T-Mobile US pushes back Windows Phone Refresh (Tango) Lumia update 710 rollout to June 27

According to a second leaked internal memo, T-Mobile US is set to kick off the Windows Phone Refresh (aka "Tango") rollout tomorrow, on June 27th. We previously received word from sources that June 20th was the destined date, but it seems as though the upgrade has been delayed slightly. 

The Nokia Lumia 710 is the Windows Phone that will benefit from the update that will be installed via Zune (or the Mac Connector). Internet sharing capability, disappearing keyboard fix, as well as a number of other improvements, are bundled with introduced features which will please those who have been waiting patiently.

Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the lookout for any update notifications.

Thanks, Jacinta, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sorry 710 owners.
  • They're getting Tango tomorrow, why are you apologizing?
  • sorry for what, getting new update, jackass,
    second why you are here, to cry over your htc phone
  • Where is ATT with Tango, stupid derps
  • Yep, still nothing from ATT. Pretty ridiculous.
  • You should see what it's like being on Sprint.
  • Even I'm done with Sprint (customer since 2000, on SERO). They didn't even cheer for WP8 like the other carriers.  Throw in their "No LTE til...we dunno, sometime in 2013" and I see no value with them anymore. Regarding AT&T and Tango, my bet is no Tango update. Windows Phone 7.8 will be it instead.
  • FYI sprint will be having windows 8 phones. For me will stay because I am enjoying unlimited data use and don't have to worry about over. Data limit. People who switch to Att or Verizon will pay. 3 months ago sprint was testing out HTC phones built with windows phone 8. I been with sprint since 1998 so I am more longer than you. =P
  • There's no evidence to support this assertion. And action speaks louder than words. AT&T, TMobile and Verizon all made public comments supporting WP8 and their plans to carry it. Sprint was absent and only said the noncommittal "We have a very strong relationship with our Microsoft partners, but we don’t comment on products and services not yet announced" . Maybe they will have WP8 but they are not strongly publicly endorsing it like the other carriers. That's just a fact. Re: "paying" for switching to AT&T or T-Mobile---yeah, I'm enjoying 20Mbps data speeds and the best selection of Windows Phone on the planet. With T-Mobile, I get two great Windows Phone, decent support for them and affordable plans with fast HSPA+ data speeds. Sprint? Well, you get what you pay for. I cannot honestly support them anymore.
  • Unlimited data at dialup speeds
  • Agree. That's one thing about TMo, I always had updated at a decent time with them. Not sure how it'll work now that I'm on at&t, but if the past is any indicator, we'll be lucky to ever get it on at&t.
  • T Mobile needs push this update out for all WP devices and just not the 710.
  • Agreed!
  • Let the fragmentation begin with Tango,7.8 and WP8.Microsoft is joining Apple and Android.
  • Do you even know what fragmentation is? Guess not since you decided to make such a ridiculous statement
  • How about a courteous explanation of what the term means instead of slamming the guy? Maybe he really doesn't know. Seeing more and more comments like this, sometimes even from WPCentral staff. Kind of disheartening to see the recent trend of increased negativity in the comments
  • The irony of course is that you could have easily done the exact same thing, instead of slamming the slammer, no?
  • Agree as well.
  • Thanks HD7guy can't say anything on here without getting the third degree.@mero my above statement is fact, plane and simple.
  • Deleted by user
  • Im hoping Telus pushes something out soon for the 800!
  • Now if tmobile could go get some upscale phones...because I'm tired of using unlocked ATT phones on t mobile with 2g services
  • T-mobile is refarming their network. By September you should be getting HSPA.
  • Me to, using a Titan right now with edge (WiFi is always on)
  • Same here. I love the Titan. No reason why TMo couldn't have offered it to customers. The start screen is gonna be sick on the 4.7" screen!
  • HD7 to miss out too???
  • Well, the HD7 already has those bugs fixed and whatnot but does anybody know if it'll be getting the 7.8 update? I'm hoping so... :/
  • Didn't they say all WPs would get the 7.8 update eventually?
  • That's what I want to know
  • Yes, MS has stated that *all* WP7 phones will receive the 7.8 update. *p*
  • Could somebody snag the MS URL for the Tango build for the rest of us?
  • ATT push an update lol the second funniest think I've heard. Sent from my Lumia 900 on...wait for it.... ATT!
  • Any word if the trophy on verizon is getting any tango love?
  • So 12:00 am = update?
  • Yes I have the titan on tmobile and I wish they had a device like the titan or at least the foucs
  • I really hope Sim Tool Kit has finally been integrated in this Update.
  • What about my HD7?? Why are all the updates recently only Lumia phones?
  • This isn't the 7.8 update, it's just an update to add a few features that the HD7 already has. Also, the HD7 came out two years ago (give or take,) can't you HD7 users upgrade to a HP8 phone (yeah, that is a little redundant) when they come out, while L710's has to wait for another year and a half to two years? Think about that one for a sec.
    Now, why I'm really posting, the Nokia site says that the update is now available, but has anybody gotten it yet?
  • today i got a notification on my lumia 710 that a new software update is available connect to your pc to get this..bt whats this i got only 7.10.8112.7 :( i am disapointed with this shit no 8773 tango..wtf man 
  • oh great i got it :P India is great :)/
  • What is the final version number not just 8773
  • I got my update on 710 with the trick cos servers are full and its not showing, well since lumia 710 is official from December a 6 month for update is not much.