And now, the Samsung Epix user Manual

Speaking of the AT&T Samsung Epix, we now bring you the manual of the i907, courtesy of CellPhone Signal. The additional details, some of which are pretty standard, plus one biggie at the end:

  • 2MP camera. (See more below.)
  • WiFi.
  • GPS.
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Customized themes.
  • AT&T Navigator.
  • It does have a stylus.
  • Silent mode: "Press and hold to place your device in silent mode. (About time someone other than Palm has hopped onto that train.)
  • No dedicated audio jack. (Boo.)
  • Beaucoup choices for text entry. You have the physical qwerty keyboard, an on-screen keyboard, or gesture-based text entry which "allows you to enter characters using single strokes."
  • While the camera may only be 2MP, you've got a number of options. Single shot, multishot, mosaic, night shot and panorama. Resolution up to 1600x1200. A 10-second time. White balance. Sepia/green/aqua/negative effects. Video sharing.
  • And the coup de grace: Ms. Pac-Man. Say no more.

Marco, you're the man.

WC Staff