How to move your photos from Android to Windows 10

There are lots of people in the world using an Android phone and a Windows 10 PC. Here we show you a few different ways you can import photos taken on your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 running computer.

Microsoft updates Cortana beta, lets you replace Google Now as default assistant

Microsoft has rolled out an update to Cortana for Android. The company has now made it possible for users to switch up their default assistant, in favor of Google Now or Microsoft's Cortana.

Microsoft's plans to convert Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile revealed in info leak

A leaked document for "Project Astoria" has been posted on the Internet, showing more information on how Microsoft plans to let Android developers convert their apps to work on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft wants to keep Android app binaries unchanged when ported to Windows 10 Mobile

A recent job listing at Microsoft claims that they want Android app binaries to remain "unchanged" when they are ported to work with Windows 10 Mobile under their upcoming "Project Astoria" service.

Cortana for Android hands-on and Windows 10 Mobile comparison

Microsoft's Cortana beta hits Android in a leaked APK file. We loaded it up on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and quickly compare it to the version on Windows 10 Mobile.

Cortana for Android beta impressions and images get leaked

A website has posted information and images of what Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant is like on its upcoming Android version, which the company has said will be launched sometime in July.

If Windows Phone fails, Microsoft's Phone Companion app may herald Redmond's plan B

If Windows Phone fails, Microsoft's Phone Companion may ensure their success in mobile. If you can't beat'em, make'em join you.

Microsoft shows how easy it will be to port Android apps to Windows 10 in new video

Microsoft has posted a new video showing how simple it should be to port current Android apps to work on Windows 10, and even incorporate links to Microsoft services and features.

Microsoft rumored to announce Android apps support for Windows 10 at Build 2015

Microsoft may finally be ready to announce that Windows 10 devices like smartphones, tablets and PC will be able to run Android apps. The latest rumor claims that the reveal might be made this week at the company's Build 2015 developer conference in San Francisco.

Dell and 10 other Android manufacturers to pre-install Microsoft apps

Following up on Microsoft and Samsung's announcement of Office apps, along with OneDrive and Skype to be pre-installed on some Android tablets, Microsoft has also revealed that Dell and 10 more OEMs will install those apps on their own Android products later in 2015.

Microsoft is making a ROM that allows Android smartphones to run Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft announced earlier today that it was collaborating with Xiaomi in providing Mi 4 customers with a flashable ROM that allows them to run Windows 10 for phones on their Android devices. It looks like that program is set for a wider rollout, according to a report on TechCrunch:

Microsoft's apparently passing on $110 million Cyanogen funding round

Alternative Android OS developer Cyanogen is poised to raise around $110 million in a funding round, but contrary to earlier reports, Microsoft might not be chipping in.

Several weeks ago brought the news that Microsoft was considering investing in Cyanogen and their customized Android system CyanogenMod. That OS is installed on a few retail devices, including the OnePlus One and the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+, as well as being freely available to download and install on a wide range of Android devices. But it seems that the Microsoft's opting not to take part in this funding round.

Microsoft rumored to be investing in Google Android rival Cyanogen

Update: Bloomberg Business is now corroborating the earlier WSJ story, adding that the two companies are in talks to create "a version of the Android mobile-operating system that's more friendly to Microsoft services".

Original Story: According to the WSJ, Microsoft may be one of a handful of companies investing in Cyanogen. Cyanogen started off as a customized version of the Android operating system named CyanogenMod back in 2009 but has grown to a business of 80 people named Cyanogen, Inc. starting in 2013. The company co-launched their version of the Android OS on the OnePlus One smartphone in 2014.

Now, Cyanogen is looking for money, and Microsoft is reportedly putting cash into the company as a minority investor.

Microsoft has new plans to close the Windows 'app gap', Android support still possible

Microsoft will be making a new push to close the 'app gap' that currently exists between its Modern apps for Windows and Windows Phone and apps made for iOS and Android by attracting more independent software vendors (ISVs). However, a new report claims that Microsoft is still considering an option that could allow Android apps to run in Windows 10.

Microsoft's planned surprise today was indeed another Android smartphone dubbed Nokia X2

Microsoft recently teased today's announcement, which turned out to be the X2 – the next-gen Android-Microsoft hybrid. When Microsoft purchased the hardware and services division from Nokia, it was responsible for not only the Lumia line of Windows Phones but also the Nokia X. It's worth noting this launch since Redmond appears to be sticking to the plan to attract consumers through Android hardware.

Microsoft's secret list of Android patents revealed by Chinese government

Although Microsoft has a licensing agreement that cover over 70 percent of all Android devices sold in the US, the exact nature of the patents utilised by the Android ecosystem wasn't divulged, until now. As part of the regulatory sign-off of Microsoft's Nokia acquisition, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has published a list of 310 patents that highlight the technologies that Microsoft collects royalties on.

Watch the full response as to why Microsoft is considering Cortana for iOS and Android

Earlier today it was reported that Marcus Ash, group program manager for Cortana on Windows Phone, was weighing the pros and cons of bringing Cortana to other platforms. The decision to do so is perhaps a lot more complicated than diehard Windows Phone fans would think when all factors get taken into account.

Now, a video of Ash's full response to the question of whether or not Cortana should stay on Windows Phone has been posted. In context, the question and answer is certainly a lot more complicated than one may think as there are benefits with either choice.

Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8

A new report from ZDNet, citing unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft plans to launch touch-first versions of its Office apps for Android devices before the company releases similar apps for the Modern UI used in Windows 8.

Motorola Solutions (the other Motorola) signs licensing agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft can add another feather to its IP licensing hat, having now signed Motorola Solutions up for a licensing agreement. That's not Motorola Mobility, the portion of Motorola bought by Google and now being sold to Lenovo that makes handsets such as Moto X and Moto G, as well as Verizon's Droid line. No, Motorola Solutions is the other Motorola, the part left behind after Google snapped up the smartphone half of the company. And they apparently have eyes on the mobile devices market, with this agreement covering devices running both Android and Chrome OS.

Microsoft and Dell enter new patent deal for Xbox, Android and Chrome

Microsoft and Dell have entered into a new patent-licensing agreement to enable both parties to utilize respective technologies and innovation without the possibility of litigation. It's a strong move by the companies to ensure the safety of products released in the public domain, be it the Xbox One or Dell's Chromebook.