Best Razer Blade 14 Sleeves Windows Central 2021

The Razer Blade 14 is a solid gaming laptop, and if you own one, you should get a sleeve for it in order to protect it from damage as well as make it easier to carry around with you while you're on the go. Here are the sleeves that we recommend for Razer Blade 14 owners.

Armored sleeve: Razer Blade Armor Case

Staff pick

The Razer Blade Armor Case was specifically designed for the Razer Blade 14, and protects it superbly with both a rigid plastic shell and copious amounts of soft inner padding. In addition, the grooves in the plastic make gripping the case easy, so travelling with it is a breeze.

$50 at Amazon

Well-rounded option: Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve

The Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve offers a strong balance between protection and extra space due to its water-resistant materials, internal padding, and dual front pockets. If you're looking for a balanced, jack-of-all-trades option, the Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve is for you.

$28 at Amazon

Shoulder strap sleeve: MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

The MOSISO Laptop Sleeve offers solid protection, thanks to its shock-resistant inner lining, and a medium-sized side pocket for smaller items. The main thing that sets this sleeve apart from the competition, though, is the inclusion of a shoulder strap, turning this sleeve into a mini-laptop bag.

$21 at Amazon

Sleeve with retractable handle: NIDOO Laptop Sleeve

The NIDOO Laptop Sleeve has good overall protection due to its water and shockproof materials and inner linings, and it also has a large front pocket. Its best feature is its retractable handle, which makes swapping carrying methods easy and convenient.

$17 at Amazon

Leather sleeve: Lenovo Laptop Sleeve

The Lenovo Laptop Sleeve is made out of genuine leather that will protect your Razer Blade 14 well, and it looks beautiful, too. In addition, it also has a medium-sized pocket under the sleeve cover, and the cover itself is magnetic.

$50 at Amazon

Customizable sleeve: Zazzle Laptop Sleeve

Want to get a sleeve of your own? The Zazzle Laptop Sleeve offers the ability to put your own custom photo collage on the sides of the sleeve. It's also made with water-resistant materials and has a good amount of protective padding on the inside.

$32 at Zazzle

Snazzy sleeve: Canvaslife Marble Laptop Sleeve

Canvaslife's Marble Laptop Sleeve has good padding and a convenient front pocket, but the real reason you would want to choose this sleeve over others is its appearance. The marble-style design on this sleeve looks very fashionable, so if you want something on the stylish side, this is the sleeve for you.

$15 at Amazon

Sleeve with pouch: Inateck Sleeve/Pouch Combo

The Inateck Sleeve/Pouch Combo offers a lightly padded laptop sleeve with a couple of medium sized pockets, and you also get a small pouch that can fit accessories like mice or chargers.

$15 at Amazon

Budget sleeve: Inateck Laptop Sleeve

The Inateck Laptop Sleeve has one large pocket on the front, but only has basic padding. However, it's a lot less expensive then any sleeve on this list, making it a great budget choice if you don't want to or can't spend much.

$10 at Amazon

If we had to choose

All of these sleeves are great, but the decision of which one you should choose will ultimately come down to what you need. If I had to pick one, I would go with the Razer Blade Armor Case since I value protection above all else and don't have much need for peripheral accessory storage.

If you're looking for something that can be worn over-the-shoulder, the MOSISO Laptop Sleeve will be perfect for you since it comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and a good amount of both protection and storage space. If you want something on the higher-end of things that's also balanced, the Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve is an amazing choice because of its strong protective qualities and two large front pockets that can fit a variety of other accessories inside.

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