and its either wireless charging or not.. Adding a shell make it just look like a case... And only 16gb?? I got wireless and 32gb with my 928 and its thinner than the 925 with the shell on it... I'm just saying
  • cool story. but for those who prefer TMobile over Verizon in the states, this is the best option. And IN HAND it looks GREAT, in my opinion. I haven't seen the 928 in person.
  • Don't get it twisted, I love the attention its getting BC as a WP user I think the more press the better
  • I'm with you the 925 doesn't have the best looks but the 928 quality is more like HTC. I wish the 920 was on Verizon. I do like my 928 but it doesn't have the same quality we came to know on the 920.
  • I actually disagree, the only thing I like more about the 920 than the 928 is the speaker placement, I have the black 928 and it feels like a Lenovo laptop. Its not slick like the white version, not sure why they were pushing that one...
  • I agree, I think this is by far the worst designed Lumia, and yes the metal band around the phone doesn't make sense to me. But I'm also happy that it is being offered at T-Mobile, I just hope they promote the phone, so far I've seen absolutely nothing from them.
  • "And on the bottom nothing, nice clean bottom..." don't know why i found that hilarious
  • Bottom hahaha #despicableme
  • yesssssss
  • only white? boo I wanted the black or grey one.
  • Got mine this morning. Have to reinstall everything = ( but it is super light compared to my brick of a 810. Looking foward to shootig some pictures later.
  • How does the camera compare to the 810? I had the 810 and thought the camera was average at best, plus it took a while to snap a picture
  • did you buy it outright, or did you sucker a CS rep into a discount given the crappy suport for the 810?  I am also looking to upgrade my 810...
  • Ditto, because with being cut off from T-Mobile support for my 810, they better make reparations... =/
  • Got my 925 also and now all of my apps and games are installing.
  • *Covers 920's microphones*  That's a sexy looking device especially the back.
    Also no custom notification tones....GDR2 you failed me!
  • So any damage done when u dropped it?
  • Yeah, some scuff marks on the aluminum. Nothing terrible but it's driving me nuts...just tiny scuff here and there. I could probably lightly sand 'em down, which I may try, to reduce their appearance.  Display is a-ok though, no damage and the phone of course works well enough still.
  • When you get a chance can you give us a update on the phones reception? I have a Rogers 920 now and there's a couple places I loose reception. I heard the 925 is suppose to have better reception. Whenever you get a chance some feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • Do you think the cover could have helped protect it from damage. Just wondering because I like the idea of a thinner phone with a wireless charging cover that you can replace if it starts to show wear.
  • awesome phone...gonna grab it soon..sexy alluminium beast
  • Video links don't work in 7.8 app .(
  • Will this work with bell in Canada?
  • I suppose if you are planning to unlock the device or track one down already unlocked, Data Sense is a good feature to have. But if you are using it on a T-Mo Simple Choice Plan, isn't it kind of a moot point since the those plans feature unlimited data at a set price? I suppose it might be interesting if it tells you how you are using your data though
  • But if you are mostly in WiFi you can opp to not pay for data they give you 500 Mb and if you go over that you can just add the 10 data pack and drop it off next bill so data sense is very nice
  • Actually the Simple Choice Plans that are T-Mo's gig these days comes with unlimited data included. I don't believe you can opt that out. It's part of the plan whether you are paying $50, $60, $70, etc... a month The data for the Simple Choice plan is unlimited. You get so much as T-Mo calls it, high speed data then after that it supposedly kicks down to 2g I pay $50 a month. My plan includes 500mb of "high speed data" if I exceed that it's still unlimited. Just slower. So my point is that with the Simple Choice Plans that T-Mo hawks and the majority of T-Mo customers will have, there is really no need to worry about going over your data limit.
  • Go back and read my statement above
  • 500mb of unlimited data won't cut it for me as well as for others.... sure its unlimited after surpassing data caps but @ 2g speeds?.. lol.. i've had my share of it and it BLOWS... hell, updating apps takes as much as 100mb EASY.. plus checking emails and a bit of web browsing including FB etc triggers more data usage.. for $50 a month, naw - that won't work for me.. so i opt for the $60 with 2gb + 500mb just to be on the safer side and because I need the "SPEED"
  • Its definitely for those who forego the unlimited data...cheaper plan ;)
  • Such a gorgeous phone. My best friend should be picking one up. She keeps going back and forth on it, but last she said anything, on Sunday, she said she was getting it. Only regret for her is that it's not available in grey.
  • Been wondering this since the 720, but those charging contacts for the wireless shell, those with sweaty palms, or those who play their phones in their bathrooms, can it like, short or shock a person? Lol.
  • Nah, only iPhone 5's do that! ;) If you've read the news.
  • Hasn't happened to me yet with my Lumia 920.
  • Likely because you don't have them. *shrugs*
  • I'd be more concerned with keeping them clean, lots of dirt can build up in tiny spaces when handling... =[
  • I've got mine and so far so good
  • Man, that is a sexy phone. Nokia really is rockin the designs!
  • Why NO HEAPHONES Nokia? WHY?? :(
    Well, any info of which currently available headphones/earbuds sound best with the Lumia 925 that are priced reasonably? 
    And did you pick up the charging case at the T-Mobile store too? Do they even offer it, or do I have to go to the Microsoft store?
  • That's a t mo choice
  • tell me more kwajr
  • Envy!
  • In the video you said microSD? Mean SIM? Also why do our phones in America not come with headphones?
  • Right, it was the 4th take...microSIM.
  • Daniel is this the unlocked version ?? And if so will unlock phones get data sense
  • This is the T-Mobile version, locked to T-Mobile.
  • Because 1 user bought a unlocked 925 and he has data sense !!
    Please reply buddy :)
  • Ah...you almost had me, lol! =P
  • Carrier incentives. I've seen limited time deals where Nokias came with headphones in the US though.
  • In the UK and already have one. It's a beautiful phone, I definitely recommend. Probably the best phone I've ever owned. Super slick even with the charger case.
  • ...also came with headphones, case and wireless charger.
  • Uk is a growing place for windows phone.
  • Sure is, Russia, Italy, Brazil and India too.
  • My lunch break can't come fast enough! I will be cruising over to my store down the street and grabbing one :)
  • i have a quest i have always wanted to ask, when ya'll get these phones do you guys buy them at retail price or contract? and when checking out the calls do you guys pay for plans or the pay as you go?
  • It varies. Some times we get "review phones" which get sent back with tester SIMs, other times we buy, usually full price, phones for ourselves. I have personally have an AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon account (cancelled Sprint last month). I'll be getting rid of Verizon though as I just don't care for their coverage so far.
  • I dropped AT&T years ago for that same reason. It really just depends on where you are.
  • What's going on with "their coverage"?
  • 4G LTE isn't as fast as AT&T, I get poor reception where I live, etc.
  • White only = deal-breaker.  Bonehead decision by T-mo.
  • Racist.
  • Seriously?
  • and clearly he/she is kidding
  • I just asked that question as to if they were getting the grey, without having read your post.  So, no grey then?  I bought the hite one anyway, but if they're getting grey, then I'll exchange it.