T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 pricing revisited

On Saturday we asked if $299, after the 2-year contract rebate, was too high a price for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2. In our unscientific poll, 79 percent of you (783 votes) said yes, and that it's tough to compete with the likes of a $99 iPhone 3G at that price. Twenty-nine percent (203 votes) said no, it's not too much.

Well, TmoNews has revised its anticipated price of the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, and it's not good. They're now looking at $349 after contract. Ouch. But that is unofficial, and anything could happen.

As we discussed in the latest WMExperts podcast, you do have to take total cost of ownership into account — as in the cost of the phone plus the cost of the voice/data plans over the length of the contract. But let's face it: That's a chunk of change up front, and a $349 smartphone isn't going to grow market share the way a $99 smartphone will.

Update: Oooo. Forgot about T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan. Good thing TmoNews remembered.

Phil Nickinson

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