On Saturday we asked if $299, after the 2-year contract rebate, was too high a price for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2. In our unscientific poll, 79 percent of you (783 votes) said yes, and that it's tough to compete with the likes of a $99 iPhone 3G at that price. Twenty-nine percent (203 votes) said no, it's not too much.

Well, TmoNews has revised its anticipated price of the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, and it's not good. They're now looking at $349 after contract. Ouch. But that is unofficial, and anything could happen.

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As we discussed in the latest WMExperts podcast, you do have to take total cost of ownership into account — as in the cost of the phone plus the cost of the voice/data plans over the length of the contract. But let's face it: That's a chunk of change up front, and a $349 smartphone isn't going to grow market share the way a $99 smartphone will.

Update: Oooo. Forgot about T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan. Good thing TmoNews remembered.