T-Mobile partners with Univision for Hispanic-focused 'Univision Mobile'

T-Mobile today announced a new partnership with Univision to launch the creatively titled Univsion Mobile, a new wireless service built for Hispanic Americans. The US carrier has analyzed smartphone usage by the demographic to conclude they rely on mobile devices more heavily than average. Strangely enough, Verizon launched a similar service, Viva Movil, last year with Jeniffer Lopez heading up the Latino-focused experience.

T-Mobile will be launching no-annual contracted plans at $30 per month, with additional features and specialities targeting the Hispanic American consumer market. These include exclusive access to tailor-made content, downloads, events and even campaigns. With the contract pricing, T-Mobile will be offering unlimited domestic voice calling, 100 minutes both landline and mobile numbers from the US to eight Latin American countries, including Mexico.

If that wasn't enough, consumers will be able to take advantage of unlimited international texting from the US to select Latin American countries as well as over 200 destinations around the world. Univision Mobile kicks off on Monday, May 19 at the exclusive national retailer, Walmart. The new service will also be available at independent dealers serving Hispanic communities throughout the US.

T-Mobile has big news today. Together with Univision, we've unveiling Univision Mobile, a pioneering new wireless service designed for Hispanic Americans. This community uses smartphones more frequently than average and relies heavily on mobile devices to connect with friends and family at home and abroad. So, it's time for a service built for them.

This vibrant market seems to be an afterthought for other carriers, who have yet to address the unique needs of Hispanic Americans effectively. We took a different approach. We started with a clean slate, and together with Univision – one of the most trusted brands with the deepest understanding of this community – designed Univision Mobile from the ground up with the needs of this community at the core.

With no-annual contract plans starting at just $30 per month, Univision Mobile, with service provided by T-Mobile, promises affordable, flexible wireless service. Customers get:

  • Exclusive access to tailor-made content, downloadable assets, events, campaigns and apps. Right out of the box, customers are a click away from unique Univision content, specifically tailored to Hispanic Americans' interests and needs, including sneak peeks of new Univision shows and premieres, as well as opportunities for behind-the-scenes VIP access to Univision events and television/radio personalities.
  • Unlimited domestic voice calling
  • 100 minutes to call mobile or landline numbers from the U.S. to eight Latin American countries, including Mexico – the ONLY wireless service with built-in International voice services to Latin American countries.
  • Unlimited International texting from the U.S. to select Latin American countries and 200+ countries and destinations around the world – more than twice the countries provided by other carriers.

Univision Mobile is available starting Monday, May 19th. As the exclusive national retailer, Walmart will offer Univision Mobile in approximately 1,800 of its stores throughout the country. The service will also be available at 6,000 independent dealer locations serving Hispanic communities throughout the country.

Rich Edmonds
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  • Seems racists
  • Why?
  • Each purchase includes a free burrito-shaped case. Aren't most of the features mentioned in the article already included in T-Mobiles plans?
  • Stereotype much? Did you know that burritos are actually an American invention? Burritos are not eaten in Mexico or any other latin american country that I know of.
  • Does Jennifer Lopez actually work with Viva mobile? Or just an honorary position *uhm Alicia keys at BlackBerry's uhm*
  • Puppet, most likely...
  • Only a 100mins? Not enough
  • That's racist. I don't see a anything specifically "tailored" for the black community, white community, Asian community nor any other community. Wow. I was thinking about switching from AT&T to Tmobile, but now I don't think so. Time to call it what it is... racism. But no doubt there will people who think racial preferences and pandering is a good thing. Tmobile you better come out with black phones, white phones, Asian phones and other "community" phones or you'll just be another racism pushing corporation. Emm. T-Mobile is racist.
  • Hispanic isn't a racial group. There are white, black and other races that are Hispanic so it's not racist at all.
  • He's just one more in a long line of uneducated people who see everything as racist instead of what it really is.
  • What are you talking about? Hispanics are absolutely a race. The entire idea of race is socially constructed. Meaning human beings created these terms to separate. It only takes into account social and cultural characteristics, not anything remotely anthropological.
  • I love you
  • Hispanic is an ethnicity. Their race is white. If we want to be technical about it.
  • If we want to get technical we'd agree that these so called definitions are arbitrary.
    I will admit, that from my quick search I see that hispanic is an ethnicity. I still think all of this stuff is hogwash and we would all be better off ridding ourselves of these artificial creations.
  • Really, so a typical Mexican guy looks like a typical British Guy?
    To what you extent should one group of people differ from an another one be defined as two different "races" or ethnicities? Or is it just about the skin colour?
  • Well, that is my underlying point. It's all arbitrary; the concept of race is made up. It's a human concotion that has only separated us. And of course we differ immensenly culturally, but this idea of race has only caused more harm than good. As for your question, I think it's a good one. I wouldn't know where the line is drawn. To me, it's all bullshit. We're all the same. But again, socially, because of where we're from, the differences arise.
  • You nailed it!
  • +920
  • Umm... Marketing to different groups isn't racist. What the hell are you talking about?
  • They're just tailoring services needed by those people, because more likely, the customers they target have families in those Latin countries. I don't see that as bad tbh. Plus this is Univision's product (a Latin company), not T-Mobile's, they will just use the network of the latter, you might want to voice that to them instead.
  • Your "logic" is all sorts of ridiculous. "Racist" would be T-Mobile prohibiting people from certain ethnic or racial groups from working for them or getting their service. You built up a really stupid idea in your own mind that's not dissimilar from the mentality whites developed in their minds a few decades ago when affirmative action became a law.
  • And of all partners, Univision. A biased, race hustling diatribe of preferential self-ism.
  • Ha. Knew about this since last year. Who's cool!
  • Also how did they come by this data that Hispanics use their phones more than any other community? That seems unlikely in this day of smartphones and social media dependencies. In fact nearly everyone you come across is either talking on their phones or using some app. Again this is racist.
  • Seriously? They are just targeting an audience. No different then any other company releasing a product targeting a certain audience. Tel Cell just started a service in Texas called Tel Cell America. Are they racist? They mostly advertise to Mexicans in the united states.
  • You my friend have some deep issues you need to work out. How is this in any way racist? It's not targeting Hispanics as a race but as a language. This is in no way different in how all carriers in the US target their content to English speaking customers. BTW, if you don't know, the hispanic population in the US is growing at an exponential rate and carriers offering content tailored for the Hispanic speaking customers is not racist but merely evolving into a more customer friendly carrier.
  • Well said.
  • +1,000,000
  • Tommy...Just please shut up!  Gracias!  
  • You sound like the stupid people who were complaining because the NFL broadcasted the supewrbowl in English and Spanish... Deal with it. Both T-Mobile and Univision are businesses. The 2nd most spoken langugae in this country is Spanish so of course they target there. The money is there. Also, Univision (the creator of this) is a company specifically hispanic. Everyhting from them is in Spanish. Many companies do these type of things because they feel it can produce money. This is no racist at all! Like other people said HIspanic is not ocnisder a race anyway. Racial differentiation comes from skin color and some key characteristics. White people  will always be white and black people will always be black. Same applies to Native Americans and Asians. Hoever, Hispanic people can be of any of those races. I've met an asian guy who was hispanic (from Venezuela), my bf is White (from Colombia) and a teacher from college was Black (from Dominican Republic) hence why Hipanic/Latino is considered a ethnicity and not a race. Stop making a deal out of something so silly. Optimum has also services targeted to specific race but that doesn't make them racist. The point is that Hispanic people of all groups are the ones who call to other countries the most. 
  • My name is Tommy Henderson and I think this is just plan racist man.
  • Haha.
  • *Jennifer
  • All of you claiming this is "racist" and that T-Mobile is "racist," you haven't a clue. It's not racist at all. Is it racist to have Latino TV channels, too??? -_-
  • Why isn't it called Univision Movil because that would be spanish.
  • Univision Movil is apparently the name of their mobile website. 
  • And we need race specific carrier offshoots because? Next Sprint will work with BET to bring us BET Cellular. Smh. And yes I'm black.
  • Univision does a lot of stuff outside of TV, they make money by getting into every service imaginable slapping their name onto things and running advertisements at a very cheap cost to them. 
  • This was actually something that could've been predicted since they also have phone card services. They have tons of shit lol I know they have debt cards and credit cards too.
  • Article spell check please.