Epix streaming app lands on the Xbox One

With the Epix app, users can stream thousands of movies from major studios such as Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM, in addition to a ton of other content. To use the service, you have to have a current TV subscription that includes the service either as part of a bundle or a la carte.

To celebrate its launch on the Xbox One, Epix is currently running an offer for a 14-day free trial of the service for those who download the app to their console. The free trial offer runs through March 31, and you can sign up here to get started.

While it's obviously not a solution for cord cutters, Epix does provide a nice selection of streaming content for those who are still holding onto their cable or satellite subscription. If you'd like to check the app out in between Rosetta Stone lessons, you should be able to snag it on your Xbox One now.

Source: Epix

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Dang.. How many apps does XB have now❓❓❓
  • Like 60
  • Guess a few more are coming.
  • A lot more are coming now that the Xbox One SDK has been released! Exciting times.
  • Instagram.... Lol.
  • Taking selfies with the Kinect lmao
  • Probably good for group selfies...
    Prolly get Snapchat... SMDH.
  • Hopefully thats the reason why Rudy wants to develop for Xbox #6tag on Xbox please Rudy!
  • Is 6tag on Windows❔
  • Not yet, but it will be! http://www.windowscentral.com/6tag-50-instagram-is-a-universal-windows-app
  • More like over a 160, and not to mention the apps you can't get because it's for other countries and not the US.
  • Killin the PS4 in that category... If the XB is running W10 how can the PS4 compete❓
    That's like a Surface pro 3 up against a Sony Android tablet... Literally
  • Seems like Xbox is getting a little more developers attention than Windows phone.
  • Which makes sense really. Wouldn't you rather cater to people who spend at least $400 on a machine compared to a $70 phone?
  • Okay I got your point now and came to only one conclusion, enough shitting around with budget bongos we need a 700USD Windows phone now to get more developers on board.
  • Lol such an idiot
  • That's very rude of you. Thanks
  • You must be quite special for what you just said to make sense to you.
  • Has a lot to do with market share....
    I think I see a pattern here.. :|
  • So, then the Universal app thing holds promise.
  • It all ties together one way, or another.... It definitely can't hurt.
  • Nice. I like Epix, good stuff. Their Windows app is nice too.
  • Yupz, thats true ;)
  • You don't like their WP app, Daniel❓
  • Do you need cable to use the trial? Or is it just a trial for anyone and everyone?
  • I couldn't find the app in the store.
  • I think there are far more Windows phone users out there.
  • What❓
  • Sorry, posted it by mistake
  • Hummmmm.
  • I have a sling tv subscription. Will it work?
  • You can add Epix on sling for $5.
  • That's what I did. I mean all the extra packages are free to try during the thirty day trial. So far I'm liking Sling TV.
  • If you get Epix through Sling TV do you get access to the app?
  • Curious of this myself
  • Needs cable/satellite? Pass. Cable blunders are soon to be eradicated. Hail to monthly streaming for cheap! :D
  • Man I hope Xbox one apps become windows 10 mobile apps as well desktop apps
  • It doesn't really work that way. You can't just run an Xbox app on WP, but presumably, a developer could rewrite the app and put more code in the shared code base, thus making it easier to port the app to Windows phone.
  • I used to use Epix on my Roku when it was a subscription based service. Can you no longer sign up for a monthly fee? Do you have to have cable now?
  • This is truly Epic......... Lol Love the movies they have. Posted from my HTC M8
  • I'm still boggled by the lack of iheart.