T-Mobile Wing Gallery

Yes, I have the T-Mobile Wing and yes, it's the hotness. I want to do a video, a review, a shootout, a whole lotta things. But there's absolutely no T-Mobile signal where I live and apparently Cingular isn't playing nice with the roaming agreements - I just plain can't get signal at all. I like to use a device before I review it, so that's coming. Meanwhile, check out some pretty images after the break.

Anecdote mode on.

…Before the break, though, a note. I currently waiting on a call back from T-Mobile's customer service. When I told them my plight (i.e. no signal but I'm keeping my T-Mo number for forwarding), they said they'd unlock it (that's a hint for you unlock code seekers, maybe). Anyhow, the unlock code they had isn't working, so a "Wing specialist" is investigating. T-Mobile has consistently rated tops for customer service and my experience is in line with that. Oh, and the hold music? The Flaming Lips' "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song". T-Mobile For The Win! Now just give us 3G, guys.

Update: Unlock worked, they had to do a different code. If you're getting a Wing unlocked, be sure that the person helping you is clear that it's a Wing.

Anecdote mode off.

Check out the pics after the break.

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