Microsoft and IBM partner to bolster Surface enterprise support

As part of its Inspire 2017 partner conference, Microsoft has announced a partnership with IBM to help bolster support for its Surface devices for enterprise customers.

Apple and Microsoft team up to slow patent reform

Tech giants like Apple and Microsoft have pushed for reform of the US patent system after being involved in a multitude of legal actions over patents, but now they're pushing to slow reform. Apple and Microsoft are teaming up with Ford Motor Company, DuPont, General Electric, Pfizer, and IBM for the Partnership for american Innovation, which aims to convince members of the United States Congress to dial back some of their proposals on patent reform in order to protect their own patents.

Blast from the past as Microsoft releases MS-DOS and Word for Windows source code

Sometimes we get so involved with Windows 8, Surface, and other products from Microsoft that we forget about their humble beginnings. Microsoft itself has not forgotten where it came from though and has released the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows. If you wish to step into a time machine and travel backwards to the 1980s where the adventure began, read on after the break.

IBM seeing growing enterprise demand for Windows Phone

Despite its steady rise in market share, and even surpassing Blackberry as the number three mobile ecosystem in the U.S., Windows Phone is still facing an uphill climb in the consumer smartphone arena. However, according to IBM, interest in Windows Phone is growing much faster amongst its enterprise customers than it is with consumers.

In an interview with RedmondMag, Jim Szafranski, senior VP of customer platform services at IBM's Fiberlink unit, said that many of his enterprise customers would prefer to use Windows Phone in their environments. The main reason, he says, is consistency. Microsoft dominates in the business infrastructure world, be it with Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, Dynamics, or Office.

A trip down memory lane: 30 years since Windows was announced

On November 10, 1983, it all started… not with a big bang, but a whisper that defined the industry in the years to come.

Yes, thirty years ago, Bill Gates announced ‘Interface Manager’ at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The next-generation operating system would provide a graphical user interface (GUI) and a multitasking environment for IBM computers. Windows might have been released under the original name of Interface Manager if marketing whiz, Rowland Hanson had not convinced Bill Gates that Windows was the far better name!

Google buys 1,023 IBM patents to defend Android

It's a war out there. Whether it be Apple relentlessly kicking HTC and Samsung into the ground, Microsoft going after royalty fees or Nokia taking on the half-eaten Apple it's a kill zone and patents are the centre of attention. Because of the recent acquisition of Motorola (for more patents) by Google and the scale of attack from companies outside the Android castle, many OEMs are looking at alternatives to Google's platform.

The search giant has now purchased 1,023 patents from IBM to help strengthen a defence against future lawsuits attacking Android OEMs (this is in addition to an earlier purchase from IBM in July). Google has transferred nine patents to HTC in the last week for use in a new lawsuit against Apple, which will intensify the patent battle further between the two.

And so it continues...

Via: Bloomberg

IBM spending $360 million on the cloud

We're big fans of cloud computing here at WM Experts, be it Google and the myriad ways to sync to it, Microsoft and its new Live Mesh, Dashwire, Yahoo Go, Apple's Mobile Me or any of a number of other ways to keep your data stored safely off your device and in the ether.

Friday's New York Times brings word that IBM (you've heard of them, right?), is spending $360 million for one data center in North Carolina and another in Tokyo to offer cloud services to corporate types.

Writes Steve Lohr:

The I.B.M. statement says its North Carolina facility will afford its lucky customers “unparalleled access to massive Internet-scale computing capabilities while gaining the cost and environmental protection advantages of I.B.M.’s industry-leading energy efficiency data center design.” Yes, yes, a veritable technological second-coming.

The future. It's coming. Eventually.

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Sprint teams up with IBM. Lotus Notes email coming to WM?

Well this little gem slipped through the cracks around these parts (and others). Evidently, Sprint and IBM have teamed up to implement IBM's Lotus Expeditor.

The fun part? It's only Sprint's WM6 smartphones that are part of the IBM/Sprint agreement (currently), meaning those lucky users will get first shot.

How is all of this integrated you may ask? Well, who knew that Sprint had a next-gen Java platform that was in beta testing and getting ready to roll out. Called "Titan" the platform

...can run generically written rich GUI applications that can run across a broad range of devices and desktop computers. The platform also includes APIs to give you access to Sprint specific phone features.

Hey, we're all about better integrated Java on Windows Mobile instead of the emulator-feel of the current platform. What's cool of course is the combo with IBM will allow developers " create collaborative, desktop-style applications for client and mobile devices" and since we all know IBM Lotus Notes email and Lotus Sametime are fairly popular amongst the business crowd, perhaps it won't be long till those are bundled on future Sprint Windows Mobile devices.

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