Samsung Epix Available for for Purchase - $99 with Contract

And awaaay we go: go check out the Samsung Epix at AT&T site now (opens in new tab). You're looking at an ideal price of $99 after various rebates (mail-in or no) and a Treo Pro-cringing price of $449 without contract. Specs are exactly as we told you last night.

One notable thing here: the Epix pretty clearly isn't identical to the non-US Samsung i780. For one thing, it's the same thickness throughout the entire device instead of having a hump up at the top and a thinner area below. For another, its gagetry title is the i907, not the i788 as we'd previously suspected. It also apparently has haptic feedback, but we're going to go out on a limb and suggest that it's the standard type of haptics we've seen on Windows Mobile, which is to say it will be pretty lame and you'll want to turn it off.

Three posts in a row on the Epix -- crazy, no? If that tires you out, you'll be happy to know that our brand new baby-sister site Android Central has a G1 unboxing and quick comparison to a few Windows Mobile phones to stem the Epix flood.

WC Staff
  • Wow, that's crazy cheaper than I expected. Are you guys doing a review? I am holding off until I read some in-depth reviews, but this is definitely on my shortlist.
  • Wow,,,,, 624 MHz processor I wonder if that is a noticeable speed difference over all the 400 HHz processors I've used in the last 3 years. Also I wonder if the GPS will be locked down or do you think I could just load WLS and go.
    The bad think about this would probable be the lack of good hacks. For HTC devices we have XDA and for treos we know where to go but what about hacks for this device. If the GPS was locked down it would be hard to find developers out on forums working on solutions.
  • James... I'll add the GPS performance to my growing list of things to test today.
  • FYI - I noticed that on the ATT Premeir site and the regular site that the price is posting as $199 after any applied rebates.
    I too am definitely interested in this phone. Can't wait to read some reviews on it.
  • I played with the epix for a bit. Its thicker and not as nice looking as the treo pro. They keyboard is a pleasure to type on. I repeat the epix keyboard is 100 times better than the treos. I found the optical to be ,,,,,, well,,,,,,, retarded. So no epix for me.