T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 too much at $299?

When it comes to buying, well, anything these days, we have to count our pennies closer than we used to. And so it gives us great pause when TmoNews tells us that the pricing for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 — after the break with a two-year contract — will be $299.

Let's face it, that's a chunk of change. And while we're gladly going to shell out some cash when the time comes for the latest Windows phone, it's tough to argue against other $99 smartphones out there.

Let's hear from you guys. Vote below, and get your rant on in the comments.

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  • Thats a crazy price. You can buy the Iphone 3GS for $199. and AT&T has a much bigger 3G coverage than Tmobile. They should sell the TP2 for $199.with a 2yr contract. Since their still growing on their limited 3g service coverage.
  • are you fuckin serious. Did you just say it should be less because the 3G isn't as good. That's just stupid. Even stupider is the fact that you compared it to the iPhone. The iPhone doesn't even have a real operating system. Its really just a program launcher that has no actual functionality. People like the iPhone because it looks sleek. People even make iPhone skins but still buy a ppc. Do you know why? Because the iPhone is shit and ppcs are just capable of doing so much more. My phone came out a year before the iPhone and it does more. That's just sad. Microsoft is taking over the tech world. With Project Natal and Windows Mobile and the Microsoft Surface, it's going to be hard for anyone to compete.
  • Sprint still wants $299 for the TP1 :(
  • Yes but Sprint has a much larger 3G coverage.
  • but sprint has worse service and other problems....which is why more and more customers are leaving
  • I wouldn't complain if it was cheaper but I would gladly pay that when AT&T gets it.
  • I guess it all depends on your demographic. Look, if your target consumer is a "business power user" (with Windows Mobile), then your average buyer is going to be a guy in a suit making a 6-figure salary that is on the phone 6 hours a day. If this is the person you see buying the phone, $299 is nothing. If you constantly rely and interact with your mobile device, that's not even $1 day (over a year). If you are planning on selling to kids delivering pizzas in high school, t-mobile better think again.
  • But would a real business person rely on limited 3G coverage on Tmobile even if he has plenty on momey? Not,he will pay that price on the big three carriers that have better 3G full coverage for his business. Tmobile should sell it for $199.00 with their 3G coverage.
  • Yes, they have for example more business people than Sprint. Sprint lost most of its business users. Sprint in its conference calls started to replace the term "big three carriers" with "big four carriers" to acknowledge their own declines and the advances of T-Mobile.
  • T-Mobile's 3G coverage is much better than you're giving them credit for. Every week, new cities roll out, and by the end of this year, 250 million potential customers will live in areas covered by 3G on T-Mobile... its not all that unlike AT&T's coverage, as far as 3G goes. Check it out at: http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/ Check out your zip... you might be surprised! As for the price of the phone... $299 is what the Wing went for, and its in line with the type of phone is it. Its not a 'games and fluff' phone like the iPhone (which isn't a very good PHONE, actually)... its a powerful extension of your office, keeping you connected when you're away from your desk, and able to keep up with todays demands. I for one, will snap this up the day it comes out, and I would if it were $399.
  • Considering that T-Mobile's EDGE is generally often as fast and sometimes faster than AT&T's supposed 3G then what you really have to consider is T-Mobile's EDGE coverage vs. AT&T's 3G. But then of course there's the fact that T-Mobile's 3G coverage is FAST approaching the coverage of AT&T 3G (and when you compare the speeds between these its not even fair to AT&T). And finally you have AT&T's completely RIDICULOUS pricing scheme on both voice and data. Given these factors (and as a business user myself) I can't imagine a business user NOT picking T-Mobile (and this device) over AT&T (and an iPhone). That's before you even get into the actual capabilities of the two devices in direct comparison.
  • Well T-mobile may be as fast as AT&T in some areas, but not even close in other areas. Verizon smokes both carriers in 3G coverage and speed and will have the TP2 with a 3.5mm jack as standard feature. If T-mobile stays with $349.00 on a 2yr contract,I'm leaving with my three lines to Verizon. Better service,more choices of smartphones.
  • And a higher price contract with less minutes as a plus.
  • The irony is everyone is wring, since business users pay about $160 for the Touch Pro from Sprint -- not $299. $160 is the price our Sprint account people offer it at. That is also why new-in-box without-contract and clean-ESN on EBAY for Sprint Touch Pro is $199. It will be $99 on ebay in a few weeks when the dates for the Touch Pro are more public.
  • Is this really a surprise, all the WinMo sliders have had this price at release regardless of network. Little steep but really, over the 2+ years you will have the phone, its a minor cost vs whatever plan you end up on.
  • IMO the price is a bit steep, but I usually buy my phones from amazon and you can usually find it $50-$100 cheaper with a 2 year contract. At $299 I will not purchase it, but if everyone is going (and most likely are) to compare it to the iPhone 3Gs, then I say yes it's worth the price. It can do everything the iPhone 3Gs can and then some (minus the app store - for now). You get what you pay for.
  • Way too much. Sure it's the same price point if not cheaper than the Touch Pro was on carriers, but with the competition out there now, it's way too much. You've got an 8GB iPhone and a Nokia e71x out there, I'd rather go for those than that phone really.
  • in two months they will drop the price, like the iphone and pre and snap did.especially when sprint & verizon release it. ill pay $500 if it means not upgrading contract with sprint, i like $29.99 +$20 data plan.
  • I don't ever remember the wing price dropping and if it did it didn't drop that much. The price was still up there until the day it was pulled. If you can't afford it get a Iphone.
  • The Diamond 2 is the HTC device that should be competitively priced against the iPhone. With its slider design the Touch Pro 2 was always going to be priced higher. If Apple did a slider version of the iPhone then it would be priced higher then the current iPhone. Compare like for like models!
  • $300 for basically the same hardware/chipset that was available last year? No thanks. WM is still the most robust phone OS platform out there and for the (increasingly few) who recognize that I may be willing to pay a bit of a premium. But not that much and certainly not that much for an almost 2year old chipset. Maybe for Samsung's Omnia line, but not for any of HTC's current offerings IMO.
  • But you have to remember the last windows mobile phone T-Mobile had was the wing and its Texas Instruments 201MHz OMAP850 processor so I'm happy with the 2 year old chip set in the TP2. I would say its more than twice the phone the wing was for around the same price I paid for the wing.
  • i live in chicago land and tmo 3g is pretty good where ever i go. kids wrkin for min. wage wont pay 300 for it, but i dont make minimum wage, ;)) its gonna work just fine for me. i spend more than 300 a week on fuel costs.
  • so what are you gonna do, take the bus for a week? =P
  • lol
  • Too much..Come on tmo give us a break. isn't there a stimulus package that covers this?
  • as expensive as that is compared to the i-phone i have waited too long for this phone and am gonna buy it :-P
  • Is T-mobile requiring a data plan with this phone?? if so I can't get it. but I've waited 5 months for this baby
  • I don't think you will have to get one but if you use the internet or the GPS at all you will wish you did get a unlimited plan when you see your bill after that month.
  • Ah, this a subject after my own heart... Phil Nickinson post is somewhat derivative. Subsidies are loans that a carrier expects to make back with interest during the life of a contract. A subsidy is effectively a shill for the loan. It's a phone's Total Cost of Ownership adjusted for the term of the contract that's important, not some illusionary "deal" designed to hook the gullible on an expensive phone. Of course, carriers keep getting away with it ("Another bottle of snake oil please!"), so they'll keep selling it. That's why when Gizmodo does a TCO comparison among some popular smartphones, it's such an eye-opener.
  • Except of course to those people who have no intention of switching carriers for various reasons, in which case the TCO calculation goes out the window, and you in effect have a device that's selling on NewEgg for $659+SH for $299+tax.
  • We pretty much understand the concept of subsities but what it comes down to is the carrier dropping the price to retain their customers. There is a balance between the price they reduce it to (169.99 please) and loosing a customer that will probably have a data plan for years to come. A lot of it is what the market will bare and the preception of what a good deal is to the customer.
  • Considering I've paid ~$700 for new HTC phones (ordering from Expansys and the like) over the years and used them on T-Mobile, $300 for an otherwise $800 device sounds pretty good to me. The contract I could care less about. T-Mobile happens to be the only provider that can give me reliable seamless coverage worldwide (and I travel overseas quite a bit), so there's not really any other carrier I could switch to anyway.
  • I really am happy for the high price. I wish it was higher only because I don't want a phone that every time you turn around you see someone with it. Like you do the Iphone.
  • ha, MIKe...u got a point there. ppl do want an exclusive phone or those hard to get phones like those high tech nokias or those vertu phones that your average millionaire has. ppl give T-Mobile too many shots. those AT&Ters out there are really "hatin" on the fact that T-Mobile could, if not, is already the up and coming wireless provider. anybody with Sprint, AT&T & Verizon cant deny the fact that T-Mobile's 3g IS definitely on the rise & their phone game is gettin better too. i used to hate TM's phones but now....i dnt. ha. i dnt even knw if i want the my touch 3g (the supposed iPhone killer) or the my touch pro 2. that price is def. lower than i thought. i was for sure it was gonna be around $400-$500....whew.
  • well tmobile is usually the cheaper company and they are selling the phone for 350 not 299. makes you wonder what the other companies will price at since they all are more expensive than tmobile.