T-Mobile, on Twitter, teases HD2

Gee, we thought we knew the HD2, given all the stories we've written and the whole Smartphone Round Robin thing. Guess we'll have to see what T-Mobile has in store. Anybody know of any Windows Mobile news coming up next week that might have something to do with this?

Phil Nickinson

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  • They haven't officially said that their version of the HD2 is getting a memory "boost" did they? I would think it's going to be something yall have already uncovered a while ago.
  • Are you referring to this -->> Wall Street Journal: Windows Mobile 7 coming next week. How sweet would that be!
  • Jesus. The HD2 will not be released with WM7.
  • If it was released with 7 it would be bad ass lols..just wish full thinking...they acutally just name it "7" instead of the clunky "Windows Mobile/Phone 7"
  • When is the T-Mobile press conference next week? I hear it's two hours, but i dont know when..
  • Seriously, these "the HD2 is going to be released with WM7" statements have got to stop. Looking forward to Monday so that can be put to rest.
  • Can