T-Mobile partners with Univision for Hispanic-focused 'Univision Mobile'

T-Mobile today announced a new partnership with Univision to launch the creatively titled Univsion Mobile, a new wireless service built for Hispanic Americans. The US carrier has analyzed smartphone usage by the demographic to conclude they rely on mobile devices more heavily than average. Strangely enough, Verizon launched a similar service, Viva Movil, last year with Jeniffer Lopez heading up the Latino-focused experience.

T-Mobile will be launching no-annual contracted plans at $30 per month, with additional features and specialities targeting the Hispanic American consumer market. These include exclusive access to tailor-made content, downloads, events and even campaigns. With the contract pricing, T-Mobile will be offering unlimited domestic voice calling, 100 minutes both landline and mobile numbers from the US to eight Latin American countries, including Mexico.

If that wasn't enough, consumers will be able to take advantage of unlimited international texting from the US to select Latin American countries as well as over 200 destinations around the world. Univision Mobile kicks off on Monday, May 19 at the exclusive national retailer, Walmart. The new service will also be available at independent dealers serving Hispanic communities throughout the US.

T-Mobile has big news today. Together with Univision, we've unveiling Univision Mobile, a pioneering new wireless service designed for Hispanic Americans. This community uses smartphones more frequently than average and relies heavily on mobile devices to connect with friends and family at home and abroad. So, it's time for a service built for them.

This vibrant market seems to be an afterthought for other carriers, who have yet to address the unique needs of Hispanic Americans effectively. We took a different approach. We started with a clean slate, and together with Univision – one of the most trusted brands with the deepest understanding of this community – designed Univision Mobile from the ground up with the needs of this community at the core.

With no-annual contract plans starting at just $30 per month, Univision Mobile, with service provided by T-Mobile, promises affordable, flexible wireless service. Customers get:

  • Exclusive access to tailor-made content, downloadable assets, events, campaigns and apps. Right out of the box, customers are a click away from unique Univision content, specifically tailored to Hispanic Americans' interests and needs, including sneak peeks of new Univision shows and premieres, as well as opportunities for behind-the-scenes VIP access to Univision events and television/radio personalities.
  • Unlimited domestic voice calling
  • 100 minutes to call mobile or landline numbers from the U.S. to eight Latin American countries, including Mexico – the ONLY wireless service with built-in International voice services to Latin American countries.
  • Unlimited International texting from the U.S. to select Latin American countries and 200+ countries and destinations around the world – more than twice the countries provided by other carriers.

Univision Mobile is available starting Monday, May 19th. As the exclusive national retailer, Walmart will offer Univision Mobile in approximately 1,800 of its stores throughout the country. The service will also be available at 6,000 independent dealer locations serving Hispanic communities throughout the country.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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