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GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation is one of the more popular navigation apps available for our Windows Phone. While GPS Voice Navigation has its popularity, as we see with other navigation apps, battery consumption can be an issue. It is easy to see these apps suck the life out of a battery making a car charger a necessity when using Windows Phone navigation apps.

An update was recently pushed out for GPS Voice Navigation that hopes to noticeable improve battery performance. The version 7.0 update adds Eco and Background modes that are designed to save up to fifty-percent of your Windows Phone battery life.

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The past few months have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the Windows Phone navigation app GPS Voice Navigation.

Last month the app was recognized as the Best International App at the Mobile Excellence Awards. Then the app was pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to a dispute with Nokia Maps. And now, the app has been re-released with a few features missing and a few new ones added to the mix.

While we don't know the particulars of the issues that caused the app being de-listed, it's nice to see the developer being able to work around the restrictions and re-release a rather capable Windows Phone navigation app.

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Windows Phone 8 users received an awesome new Xbox release this week: Order & Chaos Online, officially ending the recent release drought. But Windows Phone 7 gamers still need stuff to play, and some people just want games on the cheap. Namco Bandai and Firemint’s Flight Control will have to do, as it makes its second appearance as the Xbox Red Stripe Deal this week. Not the most exciting game, but the sale price of a dollar is fair!

In non-Xbox Red Stripe Deal territory, Sketch Taxi is a fun old school game on sale for a dollar as well. The GPS Voice Navigation app rings up at $3.49. Details and store links after the break.

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GPS Voice Navigation is a turn-by-turn navigation app for your Windows Phone and it recently received a hefty update. The version 5.1 update for Windows Phone 7.x devices gets a map autozoom and search in contacts feature along with a few bug fixes.

The version 6 update for Windows Phone 8 devices also adds the map autozoom and search in contacts features but also adds 2D/3D map modes, full voice directions, night mode and offline maps through Nokia Maps.

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GPS Voice Navigation is a feature rich navigation app for your Windows Phone. The app was recently updated to version 4.1 to bring a few obligatory performance tweaks and Speed Cameras integration.

Speed Cameras is a stand alone app from the developer that alerts you whenever you approach a speed trap, radar or speed camera. With GPS Voice Navigation, Speed Cameras is now an optional map layer to mark and alert you of the traffic monitors.

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GPS Voice Navigation updated, major style redesign

The Windows Phone navigation app GPS Voice Navigation was recently updated to version 4.0. The update brings a handful of new features and improvements that range from a new Windows 8 style redesign to additional language support.

The style design gives GPS Voice Navigation a cleaner, more user friendly feel to it with menu pages that include a Quickstart Page, your favorite locations, recent destinations, a contacts page, and a point of interest page.

The QuickStart Page has options to view the map, find a destination, access the settings and shortcut commands to create a route home (set in the map view), show your trip information and clear your trip.

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WPCentral's Roundup of Navigation Apps

One of the many ways your Windows Phone can be useful is to help us find our way. Whether it's finding the local pizza joint or finding you way to your vacation spot, there are plenty of navigational apps available at the Windows Phone Store. These apps are more than capable of being your co-pilot as you make your rounds on the highways and motorways.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone owners have the benefit of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive to help get them around but what about apps for other Windows Phones? We have pulled the top five paid navigation apps from the Windows Phone Store for this week's roundup.

Each of these apps have trial versions that will let you try things out before buying and they cover a wide range of pricing. Should you're favorite navigation app fall outside the top five, feel free to share your choice in the comments below.

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Voice navigation has landed on your Windows Phone by way of apps such as GPS Voice Navigation, Silver Navigator, aSpass and Turn by Turn Navigation. These navigation apps bring the spoken word to your travel directions, But which is better?  Prices range from $2.99 to $6.99 but which are worth the price of admission and which aren't?

We decided to do a head to head comparison of the various voice navigation apps available for your Windows Phone.  First up, we take a look at GPS Voice Navigation and Turn by Turn Navigation.  They are the heavy weights of the group (both in price and features) and we'll turn our sights on Silver Navigator and aSpass next.

We recently took both GPS Voice and Turn by Turn out for a road trip to see how well both performed. Did GPS Voice Navigation out perform Turn by Turn or did it land us in the middle of nowhere? Did Turn by Turn steer us into a cow pasture or did was it the shiny coin between the two?

You know the drill. To find out how these two navigation apps shook out, navigate your way past the break.

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GPS Voice Navigation scheduled for major update

GPS Voice Navigation, one of the few voice navigation apps for your Windows Phone, is slated for a hefty update. Developers tell us that they have submitted v2 to Microsoft for certification. If all goes well, the updated version should be available in a few days and will improve upon or add to GPS Voice Navigation in the following manner.

  • Added multilanguage support for both UI and routing for all currently supported WP languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, SP)
  • Significantly improved voice guidance behavior on the road including small features such as roundabout support, composite directions such as Turn left then turn right, timing, etc
  • Improved numerous layout features including better landscape view, smoother animations, more stable behavior of the map
  • Improved searching and favorite destinations functionality
  • Significantly improved map loading performance
  • Addressed a common issue with not being able to find a route in situations when the GPS is not ready yet, or there is an internet connection issue
  • Improved overall stability of the app.

The developer shares that many of the tweaks and improvements are based on user reviews and responding to user feedback. We have been working on a voice navigation round up with GPS Voice Navigation, Turn by Turn Navigation and aSPass. In using v1 of GPS Voice Navigation, we found it to be a very good voice navigation app but with a few glitches. Glitches that should be addressed with v2 and we'll update the round-up before it goes to print.

There is a free trial available for GPS Voice Navigation with the full version of the app costing $6.99. You can find v1 here (opens Zune) and hopefully in the next few days the link will take you to v2.

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