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Windows Phone Tango can have a catastrophic web browser crash [Video]

Browsing can be hazardous to Tango's health

With Windows Phone Tango rolling out it is perhaps not a surprise that some isolated bugs may be discovered along the way. So far, not too many have cropped up but there is one that is interesting though seemingly rare.

Users have found that navigating to the German news site on their phone, with “Desktop” enabled can result in the browser locking up the device. The site does default to a mobile WAP version and there is a Windows Phone app too but users are free to use their IE9 in desktop mode to view the site “as is”.

We’ve tested the scenario on our Tango phone (Focus 2) and sure enough, upon loading the page the second time it does lock up the device. Since Internet Explorer is a native app, native apps can crash the OS whereas third-party apps should not be able to do so.

The theory seems to revolve around the idea that is very graphic intensive with a lot of photos being pushed to the browser. Combined with Tango's low-overhead for 256MB devices and it seems to zap all of the available memory on the phone (of course we can’t rule out javascript errors or something else, either). You can replicate the crash yourself by following these directions:

  • Turn “Desktop” mode on in the browser
  • Navigate to, it may load just fine
  • Navigate to another site then go back to
  • Browser should crash when loading

The resulting crash means you would have to pull the battery (or hold the power button for 10 seconds) to reboot the phone. We tried this on a Windows Phone Mango device (HTC Titan) and could not replicate the crash. We also had no issues with a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1 meaning this most certainly seems correlated with Windows Phone “Tango”.

Is it a dire bug? Certainly not but it could be used as a browser-exploit by some nefarious people out there, even though that seems remote to us. Still, hopefully Microsoft will see this and patch it up for their next OS build.

Update: To make things even more confusing, it's not all devices. Our Lumia 900 with Tango is okay, but reports at XDA of the Radar, Omnia 7, Lumia 800 and our Focus 2 do have the crash.

Source: XDA; Thanks DerAusgewanderte, for the tip

What Flash might look like on Windows Mobile

Admittedly, we're borrowing a lot from our Android brethren today. But with good reason. The hardware of the just-announced HTC Hero is pretty much the same as what you'll find in the latest Windows Mobile phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. Qualcomm 7200 processor at 528MHz, 512MB ROM/288MB RAM and so on and so forth.

And so, with the announcement that we'll see a Flash 10 beta on Windows Mobile this fall, let's take a look at how Flash looks on the Hero. Of course, there are two major differences here: The operating system, and the browser. Android uses Webkit for its default browser, same as the iPhone's Safari, and it's a smooth little devil. So we're not really talking apples and apples here, but we should get a decent idea of what Flash could look like in a Windows Mobile browser – be it Opera, IE (gasp) or, eventually, Firefox.

Gander the video here. Discuss in the comments.