T-Mobile Wing Gallery

Yes, I have the T-Mobile Wing and yes, it's the hotness. I want to do a video, a review, a shootout, a whole lotta things. But there's absolutely no T-Mobile signal where I live and apparently Cingular isn't playing nice with the roaming agreements - I just plain can't get signal at all. I like to use a device before I review it, so that's coming. Meanwhile, check out some pretty images after the break.

Anecdote mode on.

…Before the break, though, a note. I currently waiting on a call back from T-Mobile's customer service. When I told them my plight (i.e. no signal but I'm keeping my T-Mo number for forwarding), they said they'd unlock it (that's a hint for you unlock code seekers, maybe). Anyhow, the unlock code they had isn't working, so a "Wing specialist" is investigating. T-Mobile has consistently rated tops for customer service and my experience is in line with that. Oh, and the hold music? The Flaming Lips' "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" (opens in new tab). T-Mobile For The Win! Now just give us 3G, guys.

Update: Unlock worked, they had to do a different code. If you're getting a Wing unlocked, be sure that the person helping you is clear that it's a Wing.

Anecdote mode off.

Check out the pics after the break.

WC Staff
  • Nice device, but when will HTC release some other form factor devices? A portrait slider w/QWERTY, a QWERTYbar, etc. running WM6 Professional please.
  • So you say the unlock works eh? what exactly are you talking about? do you have any clues as to where I can get a ROM/Firmware update to remove the MyFAVS option? I hate the Myfavs option and dreaded it's arrival. I have a Nokia 6263 and spend months and months on howardforums talking about getting a program to mod the phone, the firmware and data to purge the phone to using locked port numbers to make it possible to use 3rd party internet apps like opera mini. My nokia 6263 is completely unlocked, debranded and runs twice as fast than it did previously with the crummy MyFavs t-mobile firmware. If i get the Wing, can I do that with that phone?