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The Surface Book 2 is a gorgeous, powerful, and expensive piece of kit, and you'll want to protect it. Unfortunately, the unique 2-in-1 configuration of the Surface Book 2 means that you'll need an equally unique case. Even though the device is getting up there in age, we've found some suggestions.

UAG Surface Book 2 case

Military-approved: UAG Surface Book 2, Book 3 case

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It's hard to talk about Surface cases without mentioning UAG! UAG is renowned for its military-grade standards for protection, and this Surface Book case is no different. Sure, it's not a looker, but it will protect your device from extreme levels of abuse. They are quite hard to find now, though.

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iPearl Surface Book 2 case

Low profile: iPearl Surface Book 2, Book 3 case

If you want a bit of external protection without breaking the bank or completely changing the profile of your device, consider the iPearl case. The case allows your Book 2 to detach while protecting both the base and the screen from scuffs and other types of damage. There are separate models for both the 13-inch and 15-inch Surface Book 2, as well as the older models.

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Book 2 case

With mouse mat: Walnew Surface Book 2, Book 3 case

This is more like a sleeve than a case, but it does come with a nifty feature that makes it a bit more "case-like" for use on a desk. The Walnew PU leather Surface range has configurations for all Surface models, including the Book 2 13 and 15-inch configs. It also comes with a fold-out mouse mat, perfect if you're working remotely on a desktop that isn't very mouse-friendly.

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hongyixun Surface Book 2 case

Kickstand case: hongyixun Surface Book 2, Book 3 (13-inch) leather case

If, like me, you sometimes wish the detachable tablet portion of the Surface Book 2 had a kickstand of its own, this case might be a good option. Although it's only available for the 13-inch model, the wrap-around configuration can provide some added protection without sacrificing functionality.

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Hifriend Surface Book 2 case

Serious business: Heycase Surface Book 2, Book 3 case

If you want something a little more folio-like, consider the PU leather/microfiber case from Heycase. This case retains the detachability of the Surface Book 2 while adding some stylish, folder-like chic to the exterior presentation. Synthetic leather and stitched fabrics provide some added protection for portability.

Walnew Surface Book 3 Case

Genuine leather: WALNEW Surface Book 2, Book 3 leather case

This Walnew option is an interesting solution for any Surface Book owner. While not exactly a case, it does have a unique two-function design that gives you some case-like functionality. Laid flat, the case can be used as a protective surface when using your Surface out and about, with a flip-out segment that works well as a mouse mat. This product comes in multiple shapes and sizes for all sorts of Surface devices, with color options on top for good measure.

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A couple of suggestions

The Surface Book 2 is an older device at the time of this writing, so the market for cases is getting slim. However, the Book 3 is the same size and shape as the Book 2, meaning you get some cross-compatibility. There are many options still available, including one for just about every need.

If you want some serious protection for that super expensive laptop, you can't go wrong with the UAG Surface range, which comes with military drop-test approval. The UAG case has interlocking parts that also sport tactile grips for one-handed travel, thick, shock-resistant edges in addition to a dual-locking system for added protection. If you want to take your Surface Book 2 or 3 on the wild side, this is the case you need to get, although stocks are getting pretty low.

If you want to spruce up your Surface Book 2 or 3 even more, there are plenty of accessories you can buy to get the most out of that experience, including that Surface Pen.

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