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In 2014, if you are looking to watch television shows or movies, there are a plethora of different apps and services available to fulfill your need of entertainment consumption. We are going to look at what we currently consider the best TV and movie apps available in the Windows Store for Windows 8/RT devices. We will begin by noting that all of these application will work within the United States, but elsewhere your results will vary.

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Geez, we're wondering if Microsoft was ever going to update that 'Windows Mobile 6.5. upgrade' list on their site, specifically the AT&T Samsung Epix (here for the full review, in case you forgot).

Actually, jokes on us as Microsoft hasn't updated that list since March 4th. C'mon guys...seriously?

Anyways, the real news here is that the Samsung Epix has finally received a proper WM6.5 ROM upgrade. So what if AT&T stopped selling the device months ago, all of those current owners will be pleased to get the update. But we do have to shame AT&T and Samsung here a bit: nine months post-WM6.5 is just a wee bit too little, too late, fellas. Start the Samsung super-complicated WM6.5. update here.

[Thanks, badcat160, for the tip & Wireless_Guru for the pic!]

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Looks like the Samsung Epix (see full review), a phone that is now well over a year old, is slated to get its official Windows Mobile 6.5 bump sometime in February, at least according to Microsoft's updated list. (Though all the cool kids have been running it since September)

We suppose one convenient aspect of that list is the ability to keep shifting dates around and we have to admit, we're getting quite far out now from that October Windows Mobile 6.5 announcement.

Still, better late than never, and it sure beats the Ozone/Snap duo, which are still listed as "Date Not Available" -- luckily both of those have custom ROMs too. Guess we know where WM Standard is sitting on the priority list.

[thanks Akshay!]

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It seems like only yesterday that we learned the Samsung Epix was slated for an official update to Windows Mobile 6.5. But if you can't wait, several *ahem* unofficial ROMs are available from XDA Developers, of course.

You can choose from builds 23017 and 23037, but do so at your own risk, of course.

For those of you who like to walk the straight and narrow, we're now expecting the official update (hopefully) sometime next month.

Via Pocketnow

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Here's another bit from the monstrous, ongoing AT&T leak. This time it's the Samsung Pivot, a 2.6-inch touchscreen phone with quad-band EDGE and tri-band 3G. WiFi b/g is included, along with Bluetooth 2.1, a 1700mAh battery, AGPS and 3MP camera.

While we'll buy the 4 gigabytes of storage memory, 2GB of RAM seems a little suspect. We've been seeing plenty of discrepancies in these slides, so take everything with a grain of salt.

We're inclined to agree with Engadget, which opines that the Pivot could be in line to replace the Samsung Epix (never mind the "successor of Blackjack series" line).

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OK, you patient Samsung Epix owners. Here you go. After suffering through forced slog dumps and the radio problems that came with a supposed hotfix, AT&T has released an honest to goodness ROM upgrade that actually tackles several issues.

  • "Slog Dump" Fix: On certain circumstances, the handset may report a “Slog Dump” error message. This software provides an update to the network layer which prevents the problem from occurring.
  • Missed Email Audio Notifications: A previously released cab file for notifications is included in ID1. This enables the EPIX to provide audible notifications alerts for your emails when the device enters an unattended power saving mode.
  • Outlook Notes SSP Support: The update contains the ability to synchronize the popular Notes feature available within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Ascending Ringtone: Ringtone behavior design was set to ascending/escalating volume during inbound call regardless of setting specified. With this update, the handset will act in accordance to the volume settings selected

So back up all of your important data (this is a ROM upgrade after all, which means hard reset and a virgin device), head on over to the download site, and read the instructions. Then read them again. And read them one more time, just in case you missed the part where it said to take out the SIM card or downloaded the XP updater instead of Vista. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Then get to flashing.

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AT&T Samsung Epix unboxing

Remember the Blackjack III/Mirage/Samsung i788/AT&T Epix? The Boy Genius has gone and gotten his hands on one.

His first thought? This thing is fat. Not phat, not pfat, FAT. "Probably the thickest phone in their lineup," he says.

What else do we get?

  • An actual model name. i907, which a launch sheet originally leaked to BGR called the Mirage and said was is to be released Oct. 23. (Will it and the AT&T Fuze make it on time?)
  • Windows 6.1 Professional with haptic feedback.
  • That optical mouse Dieter cough loves so much.
  • GSM bands of 850, 1900 and 2100Mhz represented.
  • GPS.

BGR says the screen leaves much to be desired. Head on over, check out his gallery, and see for yourself. Well played, sir.

Edit: Fixed Fuze release date to Oct. 23 sted Oct. 2. What? You were squinting, too.

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Epix 'Slog Dump' to get another fix

Good news for those of you dealing with the "slog dump" error on the Samsung Epix (and good news for those of us looking for another reason to type "slog dump): Another fix is on the way. We say "another" because, well, the first fix didn't do so hot.

Sammy help-site CareAce.net has the deets on the new update:

Outrage is a choice word for the effects of the FOTA update provided by AT&T that we’d initially addressed. While the intentions were genuinely helpful, the patch did cost more problems for some users. The most apparent behavior includes the device freezes randomly when trying to dial. It is however notable that the problem (both SLOG DUMP and the effects after patch) does not apply to all Samsung Epix users.

AT&T has planned to release a revised patch in about two weeks, so if you’re experiencing frustration with the problem, help is under way.

So hang in there, Epix fans (henceforth referred to as Survivors of the Slog). Another fix is on the way. It might even work.


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Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease, and that appears to be the case for some Samsung Epix owners. AT&T recently made available a hotfix (you have to call to get it, and then it's pushed to your phone) that fixes the "Slog Dump" problem, which looks like this. That's all fine and good, but apparently people are having major issues with the radio after applying the hotfix.

What about you folks out there in TV Land? Having the same problems?

Via the Boy Genius Report

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Review: Samsung OEM Leather Top Pouch

Sometimes it seems like the search for the perfect case for my phone never ends. In some ways that is true, partially because of the variety involved in life. In some situations I want one type of case, and in other situations a different form factor may serve me better.

Typically cases fall into one of two categories; either designed for one specific device, or designed to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes. Samsung’s OEM Leather Top Pouch is somewhere in the middle. This case is designed for Samsungs stable of front facing Qwerty keyboard phones. These include some of the more popular Windows Mobile devices around in the Blackjack, Blackjack II and the Epix. Priced at a relatively competitive $17.95, it’s worth a look for anyone who has one of these quality devices permanently affixed to their person.

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Notification Fix for Epix Pops up

Got an Epix? Noticed that when the sucker is in standby/powersave mode, no matter what you do in the notifications settings, emails just won't make noise? It's not your fault. No no no, it's not your fault. It's not your fault.

Now that you've let that angst out, go on and grab the pdf explaining how to download the hotfix. Or really, just grab the cab file from here (hint: click the 'etc' link at the very bottom of the software tab). This direct cab link, but don't forget that since it's a cab and not a ROM patch, you're going to need to reinstall after a hard reset.

via pocketnow

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And now, the Samsung Epix user Manual

Speaking of the AT&T Samsung Epix, we now bring you the manual of the i907, courtesy of CellPhone Signal. The additional details, some of which are pretty standard, plus one biggie at the end:

  • 320x320 touchscreen.
  • 2MP camera. (See more below.)
  • WiFi.
  • GPS.
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Customized themes.
  • AT&T Navigator.
  • It does have a stylus.
  • Silent mode: "Press and hold to place your device in silent mode. (About time someone other than Palm has hopped onto that train.)
  • No dedicated audio jack. (Boo.)
  • Beaucoup choices for text entry. You have the physical qwerty keyboard, an on-screen keyboard, or gesture-based text entry which "allows you to enter characters using single strokes."
  • While the camera may only be 2MP, you've got a number of options. Single shot, multishot, mosaic, night shot and panorama. Resolution up to 1600x1200. A 10-second time. White balance. Sepia/green/aqua/negative effects. Video sharing.
  • And the coup de grace: Ms. Pac-Man. Say no more.

Marco, you're the man.

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And awaaay we go: go check out the Samsung Epix at AT&T site now. You're looking at an ideal price of $99 after various rebates (mail-in or no) and a Treo Pro-cringing price of $449 without contract. Specs are exactly as we told you last night.

One notable thing here: the Epix pretty clearly isn't identical to the non-US Samsung i780. For one thing, it's the same thickness throughout the entire device instead of having a hump up at the top and a thinner area below. For another, its gagetry title is the i907, not the i788 as we'd previously suspected. It also apparently has haptic feedback, but we're going to go out on a limb and suggest that it's the standard type of haptics we've seen on Windows Mobile, which is to say it will be pretty lame and you'll want to turn it off.

Three posts in a row on the Epix -- crazy, no? If that tires you out, you'll be happy to know that our brand new baby-sister site Android Central has a G1 unboxing and quick comparison to a few Windows Mobile phones to stem the Epix flood.

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One of the Euro-only devices that always seemed nice to us was the Samsung i620 -- basically take a BlackJack but turn it into a vertical slider. We've read a couple downer reviews of the i620, but nothing that couldn't have been fixed on its way to the US were Samsung to deign to give it to us.

Well, Samsung and AT&T have bought the form factor to the US in the as the Samsung Propel, but they stripped out Windows Mobile and replaced it with a standard feature-phone OS.

Bummer, that -- it's a form factor we've actually been pining for a bit here at WMExperts. We're hoping it's not a sign of things to come -- at least we're comfortable knowing that Samsung isn't going to remove any power from the Epix.

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Prices set for the AT&T Epix and Fuze?

Engadget Mobile is reporting that it looks like AT&T has set the prices of the Samsung Epix at $199.99 after rebates and the Fuze at $299.99. Still no hard dates on when these two phones are due to hit the shelves.

Not much more to say, folks, except that now you know how much you're going to need to save if you're planning on re-upping a contract with AT&T for either one of these.

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