Best Laptop Cases for Fashion-Conscious Students in 2022

If you're into fashion and always want to look your best, there's absolutely no reason why you can't make your laptop protector part of that. It's easy to assume all laptop cases and bags are dreary black goliaths that office workers use to carry ancient 17-inch notebooks around, but that's not the case anymore. If you want something with a bit of style, here's what you should get.

Looking good at college

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Whether at college or elsewhere, there's one bag we're always quick to recommend, and that's the Peak Design Everyday Messenger. It's a little pricey, but it truly is a king of bags. Peak Design is one of the best product design companies out there, delivering a product that people actually want. The Everyday Messenger looks fantastic, but above all, it's a great bag, packed with clever dividers to maximize storage, a waterproof exterior, and space for your laptop, phone, tablet, and even a sizeable camera.

While that may be a top bag for everyone, if you're specifically looking for something super stylish for either ladies or gents, then the Kate Spade Tote and the Moshi Urbana briefcase are both excellent choices.

Kate Spade needs little introduction, and this laptop bag just looks like a regular Kate Spade bag. Can't get better than that. For the gents, the Moshi briefcase oozes class, while having enough storage and protection for your laptop and other bits of your everyday carry.

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