Rosetta Stone brings language learning to the Xbox One

Available with English and Spanish options, the app will allow players to explore different virtual locations where they can practice speaking with characters in their chosen language and play various games. From Rosetta Stone:

"You'll explore several locations in the Discovery Zone and chat with the characters you find there. In the Training Zone, you'll solidify the concepts you encountered with study recommendations, cultural tips, phrase books, and of course, more games! Keep track of your achievements, and keep practicing until you get a perfect score. With Rosetta Stone's proven technology-based immersion method in a video-game interface, who knew language learning could be so fun?"

Overall, this looks like a fun way to take on the challenge of learning a new language by bringing the fun of gaming to an often difficult process. If you'd like to check it out. As of this writing, it doesn't look like the Xbox app page has been updated with the listing, but you should be able to grab the app and check it out from the dashboard on your Xbox One.

What do you guys think? Do you plan on brushing up on a little Spanish on your Xbox One?

Source: Rosetta Stone (opens in new tab)

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  • Oh my god great news
  • Their software doesn't have Thai
  • The blurb from Rosetta Stone makes me cringe
  • It's like the old hooked-on-phonics commercials!
  • If they brought it to Windows tablets and phones that would be even better.
  • THIS! I'm sick of using my Nexus 9 for this...
  • Can't you use the software on a Windows tablet already? I've never used the software so I don't know, but if it's an application on windows it should work on a Windows tablet. As for WP, we just got Duolingo not too long ago, if that gathers some popularity I could see Rosetta stone doing something.
  • I have the software loaded from disc on my Surface Pro 3
  • I figured it would work. It'd still be cool for it to be on WP.
  • I will use this! I need to communicate a little better with my spanish co-workers. Plus the laadies!
  • Then you should also learn HTML (How To Meet Ladies)
  • That was nerd lol
  • hahaha..that was nerd. But I will also steal
  • Same :-/
  • LOL
  • I've never heard that one before. LOL
  • Lol....good one
  • *applauds*
  • Or how to speak Woman.
  • Awesome
  • Japanese please!
  • I second this idea!!
  • Hai!!
  • Yea please!
  • 漢字仮名交じり文
  • Ye boi
  • They do need to make windows apps... But they technically they just did!
  • Lol communicate better with ladies
  • It makes me feel great when a project or a product is named after something Egyptian...
  • Is it free?
  • Yes
  • Really? Well. That takes it from a "check it out" to a "download when you get home" kind of situation.
  • Windows Phone 10
  • What about it ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's the only way I see these apps coming to mobile.
  • This is awesome... I might try it out
  • Free?
  • Wen in Uzbekistan?
  • This is pretty cool news. Seeing as how I have an interest in Rosetta Stone and the Spanish language AND I'm on my Xbox One everyday, this is awesome! It's crazy to see the difference MS has when it comes to apps on the Xbox and then their phones/OS. Developers are dropping new Xbox apps every week and on the other side, their dropping app support every week. Here's to hoping that Win10 aligns the enthusiasm for Xbox with the rest of their offerings.
  • I think its hilarious but in a good way. I can see myself using this. Its one of those "you never know if its going to work unless you try it" someone had to jump in the water 1st and im glad it was RS
  • I'm amazed about this. I haven't studied Spanish in a long time! This will get me back into it!
  • Nice!
  • I want Duolingo on XBox
  • Rosetta stone is a scam. I work in linguistics and the number of people who can actually learn using Rosetta Stone is very small. The problem is motivation more than anything. Don't waste your money. Give me 20 dollars and I'll email you a few phrases each month in your target language. 
  • Well this now doesnt sound like scam at all. Do you also have an auntie that makes 6514$ a month from home?
  • I agree with you. I tried rosetta stone, and I didnt learn much.  I just started duolingo, it seems much bettter and is also free. Works both as an app and just trough the browser. Whats yur opinion on duolingo?
  • I purchased almost $300 worth kit of French language....still they needed additional money for Android app... I feel like I got ripped off!!!!;(
  • I hope they bring it to phones and add Japanese, since that's the one I own.
  • I downloaded it and I didn't know you can only learn one new language. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Super glitchy and laggy. Also it asks about your voice type yet I can't find anywhere that you say things out loud...
  • Please add Korean support! I know some Japanese but I'd rather learn Korean and Russian.
  • For now there's only english and spanish? Too bad...
  • Awww, no French? Lame. This is a great idea, but it really needs more interesting languages :).
  • Russian would be my preference right now....
  • This is what i have been waiting for, i work for Publishers who seem to only make langauge apps for Apple and Androind, i have just passed this to our digital department.
  • Rosetta stone was programmed with Adobe AIR, that's the way they ported it to android. I hope adobe releases proper AIR support for the modern windows and for windows phone soon, that would be great :-)
  • No achievements, no buy.
  • Will it be a universal app?
  • This is dope. I'm definitely going to take this opportunity to become multi lingual.
  • can a brother get some Klingon?
  • Bring on the windows phone and tablet. ASAP
  • German please!  In fact I already bought the CDs for German, can I get the app. to work with another language besides Spanish? Why would you teather the app. to that??