T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 quick start guide available

Just a few days to go folks, and then the HTC Touch Pro 2 will make its first appearance on a U.S. carrier. (T-Mobile, Aug. 12, for somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.) And to whet your appetite that much more, the quick start guide is now available. Give it a whirl. (opens in new tab)

Via HTC Source

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  • Interesting that the new version of TouchFlo on this awesome device doesn't have footprints. And with all of that screen real estate, they couldn't make the home screen just a little less of the myfaves circle? It seems kind of ugly to me to have that as a homescreen...
  • Here's something I just noticed -- this TP2 has "CTRL" and "ALT" keys on the keyboard. That's different from the Telus version, which has neither key
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