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Little over two weeks since it was released, the custom Windows Phone "Tango" (build 8773) ROM for the Samsung Omnia 7 has been bumped to version 3.1. The Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh contains a number of minor changes (most notably lower RAM requirements), including MMS improvements and an SMS bug fix.

The changelog for the v.3.1 custom ROM is as follows:

  • Image update now working
  • Custom apps updated
  • CSC file cleaned
  • Removed HTC drivers
  • Fixed known glitches & carried out optimisation
  • Pagepool set back to 3/1 mb

Be sure to head on over to the XDA thread to download the custom Windows Phone "Tango" (build 8773) ROM for the Samsung Omnia 7.

Source: XDA, via: Plaffo

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Just a few weeks before it officially hits, Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh aka "Tango" (build 8773) has managed to be dumped onto XDA for the world to see (and use). Wasting no time, some chefs have already cooked up some custom ROMs for the HD2 (which will evidently live until the year 2031 with updates) and the Samsung Omnia7.

More ROMs will be expected to follow soon for first generation devices, notably HTC ones and the Samsung Focus. Since there are no custom ROMs for Gen 2 devices (due to a locked bootloader), we're not expecting this Tango ROM to help too much though perhaps some folks at XDA will find a way.

Tango is thought to a "refresh" of Windows Phone 7.5 with only minor, under the hood changes including support for lower-spec'd devices (256MB of RAM) as well as some MMS improvements and a fix for the SMS bug. Like all previous updates, this is expected to trickle out for current phones but only at the discretion of the carrier.

Source: HD2, Omnia 7; via XDA

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For those of you still running an HTC HD2 aka the device the runs everything, you'll be pleased to know you can now load Windows Phone Mango 7720 onto that bad boy, making it a true, honest to Ballmer Windows Phone (it makes your SD card act as a single partition).

We're not gonna lie, the number of steps, folder moves, flashing and technique here is no small feat. You'll want to take your time, print out those directions and cross your fingers you don't miss anything. The features of this ROM are...

  • Ability to Install Mango 7720 Build.
  • Ability to Install Developers Update Cab.
  • Updatable via zune (for build after 7720 wait confirmation before apply)
  • Root, chevron and unlock features already in and reaplied after an update

The ROM was finished by XDA members xboxmod and YukiXDA, so it should be a pretty solid release. Still wanna try it? Head right here to XDA and give it a go! Thanks, JonnieLasVegas & Wideawake, for the tip!

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Mango with Marketplace on HD2

Let's face it, the HTC HD2 is pretty amazing.  And the minds over at XDA are equally amazing.  Together this dynamic combination has turned a Windows phone into a dual-booting Win/Android wonder and a Mango-toting machine.  However, early iterrations of latter inovation had one big problem: Windows Live services did not work when Mango was ported over to the HD2.

Well, fear not.  The members over at XDA have done it again, working out the bugs to provide the masses with a Mango ROM for the HD2, complete with a working Marketplace.  If you are feeling adventurous, click the link below to get it.  Remember, we just bring you the news, we are not responsible for fried devices or Steve Ballmer showing up at your house with gym sock full of quarters.

Update: In an interview with All Things D, Microsoft's Bill Cox says the following about hacking the HD2: “We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice...But beware the fine print — unlocking phones may void your warranty.” Nice to see Microsoft taking a more laid-back approach to the XDA devs.

Source: XDA; Via: PocketNow

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Hacked HD2 runs WP7 faster than HD7

The title says it all, folks.  According to a video posted by YouTube user kendimcefg, a HTC HD2, hacked to run WP7, runs many basic functions faster than a HD7 which natively runs it.  We knew that the HD2 was a versatile device, but this is pretty amazing, if accurate.  If seeing is believing, then color us impressed.  Check out the video for yourself, but try not to rock too hard to the soundtrack.

Source: Kendimcefg (YouTube); via: Ali Waqas

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People were pretty excited when the Dark Forces Team successfully ported WP7 over to the HD2, but it wasn't without its bugs. One of the more annoying of them was that the battery level indicator was inaccurate. Tired of the lies, XDA member, arkatis, decided to do something about it. He has posted a registry hack that seems to resolve the issue.  Here's the quick and dirty on how to do it:

1) Charge your phone until the green light shows up
2) Unplug it from A/C and open registry editor
3) Go to the reg path
4) Edit the value from 6 to 20…press ok..Now you will see the battery indicator level has been changed! Again go and edit the value and from 20 go to 80..press ok! Restart and enjoy!

If you want to read the full post with feedback, you can check it out here.

Source: XDA

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Can't decide between WP7 and Android?  Thanks to some of the minds at XDA, now you don't have, if you have an HTC HD2.  Due to limitations in both operating systems, WP7 will reside in NAND memory and Android will be booted from an SD card. 

Here's what you will need for the recommended method:

Once you've gathered your materials, go here to get started, or you can find another method here.  Good luck!  Try not to hose your HD2.

Source: Ali Waqas (Thanks for the tip!); via: XDA

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Well, that didn't take long...

One of the big downers of doing the Windows Phone 7 to HD2 port was the inability to access the Marketplace, buy apps and run Xbox LIVE games.

Well, evidently it's be "fixed" and by fixed we mean hacked to work. The video above is "proof" and the instructions are of course up at XDA.

We still find all of this a lot of work for basically an HD7--so we're either guessing there's a lot of financially-compromised hackers out there or too many coding geeks. Either way, if this just wet your appetite to dig out your HD2, then good luck! Oh and if Microsoft somehow does some bad mo-jo to your LIVE account, don't blame us, m'kay?

Source: XDA

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Well, it's finally here folks. After months and months of tinkering around, Dark Forces Team (DFT) has finally completed their Windows Phone 7 to HTC HD2 port and it's all demonstrated in video glory (after the break). The whole process is demonstrated from flashing to it actually running and it's technically in four parts, but really only the first two you need to watch.

Here's the dirty list on how much works:

  • System starts quickly, after flashing the first boot needs about 20 seconds up to start settings.
  • Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS. Testers reports that power consumption is normal.
  • Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine. During a call when you can adjust the volume.
  • SMS send and receive works without problems, display Chinese symbols right.
  • Import contacts from the SIM card works, the Chinese text displayed correctly, contact editing all normal. Setting ringtone working.
  • Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash)
  • full list after the break...

Update: LIVE services seem to have been succesfully cracked, see here.

Xbox LIVE and the Marketplace still seem to be off limits due to Microsoft's advanced security, which is a bit of a downer, but the rest looks pretty solid. No word on when all of this will be made available, though we're sure your local XDA forums will have something on it soon. Question is: Is all of this worth it?

Check out all the videos of it in action after the break to see for yourselves.

Source: DarkForcesTeam; via @chassit

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Awhile back, we first broke the news about Windows Phone 7 and the tough protection scheme Microsoft has implemented to prevent piracy. Specifically, private keys (PVKs) which are tied to the hardware and need to server-authenticate. This hurdle would prevent non-approved devices from accessing all LIVE services and severely limit device functionality. Interestingly enough, just weeks later this was confirmed by team DFT, who were attempting to hack WP7 to the aging (but versatile) HTC HD2.

Fast-forward today and it is being claimed (not yet demonstrated) that certain aspects of PVK has been breached. But, like before, they're still far from a viable implementation. Pocketnow has summarized this as follows:

Several different methods are being attempted to bypass the limitation, including the search for a so-called "corporate key," which would essentially be a universal PVK for large-scale activations. Unfortunately, because all devices are security-flashed at the factory, such a key may not even exist. Secondly, overseas developers -- beyond the reach of Microsoft legal, apparently -- are said to be hacking the different bits of the device-side authentication piecemeal, but because of the unusually intricate security measures employed by Redmond, "it doesn't really look good" according to our source.

What does this all mean? In reality, that nothing has changed. While porting portions of the WP7 OS to the HD2 is doable, attempting everything is and will remain very difficult. So difficult in fact, it begs the question if this is worth all the effort. At least here in the U.S., with a new Samsung Focus fetching for $99 without 3rd party sales, WP7 hardware seems cheap enough to negate the value of hacking a broken but new OS onto the HD2.

Source: PocketNow

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A few days ago we broke the news about the Genuine Software checker for Windows Phone 7. To recap, the system would check the OS against the hardware using PVK (private keys)--if no match occurred, then the OS would be crippled (no cloud services).

Now DFT, the team behind the attempted Windows Phone 7-to-HD2 port, have come forward and said that indeed, this is the case. The result, as predicted, is that the OS is "mostly a demo" without the Live services but that "...it will be released soon, but don't expect anything from it - without Live services it's not really usable".

Looks like Microsoft has won this battle, for now. But it is still early in the game and perhaps someone will figure a way around the security.

Bottom line: if you were expecting a usable port to happen anytime soon for your HD2, you can stop hoping now.

Source: Twitter; via Pocketnow

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Looks like Microsoft has not forgotten about all the Windows Mobile 6.x users out there, pushing out a significant update to Mobile Outlook for some 6.x devices. It's unclear which devices are getting it exactly, but in this case here it's an HTC HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5.5 23145.

Mobile Outlook was bumped to and is reportedly much more finger friendly, doing away with the annoying "tap to scroll right" notification. Overall, the update looks quite sharp and we're almost longing for our old Windows Mobile. Almost.

Big thanks to Rhys B., for the info and screenshots!

6.5.5 23145
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Lest we forget our valiant HD2 on T-Mobile, it appears HTC is set to roll out a nice ROM update tomorrow. This will bring the software version to 3.14.531.1, will reportedly fix a lot of bugs, improve stability and introduce some new apps including Shazam and Amazon MP3. The following issues will be fixed with the update:

  • Browsing Facebook photos is slow
  • White screen while browsing the internet
  • Cannot delete GMAIL messages from the preview screen
  • SMS sends to the wrong person
  • Twitter errors
  • Cannot unlock the phone
  • Cannot unlock the phone with the correct password
  • No space bar on company directory keyboard
  • Can’t hear Visual Voicemails
  • Speakerphone stops working after using the Call Assist app to call 611

Dang, those are some serious bugs! Users can navigate to www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade or receive a text message of the update automatically. Very cool and good luck HD2'ers!

Source: TMoNews


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OtterBox Defender Case for HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 will forever hold a special place in Windows Mobile lore. As one of the best pieces of hardware in the pre Windows Phone 7 era, there are a lot of people that view the HD2 as a way of extending the life of what many consider a superior platform (Windows Mobile 6.5).

To make your device last as long as possible, you want to get a high quality case that is going to take the abuse for your phone. Nobody makes rugged, usable cases like OtterBox. The OtterBox Defender Case for the HD2 not only meets the high standard the OtterBox is held to, it exceeds them.


Rugged, yet functional. Protects every aspect of your case.
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For those of you lucky enough to have the T-Mobile HTC HD2, you may have been surprised to see that your Barnes & Noble eReader received a nice and much needed update.

User Jason M was kind enough to send us his report of the update and its new features noting 

I opened up my Barnes and Noble eReader tonight and noticed an alert for a new update. I allowed it to install on my HD2 and noticed new features such as an option for a nice looking grid view of the book covers, access to the Lend Me function, a huge number of addition settings (font changes, background colors, day/night themes, dictionary lookup, etc), and finally bookmarks! Basically, the HD2 version has been brought in line with what is offered on other platforms. This is good news since Amazon is ignoring Windows Mobile completely.

Indeed! The 'Lend Me' feature is one the most coveted updates as it basically allows you to share your eBooks to a friend for a short duration--think controlled DRM. This is something that Amazon is sorely missing, but as Jason points out, Amazon so far as given a cold shoulder to Windows Mobile with no Kindle access for us.

Lets hope Barnes & Noble and Amazon both bring some eReaders to Windows Phone 7. (BTW, small plug: been using the Kindle 3 for the last few days and it's great, but it needs a 'Lend Me' feature ASAP).

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A Zune HD2? Maybe.

When it comes to the Zune HD and its successor, the rumor has been thus for awhile: there may or may not be one other iteration of the series before it's folded into the Windows Phone eco-system.

And to be honest, the rumor has been tilting towards no Zune HD2 for somewhat obvious reasons listed below.

But now according to Mary Jo Foley (more specifically, her tipster), it looks like Microsoft may attempt a Zune HD2 but not till sometime in 2011, meaning this is all but vaporware at this point, but still interesting vaporware.

After Microsoft had its Windows Phone 7 reset, talk of a new ZuneHD2 tapered off. But lately, I’ve been hearing that, in spite of the Zune HD’s not-so-stellar sales, plus Microsoft’s failure to make the hardware available outside the U.S., the Softies may still have one more digital-media player coming. My rumormonger says it could be a calendar 2011 deliverable and possibly could sport an ARM processor of some kind. The Zune HD2 would incorporate a number of the UI changes from the Windows Phone 7 folks, the tipster claims — which makes sense given the Windows Phone 7 UI borrowed so heavily from the Zune HD UI.

No word from my tipster on dimensions, price, will/won’t there be cameras or any other details users might want to know about a potential new Zune HD. Also no word on how Microsoft might position such a device if it ever comes to market: Would it be more like a “Windows Phone 7 Lite”/iPod Touch? A gaming-focused handheld like the rumored Sony PSP Go successor? Or more like a mini slate/tablet (like one of those new Archos 28s running Froyo)?

Yeah, so this is just an unconfirmed rumor at this point, but one that is quite possible--after all, Apple still has luck in doing the whole iPod/iPhone thing, so if Windows Phone 7 is a hit, why not Microsoft?


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You had to know it was only a matter of time. Engadget is reporting that the HTC HD3, successor to the HD2 (and previously the HD), will be launching on October 18th. The rumor stems from leaked internal documentation reportedly from UK carrier O2. If the document is to believed, the device will be named the HD7, possibly to correspond with the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Our guess is that this device would carry the torch as one of the flagship devices for the platform, much the same way as the HD2 has been. We’d love to hear some of your thoughts in the comments.


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HTC HD2 model rumored with keyboard

The HTC HD2 may soon be available with a side-sliding keyboard. Or so says Xmoo, a ROM collector, who has found evidence for such a HD2 version.

Just as with Conflipper finding evidence of potentially new HTC Windows Phones, Xmoo has found evidence in the registry keys of a new HD2 ROM that support a slide-out QWERTY device.

This is purely in the speculation/rumor stages. However, adding a keyboard to the HD2 is an interesting concept. If this develops into reality, you can only hope HTC finds a way to keep the increase in thickness the keyboard will bring to a minimum.

[read: wmpoweruser.com]

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