Pay off your T-Mobile phone in installments

Want the latest Windows Mobile phone on T-Mobile but don't quite have the jing to get it done? Engadget is reporting that ol' T-Mo will let you pay off harware and accessory purchases over four months with its Equipment Installment Plan. The service reportedly is available to new and current customers, though you'll actually have to go into a store or talk to someone one the phone. Shy guys need not apply.

TMoNews dives a little deeper:

Payments are interest free and your total spending capability is determined by certain credit guidelines. There are no additional fees, start up or interest fees associated with this service.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to take advantage of this, and what kind of deal you got.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Now if T-Mobile only had a decent windows mobile phone. ERRRRR I have to buy ATT phone off ebay to get something that is a good device unlike the wing.
  • Well, on August 12th you will be able to get a great WM phone from T-Mobile. To bad T-Mobile dipped it in a pot of fail and turned it into a cheap looking flat black and brown. Its going to be hard to pay $400 for the Touch Pro 2 when it looks like something army would have issued back in 1976 but I have to. If for only one reason, I am stuck in a contract and every phone I have bought from Europe is not compatible with the US 3G network. I think the marketing people at T-Mobile need to sell the stuff they are smoking with the Toucb Pro 2. Maybe if I get high enough I will think its an elegant, professional phone and that the original piano black and silver are simply low standard colors that make the phone look like trash.
  • It amazes me that T-mobile charges ridicoulous amounts for the phones they offer, and they are not the best phones on the market. AT & T, Sprint & Verizon offer comparable if not better phones at much lower cost. T-mobile really needs to consider lowering their phone prices to remain competitive.