Seidio Innocase Surface Combo for Samsung Focus

We’ve reviewed a slew of Seidio products in the past and have consistently found them to be worth recommending. When looking for a case for a new phone, Seidio is one of the manufacturers that should be on your list of brands to research.

The Seidio Innocase line of products has a couple of different pieces. This review covers both the case and holster for the Samsung Focus. Read on for the full review.

Well built, leaves headphone jack open.

Krusell Gaia Mobile Pouch - Review

Not a fan of belt cases or shell cases for your Windows Phone but need some protection when you're carrying your phone around in a backpack, purse or briefcase? Krusell might have an solution worth considering. The Krusell Gaia Mobile Pouch is being offered over at the WPCentral Accessory Store that will offer your Windows Phone a considerable amount of protection while your phone bounces around in your backpack.

Krusell offers a wide variety of belt cases that are quality made. The Gaia follows that level of quality nicely but how well does it handle the day to day grind? It's being offered for the HTC Surround and to see how well the Krusell Gaia performed, follow the break.

Body Glove Soft Shell Case for Samsung Focus review

For my money, Body Glove makes some of the best cell phone cases on the market. I’ve owned Body Glove cases for a number of the phones I’ve had over the years, and I’ve always been pleased with the products that they put out. When I got the opportunity to review Body Glove’s Soft Shell Case for the Samsung Focus, I jumped at the chance.

Get the complete review of the Body Glove Soft Shell Case after the break.

Rubber case improves grip and softens impact when dropped
Hardware buttons being covered can be weird

Body Glove Snap-On case for Samsung Focus - Review

One downside to Microsoft’s business model of licensing the Windows Phone 7 OS to device manufacturers is that you don’t get the quantity of accessories that a device like the iPhone does. Fortunately, the Samsung Focus is starting to get some love in the accessory department, though some of our favorite case-makers are a little slow to get on the bandwagon (looking at you Otter Box).

Body Glove makes some of the best cell phone cases that I’ve ever used. Their Snap-On case for the Focus is a perfect example of what they are capable of. For the full breakdown of what Body Glove’s Snap-On case offers, keep reading.

Belt clip with kick-stand
Relatively expensive, charging port door is hard to get at.

Review: Samsung Hartmann Luxury Leather Case

While Samsung has built a reputation for quality electronics, they also offer some decent cases for your Windows Phones. The Hartmann Luxury Leather Case is a quality built, uniquely designed case for the Samsung Jack. It will also accommodate the Sprint Snap and Verizon Ozone.

What sets the Hartmann case apart from others is that lack of a case flap. It's more of a horizontal pouch than case. I have reservations about how secure the Samsung Jack would ride in the case.

Ease on past the break to see how well the Samsung Hartmann Luxury Leather Case measured up.

Review: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for AT&T Tilt 2

One of the first accessories that I purchase for any smart phone that I’ve ever owned is a case to protect my new investment. I’ve mentioned before that choosing a case for your phone is very similar to the process of choosing the phone itself. A large part of the decision is based on your lifestyle and how you use your device.

OtterBox makes some of the most rugged cell phone cases on the market, though they sometimes sacrifice in the portability/usability department. The OtterBox Commuter Series case makes a reasonable compromise between protection and usability.


Tough Case. Nice Fit.
Power button hard to access

Review: SPE Protective Case for Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2

Hard shell cases have their advantages but when you carry a Windows Phone with a slide-out keyboard, such as the Touch Pro 2 or Tilt 2, the choices can be slim to none. Smartphone Experts offers their Protective Case that might just do the trick if you're a fan of hard shell cases.

The cases are offered in pink, smoke or clear. The sleek cases aren't for everyone and to see if the Protective Case is for you, follow the break.

Doesn't interfere with the phone's functions. Slim fit.
Snap tabs can be tricky.

Review: MOBO Wallet Organizer Case

When it comes to cases for your cell phone, there is no one form factor that is perfect for everyone. The perfect case for you depends entirely on your needs. This concept makes it imperative for manufacturers to make a variety of shapes, sizes and designs in order to accommodate the variety of people that buy their products.

Cases that double as a wallet have come and go over the years and no one manufacturer can seem to get a design that really takes off. The idea that you can have your wallet and cell phone in one compact package is particularly appealing to those of us who walk around with what could easily be mistaken for Batman’s utility belt.  Mobo makes this attempt with their Wallet Organizer Case.

All the facts (and my opinions) are after the jump.

Review: Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case

If you have any experience with Nite Ize, no doubt you’ve seen their rugged, blue collar cases. Although they’ve dabbled in more traditional leather pouches and such, a Nite Ize case is typically characterized by tough rip-stop nylon and a belt clip that is practically indestructible. The Nite Ize Cargo Clip case is another addition to their line of rugged cases.

Click through for the full review.

Review: Nite Ize Executive Leather Side Case

Phone cases come in all shapes and sizes; executive cases with loads of leather and rugged blue-collar cases that feature nylon and heavy plastic. Choosing the case that is most appropriate for you depends largely on your lifestyle and preference. Nite Ize is famous for the rugged, "carry everything" style case. Both the Nite Ize Backbone and the Clip Case Plus have been reviewed here in the past.

Nite Ize is looking to make their mark on the executive case segment with their aptly named Executive Leather Side Case. Click on in to find how well they made the transition.

Review: Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for AT&T Fuze

Seidio historically is a strong player in the world of third-party accessories for Windows phones. One of the accessories that Seidio offers for several models is a spring clip holster. But each holster has to be perfectly molded and fitted to a specific phone. If it gets anything wrong, the result will more than likely be your phone falling out of the holster and hitting the sidewalk – a heartbreaking scenario to which I can relate. 

With this is mind, we here at WMExperts have been very happy with Seidio's spring clip holsters in the past. But did they pull through with the same level of success with the AT&T Fuze?  Come on in and check out our full review to find out.

Review: Prima Vertical Pouch Case

When you’re looking for a case for a new device, a lot of the options tend to look the same. Finding that perfect case that fits your lifestyle can be a difficult task. Personally I have had phones that I kept a variety of cases to use depending on what I was doing.

Leather cases that have an executive or business look and feel to them are one that I tend to keep around for any phone that I carry. Prima has made several such cases that seem to be on par with some of the top case manufacturers on the market. Their Vertical Pouch case has many of the features that are standard issue with an executive style case.

Click on through to see this case under our microscope (figuratively speaking).

Review: Seidio Premium Leather Side Case

Some of the best cases for Windows Mobile devices are made by Seidio. I have used its holster for the Samsung BlackJack as well as the Rubberized Hard case for the AT&T Tilt/HTC Kaiser. Seidio's Premium Leather Side Case is another great example of their handiwork.

Look and Feel

As the name suggests, this case is made of leather. It�s not real sporty, but it does have a very professional look to it. The feel to me is almost perfect, but it does seem to add quite a bit of bulk to my phone (AT&T Tilt). When my Tilt is in the case there is an extra quarter inch or so of space from the side of the Tilt to the top of the case. The case is wide and rigid enough that I didn�t experience much in the way of buttons being accidentally pushed.


The design is like most of the side cases out there as the phone sits on its side, horizontally, while inside. The case is mostly leather, but there are two strips of elastic that hold the sides of it together, allowing for minimal expansion as you take the phone in and out. The case closes securely with a magnetic clasp. The belt clip is probably my least favorite feature of the case as it is very difficult to get around a belt, but not nearly as hard to remove. The only other complaint that I have is that it�s obviously a universal case in that you can�t get to any of the buttons or ports without first removing the device.


I feel very comfortable trusting my phone to this case. In the event that the case was dropped, there is enough padding in every direction that the phone would sustain minimal if any damage. The belt clip is very rigid and is also covered with leather. I almost would have preferred that the clip have been plastic or something that had a little more flexibility to it.


If you�re looking for executive-level, professional looking case, I can definitely recommend this one from Seidio. The design is practical and efficient. The build is the same quality in both materials and craftsmanship that I�ve come to expect from Seidio. Priced at a semi-reasonable $29.95 (from the WMExperts store), this case is perfect for most all Windows Mobile devices.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Look and Feel: 5
  • Design: 4
  • Build: 5






  • Executive look.
  • Strong magnetic clasp.
  • Big enough for large devices.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Belt clip is difficult to use.


Review: Body Glove Side Case for the Treo Pro

High on most everyone

Sena Extended Battery Vertical Case for the Motorola Q9h

Sena has been making quality leather holsters for years and hopes to continue this tradition with the