T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 pricing revisited

On Saturday we asked if $299, after the 2-year contract rebate, was too high a price for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2. In our unscientific poll, 79 percent of you (783 votes) said yes, and that it's tough to compete with the likes of a $99 iPhone 3G at that price. Twenty-nine percent (203 votes) said no, it's not too much.

Well, TmoNews has revised its anticipated price of the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, and it's not good. They're now looking at $349 after contract. Ouch. But that is unofficial, and anything could happen.

As we discussed in the latest WMExperts podcast, you do have to take total cost of ownership into account — as in the cost of the phone plus the cost of the voice/data plans over the length of the contract. But let's face it: That's a chunk of change up front, and a $349 smartphone isn't going to grow market share the way a $99 smartphone will.

Update: Oooo. Forgot about T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan. Good thing TmoNews remembered.

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  • 300 is not a lot. that's how much all these htc winmo phones with keyboards are priced at first. of course the tp2 will be more than say a diamond2. i don't understand why people don't get that. all those people voting it's too high need to get a job. i'd understand if the price jumped a lot, but this is how it's been for a while. Maybe you should mention how much it is without contract.
  • i think plenty of us with jobs still think its way too much money. unlike you, i know when i'm getting ripped off when buying electronics, and this is a bad deal all around. what in this phones hardware warrants such a high pricepoint. the screen (its resistive, gimme a break), the processor (for the love of the god, its the SAME EXACT THING in the touch hd, touch pro, and diamond, but with a different model number...for legal purposes), straight talk (two microphones and a dual speaker...umm, no). so like i said, i know when i'm getting ripped off. you obviously dont. and there's NOTHING in this phone, especially considering that the main chip, ram, and rom specs are identical to phones over a year old, that warrants a price tag even close to the phone it is replacing from last year. if there's one thing thats cool about the iphone, at least when they update their phone every year, they update significant pieces of hardware:
    600 mhz processor vs 412
    256 MB ram vs 128 (doubled)
    + opengl es 2.0
    3.15 mp cam vs 2.0
    16/32 GB storage vs 8/16 (doubled)
    opelgl es 2.0 hardware acceleration this is just the stuff i know off the top of my head...
    As much as i HATE the iphone, as least apple can actually throw in some real worthwhile hardware features that leave no doubt in peoples minds that the 3GS is an upgrade over its predecessor. What do we have to shot for on the touch pro? better software...a zoombar? Better keyboard...a larger screen? All great additions, but in my book hardly something that really screams value. As long as people continue to swallow up HTC products when they're obviously not doing much on the "innovation" front (this is their motto) we're always going to get half assed product upgrades like this year after year. Next wednesday i'm going to hit my local t-mobile store. And if they didn't significantly speed up the device compared to the fuze, i'm going to just buy a used fuze to replace my tilt, and wait til winmo7. hopefully more mftrs will be supporting winmo at that point, so i dont have to worry about being ripped off by htc (dont EVEN get me started on my tilt being shipped w/out any video drivers)
  • $350 is a lot of money for a cheaply us version of this phone...it will be much more easy to buy a iphone or a smartphone for a fee of $99....this phone should be priced in the $200 dollar range...no one but people that can afford to blow away their money will be able to buy this phone...the My Touch3G is only $200, and in theory, that phone has a newer os if not better interface as the TP2
  • Isn't the $349 price being offerd by Telus in Canada? I know the two aren't related but could that be a motivator for the increase in price estimation. How any US carrier can accept a higher price (with contract) than the current going rate for the 3GS and expect to be competetive is beyond me.
  • You know what? I accept the estimated $299 price for this beauty. but the more I think about, this TMo version should be $199. Why? Cause the color is Mocha!!! Really, Mocha?? may as well release a pink bedazzled version. That's like releasing a brand new PC in office grey from 1996 while everyone else offers sleek colors.
  • Please don't give AT&T any ideas about a pink bedazzled version. I would cry and then kill myself.
  • Waaaaaay, too much. The Wing came in at $249 w/ contract during it's debut. I think that this is a more appropriate pricepoint.
  • $250-300 has always been the HTC's higher end pricing with contract. Furthermore, its TOTALLY unfair to compare it to the $99 iphone considering its an old and now replaced model. comparing it to a brand new top of the line HTC for pricing is far from fair. compare it to the 199/299 3GS pricing and then its a fair comparison and right on price point.
  • You have got to be kidding. A $349 price tag after contract? This is a nice windows mobile phone, but It isn't that nice. At $299 it is still over priced. I think the best most competitive price point is $199 with two year commitment. This would be the straw that breaks this camel's back! I have been a loyal customer since 1998 but this would be the last time I would let TMo screw with me! First, TMo is over two years behind Sprint, Verizon, and ATT in bringing High Speed access to my area. Two years! Second, TMo's phone selection has been the worst of all the major carriers. yet I have waited over a year over two years out of contract, in hopes that they would get a good WM phone. So when they do finally get a decent WM phone, they screw us by over pricing it! Third I have been a loyal customer since 1998 and have had to deal with billing and other issues over the years, but have until know, took it. Well not any more. I am not going to let them screw with me anymore! I think a lot of TMo's high end data plan users (like me), just give up on TMo and would switch to other companies that provide good PDA phones at reasonable prices, if the only option for a windows mobile phone is 349 (and get a new laptop computer for that price!)
  • Sounds like Mr. " loyal customer since 1998" needs to give up the ghost and move on the Big Red or get into another bad relationship by switching to Sprint. maybe they'll offer a Mocha Bedazzled version.
  • I just hope sprint doesn't follow suit!
  • I just had a talk with a t-mobile kiosk guy at a local shopping mall and he told me $200 with a 2 year contract.
  • people on t-mobile shouldn't complain about a god dam thing. t-mo is a gsm company, if you want the phone that bad go on ebay and get it. you want an iphone, daxian(iphone clone), omnia pro, omnia2, acer 900, hero, n97 on t-mo then go on ebay get one slip the sim card. hell you guys can get any phone that come out because the rest of the world uses gsm radio while us dopey Americans cant decide between gsm or cdma. if sprint was to change to a gsm radio i would be soo happy cause i wouldn't have to wait around for phones like these to hit the us. but yea anything over $250/w contract renewal is a joke. you always have the choise to wait two months and i am sure just like the iphone, pre, tour the price will come down. with or without contract I'M GETTING THE SPRINT TOUCH PRO2! when it gets release, who knows..end transmission.
  • $349 WITH a contract is ridiculous. At that price you start to reach the point where it makes sense to pay the full unsubsidized price and not get locked into a contract. Then if a better phone comes out in 9 or 12 months you can simply sell your unlocked TP2 on ebay and move on (perhaps to another carrier) without dealing with any contract issues. If the TP2 ends up being $349 that is what I will likely do.
  • If price will be over $200 with the contract i will go for
    G1 for $98 from Walmart
  • $349 ?!?!! GoodBy TMo
  • $350!?!!?!?!? For a phone!?!?!? Ok when I can say with a straight face that buying a laptop would be more cost effective than buying this phone know that there is a problem. It makes more sense to price it the same as the phone it's replacing i.e. The wing which was $250(after the rebate of course) but at $350 I wound be more likely to not upgrade my phone and switch carriers and get a laptop
  • Ive been waiting for this phone for ATT for what seems like forever. I honestly dont understand why they cant just give the release dates. Theyve had this phone in Europe for what, a year? I hate to say it but the mobile market here is just garbage compared to Asia and Europe. Now all that said, I dont care what this phone costs, when its released on ATT I will have it that week, period!!!
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  • I agree with the earlier posting to compare Apples and Oranges properly. $99 iPhone vs HTC Touch Pro 2 would be like comparing the $0 HTC Touch Vogue to the iPhone 3GS for pricing. The phone is on Telus in Canada for $249 with a THREE year contract, or $499 with a two year contract, and $649 with no contract. Subtract about 30-40% to get equivalent numbers in USD. While $349 is a lot of money for a phone - it has not traditionally been a lot of money for a high end Windows CE PDA. Look at the traditional pricing for a Dell Axim x30, or the higher end Toshiba PDAs, and add the cost of a CDMA/GSM radio - you'll get back to $700 pretty quick. With all the carriers subsidizing the units, let's not forget there is an actual cost to these devices that must be borne somewhere. Believe me, the carrier is getting that money back from you even if they subsidize it!
  • I didn't like the Touch Pro I....not getting a version 2. I dropped my first one in the toilet to convince the wife to let me buy a crackberry. :) Now I just need to win the Blueant speaker phone.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sprint has the exact same model and it's price with 2 year contract is $199 and AT&T's iPhone is $99. That said, there's a lot of buzz with this particular phone and while I can't speak for everybody, for quite a long time and quite to the defection of quite a few subscribers, this is the kind of phone we have all been begging T-Mobile to make available. The Dash 3G despite not having HTC's Inner Circle isn't a bad phone and neither is the Wing flashed with WM6.5 and a few hardware mods, but clearly it lacks the CPU horsepower that today's smart phones have. I own an Axim x51v and flashed it a few days ago with Lenny's WM6.5. Think anybody in their right mind is going to be using any PDA upon the release of the TouchPro 2; no.
  • Honestly, T-mobile needs to calm down with these high prices. Do they not know we are in a recession? We have economic trouble right now and they're selling these high priced, good looking phones. Of course, I don't have to have any of their phones, yeah, yeah, yeah, but I want to have something nice instead of my 3 yr old phone I can't give up because all their phones are high as hell. This phone must be able to predict when you want to make a phone for $600 w/o a contract. It gets ridiculous at $600/$349. Now, $199 sounds better but not $300 with contract and $600 w/o. PLus data plan charges. T-mobile you must be out of your technological minds!?!
  • Dear T-mobile, I
  • I was waiting around to see the pricing on this phone to decide, but I'm definitely leaving T-Mobile and taking our 4 lines of service and 1 data plan with us. Sprint or AT&T not sure.
    Sprint will be getting the improved Touch Pro 2 in about a month and AT&T has the iPhone.
    I've been with T-Mo for more than a decade, but I'm done for sure. This is just crazy.