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The Surface Book is a fantastic Ultrabook on its own, but a few accessories could make your life easier. Whether you're looking for a new way to play games, a little protection for the body, or some new headphones, these are the best accessories for Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Book 3.

Surface Pen

Precise Inking: Surface Pen

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The latest Surface Pen has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as tilt support, so it feels like you're using a real pen. An eraser button on the top can be programmed in several ways, and there are a few colors to choose from to best suit your style. If you want to ink with your Surface Book, this is a must-have accessory.

BaseQi adapter

Add Some Space: BaseQi microSD adapter

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With this adapter, you can add microSD storage to your Surface Book without having anything stick out the side of your device, reducing the risk of accidental damage. It's made from aluminum, you can use any microSD card with it, and it's available in two sizes to fit 13.5- and 15-inch models. We haven't yet tested it with the Book 3, but it should work thanks to the new device having a similar card reader.

$25 at Amazon
Samsung EVO Select microSD

Affordable microSD: Samsung EVO Select

Samsung's EVO Select microSD cards offer fast read and write speeds of up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively, and they even come with a full-size adapter for other devices. These Class 10 cards can handle 4K video and hi-res photos, making them perfect for your Surface Book. Samsung also offers a 10-year warranty.

Surface Earbuds

Wireless Audio: Surface Earbuds

For wireless audio to match your Surface Book, check out the new Surface earbuds. They offer gesture support with compatible Office apps, they're comfortable to wear, and, most importantly, they deliver robust sound for music and voice. Grab these if you want to ditch a wired connection and still get a great sound.

Xbox Series X Controller

Gaming Peripheral: Xbox wireless controller

The Surface Book has the hardware for gaming, so add a comfortable wireless Xbox controller (updated for the newest version) with haptic feedback for a great experience. When you're gaming on an external monitor across the room, you can plug headphones directly into the controller instead of snaking a long cord between you and your Surface Book.

Surface Arc mouse

Portable Pointer: Surface Arc Mouse

This mouse connects via Bluetooth, it has about a 10-meter range, and batteries last up to about six months on a single charge. Its unique design allows it to fold flat, but it naturally curves to fit your hand. Need some style? Choose from nine different colors.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Full Setup: Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop

If you type a lot, this updated ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft should immediately prove its worth. And not only does the package come with the external keys, it also includes an ergonomic mouse. If you're looking for a desktop package designed specifically for Windows products, this is it.

Surface Dock 2

Extra Connectivity: Surface Dock 2

Surface Books think they're desktop PCs, so treat them like it with a Surface Dock 2. With higher charging power, modern ports, and better external display support (up to dual 4K at 60Hz refresh), this updated docking station adds a ton of connectivity to your laptop. It's pricey, but it's an ideal accessory.

Anker Ultra Slim hub

USB-A Ports: Anker Ultra Slim USB hub

The Surface Book 3 still comes with two USB-A ports, but you still might be looking to expand your connectivity, especially if you have a lot of older accessories. This Anker hub is slim enough to fit into your sleeve, laptop bag, or even your pocket, but delivers 5Gbps transfer speeds for whatever peripherals you connect.

$12 at Amazon

Hundreds of Designs: DecalGirl Surface Book skins

The Surface Book's standard metallic finish is the right choice for many people, but some like to add flair and personal touch to their devices. DecalGirl has an enormous selection of skins to choose from, and you can even make your own from scratch. These skins cover the lid and inside surface area around the touchpad and keyboard.

From $25 at DecalGirl
WaterField Surface Sleevecase

Premium Protection: WaterField Surface Sleevecase

This sleeve is made primarily from your choice of ballistic nylon or waxed canvas and has full-grain leather accents on the flap and bottom. The inside pocket is lined with soft neoprene to prevent scratches, and a padded flap keeps everything in place. This bag is available in a horizontal and vertical orientation, so you're sure to get something you're happy with.

$69 at WaterField
Toast wood cover

Natural Look: Toast wood cover

The silver finish on your Surface Book is undoubtedly attractive, but it's not for everyone. If you'd rather have a wooden look, you need to check out these covers from Toast. Choose from three different colors, choose your laptop, and add a bit of customization, including custom etched text.

From $69 at Toast
Megoo screen protector

Protect Your Glass: Megoo screen protector

The Surface Book's screen is relatively durable, but add a Megoo tempered glass protector for added protection. Cutouts ensure you can still use the speakers and cameras, and an oleophobic coating helps keep off smudges. The protector is thin enough that it won't interfere with the touch function, and each pack comes with a lifetime warranty.

From $20 at Amazon

If we're picking some accessories

All of the above items are considered the best accessories for Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Book 2, and Surface Book 3. If we're picking a few to get started, stick with the Surface Pen for an excellent inking experience. You'll be able to use it with just the tablet or while connected as a complete laptop, and its 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt support offer a natural feel.

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To add some storage to the Surface Book without the risk of seeing your SD card damaged, the BaseQI microSD adapter can be used. You pop a microSD card into the adapter before inserting it into the side of the Surface Book, allowing you to add storage to the Surface Book on the cheap. It's practical, it sits flush, it's affordable, and it's the best way to add some space to a laptop that's not easily upgraded. It works perfectly with the Book 2 and should work the same with the Book 3, thanks to a similar design.

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