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Photo-weather sharing app Ciel gets free Arabian Nights pack to celebrate Nokia World

Find yourself on the Arabian Peninsula? Using the free and awesome photo-weather app Ciel? Then head to that app’s built in store to pick up the free Arabian Nights Pack, which features 14 new templates.

Some of those templates feature Arabic writing, while another has ‘Nokia World’ emblazoned across while most are “neutral”, meaning you can easily use them after Nokia’s big event on Tuesday. The bonus pack, which was launched in addition to the $0.99 Halloween themed one, is a nice nod from the developer for this momentous occasion.

Official Facebook Beta, SysApp Pusher and Ciel bumped to new versions

Three popular Windows Phone apps have been updated. Facebook Beta, Ciel and SysApp Pusher have each been bumped to a new version, but since we're looking at minor updates we'll group all three into a single article. So head on past the break to see what's new.

Ciel for Windows Phone 8 updated with new design and template purchases

Ciel is a fantastic Windows Phone 8 app that lets you tag your images with location and weather information then share them on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram (via Instagraph) and check in with Foursquare.  Templates for weather and location information can be applied to new images or existing photos stored in your Pictures Hub.

Ciel was recently updated to version to address some buggyness the last update created, fixes an Instagram sharing issue, and adds a few improvements to the overall performance, lens integration, and the saving/sharing algorithm.

Windows Phone 8 photography app Ciel updated, adds Lens Integration

Ciel is a Windows Phone 8 photography app that lets you place a template over your pictures that details your location and current weather. It's a nifty way to show off how nice (or miserable) the weather is where ever you may be.  Additionally, Ciel has direct sharing support for Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr to let you share the good (or bad) weather with your friends without having to leave the app.

An update was pushed out this morning for Ciel, lifting it to version 2.7. The most notable change with the update is the addition of Lens integration.

Ciel for Windows Phone 8, add weather and location to your photos

Ciel is a photography app for your Windows Phone 8 device similar to PhotoWeather Pro. It allows you to take a photo and place an overlay that will detail your current location, the current weather.  Additionally there is an assortment of lifestyle tags that you can apply to your photos.

The layout is a little more straight forward and you can choose between a weather/location or location overlay. Ciel lacks the photo editing features of PhotoWeather Pro and there was a stability issue present that really held this app back. Luckily, a recent update included fixes to make Ciel more stable.  

In the end while Ciel lacks photo editing, now that the stability issues have been resolved, it's a nice Windows Phone photography app.