T-Mobile's HD2 Mobile Entertainment Experience

We've known for some time now that the HD2 is headed to T-Mobile. Today at the 2010 Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile announced the creation of a comprehensive mobile entertainment experience for the HTC Windows Phone. The Entertainment Package will be pre-loaded on the T-Mobile HD2 that will include:

  • Barnes & Noble eReader
  • Blockbuster on Demand (Blockbuster’s first-ever video download application on a smartphone)
  • MobiTV
  • Paramount Pictures "Transformers" and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
  • Gogo Inflight Internet Services (six month trial for inflight wifi services on over 2,500 daily U.S. flights)

The Paramount Pictures movies are reportedly loaded on a pre-installed 16gb microSD card. The Entertainment package is designed to highlight the multimedia features of the HD2.

“T-Mobile is committed to offering innovative solutions to connect, inspire and entertain our customers through the power of mobile technology,” said George Harrison, vice president, marketing product innovation, T-Mobile USA. “By combining leading innovation in the world of entertainment with the large screen and processing power of the HTC HD2, we’ve created a unique and powerful mobile entertainment experience.”

The T-Mobile HD2 is expected in stores this Spring.

Read: Businesswire.com

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  • Awesome! More stuffs. I really appreciate what T-Mobile is doing because the wait is really long. Yet, HD2 is #1 in my list for 2010.
  • I want this phone, but first I have a couple of questions.
    Windows 6.5 will be dead and developers would move to windows 7. 1. Why would i get a phone that its operating system will die?
    2. Would we be giving an update to Windows 7 once it comes out?
  • Well, we are still in the 6th Edition. So far, it is the current Edition with the most customed features that you could have. The 6th Edition is Windows Mobile. The 7th is Phone. The WP7 is all about scrolling, and pinching. The most important part IMO is file explorer and manager. You want to be able to manage easily all your files in your pop out memory card (hhmm... 32GB of files management!). In order words, don't worry about WP7 for now. You still have WM6.5.x to play with.
  • Microsoft stated in their presentation that they will continue to invest in Windows Mobile 6.5. We believe it will be around for some time and I wouldn't write it off just yet. We have a handful of new WM 6.5.3 phones being released and I doubt phone manufacturers would invest such in a dead OS.
    Whether or not the HD2 is eligible for a Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade is still up in the air. A lot hinges on the core requirements Microsoft will establish but (and this is just me thinking out loud) I think of all the devices on the market, the HD2 stands the best chance for upgrade to WP7S.
  • If T-Mobile coverage is good in your area, then you might as well get this phone. 1) As stated above, Microsoft has said that for the foreseeable future, they will continue to support 6.5.x. 2) At the moment, WP7 is vaporware. It looks cool and nifty but until it is actually released, it is just vaporware. 3) According to sources, the HTC HD2 will be upgradeable to WP7. Here is an article showing that a "beta" (I say "beta" because, again, WP7 is not finished and has not been released yet) has already been ported to the HTC HD2: http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=13395 For me, however, I may have to pass. Unfortunately, T-Mobile coverage sucks in my area.
  • Thank you Guys for all the responds
  • lol!! 4 services that could easily double or triple your phone bill!! thanks t-mobile, but if i get this phone, those will be the first programs i delete. except transformers, if that comes free then hand it over. that pretty damn cool.
  • I think we can finally put the rest the uneducated rumor that the HD2 is launching with WP7, right? Good. What a waste of brainpower.
  • Enough talk, bring it T-Mobile. I've got an iPhone ready to sit in my electronics drawer in lieu of this bad boy.
  • I would love to get this new HD2 on T-Mobile when it is available. However there is something that I don't understand about 3G and maybe someone can help me with: in US t-mobile uses 1700 and 2100 MHz for 3G. In Europe 900 and 2100 MHz bands are used. Now the questions is: would a US HD2 work in Europe? The reason I need to know is that I might actually move to Europe before end of the year. I'd like to know if I get a t-mobile 3G phone in US, I would be able to use it later in EU. I know the reverse is not true since on t-mobile, phone must support BOTH 1700 and 2100 to function.
  • I thinks there;s still a lot of confusion about whether or not development will continue on an prior version of the OS once 7 is released. Some blogs are reporting that 6.x development is set to end. The observation I have is that last year when Microsoft officially announced 6.5, HTC and other manufacturers went out of there way to co-announce which of their models they were introducing would get the upgrade. The TP2 and D2 come to mind in that regard. With the Mini HD2 just announced, you would expect that's the first question anyone would ask. However, as far as I know, HTC has not stated anything about the mini and 7. You also would expect that T-Mobile would be getting lots of questions too about the HD2 and 7. Part of the problem is that the game really has changed. In the past, it was up to the manufacturer or carrier to provide an update. However, with Microsoft now firmly in the driver's seat, there's still a lot of details to be worked out.
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