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google reader

If you like Feedly, there’s a great third-party app for Windows Phone called Phonly. It has just received an update today. One notable new feature in version is the option that lets you download full articles without opening Internet Explorer or mobilizer. This could be great if you read a lot of feeds that only provide excerpts in RSS readers.

There’s more. Head past the break for the change log.

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Nowadays news moves fast, and to keep up with it you need the right software. I'm here to tell you that Nextgen Reader by Next Matters for Windows 8 is the best tool for the job. With an elegant Microsoft modern design, array of customizable features, and support for a variety of external applications – it hits all the sweet spots. Get the full review after the break.

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Good news for those who use Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The team has announced on the official blog that their apps will support Feedly. This is the next major chapter in the Closure of Google Reader book. With the search giant shutting down its popular RSS service, apps that connect and synchronise are having to locate other services to remain operational.

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There are always providers looking to capitalise on a single party's choice on withdrawing a popular service. It's known across the Internet that the search giant is closing down Google Reader, the company's RSS service later this year. Competing services have taken this as a golden chance to expand business and attract those who will be surely looking for an alternative and migrate away from Google. Cue Feedly.

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If you're slightly confused by the title, fear not as that's describing the rather odd situation RSS fans have found themselves in. Google has announced that its popular (actually, industry leading) Reader service will be closing soon. It comes as no surprise that many Windows Phone consumers have wondered what will happen to Google Reader (and general RSS) apps that are already available on the store.

It's emerging that developers are working on ways to keep services live and to provide updates to such apps to better serve consumers. This is a win-win situation, folks.

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NewsSpot for Windows Phone 8 now available

NewsSpot is a Google Reader for your Windows Phone and we were able to get a sneak peak of the Windows Phone 8 version of the news reader. We were pleased with what we saw with NewsSpot and found it to be a capable reader.  The Windows Phone 8 version has cleared certification and is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

For those not familiar with NewsSpot, it has a two-way synchronization for unread and starred articles that only synchronizes what needs to be delivered from your Google Reader account to your Windows Phone. Add article sharing with a ton of sources (Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, etc.), a nice search engine, offline content and NewsSpot isn't a shabby Google Reader.

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We took a look at NewsSpot back in October when it was last updated, things have now progressed to the point where the app has now reached the lofty heights of version 3.0. With the latest version comes the all-important support for Windows Phone 8.

NewsSpot is a Google Reader client and works hard to help you sort through all that is good and all that needs to be ignored in your quest for relevant content. The app has plenty of Windows Phone 8 specific features in tow, we take a quick look and invite you along for the ride.

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Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 now available in the Microsoft Store

Windows Phone always leant itself to reading and apps designed around reading due to its foundation being built on those Metro design principles for typography and layout.

Nextgen Reader has been a popular favourite with us at wpcentral and with readers alike. We just had a note today from the developers to say they have rescued Windows 8 users by launching their app in the store.

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Reading news and articles on the go is a huge benefit to having a Windows Phone. These days there are a bewildering array of website specific apps, RSS readers, read it later clients and even tailored magazine apps to help sift through and read it all.

When mobile, being able to quickly check and access posts, articles and features from all your favourite websites can be tricky. One of the popular ways to pull all this content into one stream is by using the Google Reader service. NewsSpot is a slick Google Reader client for our Windows Phone that is due to receive an update towards the end of September that will bring some nice new features to the app. We had a chance to check out the latest beta of this popular client.

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For those of you who have Nextgen Reader (quite a few of you won a free license recently), you should be getting your version 2.5 update right about now. If not, you'll want to go check as it has some swanky new features on board, including a new "Featured" area which will be updated daily.

That "Featured" function is part of the new "Manage sources" area which allows you to quickly discover RSS feeds based on topic. So instead of just importing your Google Reader feeds or randomly searching for key terms, the app itself will suggest feeds based on various subjects, including Windows Phone, Microsoft, food, gaming, politics and more. It's really quite smart as it gets you easily started on using Google Reader right from your device by adding new feeds on the go. Other notable updates in v2.5 include:

  • New: Search articles inside all items, read items or starred items.
  • Around 20-30% faster sync.
  • Beautiful reading experience powered by Readability based on app theme.
  • Send multiple articles to read it later service.
  • Share multiple articles via mail.
  • Disabled https by default for downloading articles.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.

As usual, it's a fairly significant update which brings a lot to the table and is the perfect app for you news junkies out there. Plus it's Metro UI to the extreme--no chrome here. Pick up Nextgen Reader here in the Marketplace for $2.49 or give the free trial a whirl to see what all the hoopla is about (it has 4.5 starts out of 600+ reviews, so it has to be good).

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Sorry folks, the contest is now closed!

Here at WPCentral, we're pretty big fans of Nextgen Reader which is billed as "the fastest Google Reader client around" (we tend to agree). That's why we're excited to team up with the developer, NextGsoft, to give it away to all of you for $0 for the next 36 hours.

That's right, normally this highly rated app fetches for a $1.99, but for the next day and a half you can get it for nothing at all. The app hit v2.0 back in September with Mango support (see our video review) and since then it has received numerous updates, including version 2.4 which just went live in the Marketplace today. That version brings a bunch of new features and fixes to the table:

  • Live tiles now support images.
  • New manage sources hub with search, add, rename and delete feeds/folder.
  • Improved scrolling in article view.
  • Pin tiles easily to start screen from manage sources hub.
  • Added change password/account option.
  • Improved sharing page.
  • Bug fix: save post title in read it later.
  • Bug fix: support for Japanese font.
  • Bug fix: better support for multiple YouTube videos in article.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

So how do you get the app for not a single penny? You just have to do the following steps to get an unlock code:

  1. reTweet this story and/or follow Nextgen Reader on Twitter (or both!)
  2. OR do the "Like" thing on Facebook
  3. THEN Fill out this form for your registration key and you're good to go (the key will be emailed to you within the week which will unlock the Trial)

From WPCentral and NextGsoft, enjoy your free Google RSS client! Grab the trial of Nextgen Reader version 2.4 here in the Marketplace and read more at the Nextgen Reader site for details on the update.

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For those of you who use Google Reader on-the-go, you probably know about NextGen Reader. If not, you'll want to definitely check out new version 2.2 which has a nice package of new features, including a very impressive improvement in data delivery (always a huge addition to any update).

If you recall, version 2.x went Mango, giving some Live Tiles and custom feeds for your Start screen. Now in v2.2 the developer has gone even further:

  • Fixed live tile issues.
  • Faster sync. (changes synced immediately)
  • Huge bandwidth savings. (up to 6-10x times)
  • Google Reader service does not supports like and share in reader feature anymore.
  • Option to sort articles by oldest first.
  • Mark above as read. (tap and hold on 51st item to mark above 50 items as read)
  • Hap-tic feedback. (vibrate when download completes, or star icon tapped)
  • Display name of the folder when inside a category instead of "All Items".
  • Support for awesome readability mobilizer.
  • Lock orientation option now works in mobilizer page as well.
  • Live tile doesn't display '999' if you've more than 1000 unread items.
  • several bug fixes and improvements.

If you haven't seen our earlier hands on with v2, check out the video after the break. We're big fans of a dedicated, Metro-inspired Google Reader app and this fits the bill perfectly. You can pick up NextGen Reader here for $1.99 in the Marketplace and yes, there's an ad-free trial too.

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Early look: NextGen Reader 2.0 for Windows Phone Mango

Fans of NextGen Reader will be excited to know that the developer has completed v2.0 of the app, which will see it become Mango-fied, adding all sorts of neat new features sure to make this app even better. For those unfamiliar, NextGen is billed as one of "the fastest Google Reader clients" for Windows Phone. Indeed, due to its minimalist Metro design it's not only fast but is packed full of features.

We were able to play around with an early release of the app and have come away quite impressed. In addition to the Mango v2.0 update, there will be one more for NoDo users (v1.17) and he's already started on v2.1 for Mango. Check out the video above for our quick hands on and look for the final release to hit the Marketplace soon (we'll announce it). As to all the new Mango features in v2.x, here you go:

  • Support for Live Tiles.
  • Pin your favorite feeds or folder to your home screen.
  • Displays unread count and latest article on the back side.
  • New settings page with metro design.
  • Share status using phone or app accounts.
  • add your second twitter account in app.
  • Support for multitasking or fast application switching.
  • System tray is now visible at top.
  • Context menu's are back - just tap and hold.
  • New "system default" theme option.
  • New icons for read or unread button in article view.
  • Many more enhancements and over 15 bug fixes

For those who want to try v1.16 now for NoDo, grab it here in the Marketplace.

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gReadie goes Mango

gReadie is a Google Reader client for your Windows Phone.  It's been recently updated and takes advantage of all the goodness Mango brings to the table.

For those not familiar with gReadie (pronounced greedy) the apps key features include:

  • Full sync with your Google Reader account
  • Full offline support to both read posts and perform actions on them (mark read, star, save
  • Live Tile with unread count and latest post title
  • Pin any feed or folder to your home screen, with it's own Live Tile
  • Download posts in the background when the phone is charging and on wifi to save your mobile bandwidth
  • Save posts to Read It Later, Instapaper or Pinboard with a single tap
  • Share posts with your linked social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Windows Live) as well as via Email or SMS with shortening
  • Grey on black "Low Contrast" mode and adjustable font size for easy reading
  • Full SSL encryption and oAuth login, supporting two-stop authentication without providing us your email address or password
  • Manage your subscriptions and folders from within gReadie, even when offline.

For those already running gReadie on a Nodo device, you're gonna have to wait (hopefully not for too long) because you'll need Mango to run the updated version.  For those already running Mango, gReadie does have a trial version and the full version runs $1.49. You can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

source: quidsmobile  Thanks Chris!

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Google Apps and Services on WP7 [How To]

A good number of us are tied within the realm of Google, mainly for documents and emailing, but how can one explore the goodness of Windows Phone 7 when there is such a strong connection with the search engine giant (which makes Android a more feasible choice)?

Justin Willhite, of UK LifeHacker, has published a killer of an article that should help any avid Google fanboy (or post-Android owner) with the conversion process. It should be noted that the solutions provided by Justin (apart from native mail support, of course) do not support push-notification and must be updated/refreshed manually. So, how's it all done?

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Google Reader now on Kinoma Play

Couple of cool updates for Kinoma Play this week. First up is the addition of Google Reader. (For the uninitiated, Google Reader is an RSS reader. For the un-uninitiated, see Malatesta's oldie but goodie piece on the importance of RSS.)

For all intents and purposes, what Kinoma is giving us here is access to feeds already in Google Reader. And that's nice because there's little I hate more than having to reload (or export) feeds from one place to another. Just sign in, and everything shows up. Kinoma says its GR app is in beta, so be forewarned.

Also added is Yelp (a location-based local business search) and Flights, as the name suggests, tracks flights.

More info over at the Kinoma blog. To get the new apps, first get the latest update of Kinoma Play, then choose "Get apps" from the home screen.

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