Microsoft and IBM partner to bolster Surface enterprise support

As part of its Inspire 2017 partner conference, Microsoft has announced a partnership with IBM to help bolster support for its Surface devices for enterprise customers. As part of the partnership, Microsoft will rely on IBM's Technology Support Services (TSS) to enhance its Microsoft Complete extended warranty offerings and "deliver technology services and support for Surface devices."

In addition to its partnership with IBM, Microsoft also announced that it will offer next business day replacement and next business day onsite support services for customers with a Microsoft Complete extended service plan. All of this adds to Microsoft's partner program for services and support, which was announced at Ignite 2016 and is now active in ten countries around the globe.

Lastly, Microsoft has announced the Surface Reseller Alliance, due for launch later this fall. The company explains the Alliance will allow Surface partners to get easy access to training and support materials. From Microsoft:

The Surface Reseller Alliance training program includes a revamped online portal with training modules, live webinars for newly launched Surface products, and will provide incentives for partner sellers to complete training curriculum. We're also ramping up our marketing support by making significant investments in lead generation, providing assets, guidelines and assistance to help partners create fantastic marketing collateral and web experiences wherever Surface is sold.

Though it won't launch in full until this fall, the Surface Reseller Alliance is currently in preview through the Surface Drumbeat site (opens in new tab). The next business day replacements and onsite support, along with services provided by IBM's TSS, will be available in the U.S. and Canada starting July 15.

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  • IBM wasn't also offering something like this but with Apple?
  • Yep, which makes this a more interesting announcement. IBMs deal with Apple is broader than just selling value added devices and included some enterprise software for iOS, but this is an indicator that some of IBMs customers wanted another choice.
  • what better obsolete tech giant than ibm to take this on if their surface support policy is anything like their servers/storage from back in the day, users will be unplugging/resetting/reseating device components for a week before they get any actual support
  • Does Lenovo still fall under IBM?
  • Lenovo bought IBM's consumer and business hardware business and a few brand names.  They have nothing to do with IBM's inept enterprise stuff.
  • IBM Sold all consumer ( ThinkPad , ThinkStation ) , and business ( ThinkServer, xSeriese or SystemX) to Lenovo, their Printing system to Ricoh, so the only hardware business they own is System Z ( the mainframe machines) and a part of System P ( Power processor based machines ) , so in their new deals they can sell Lenovo ( which IBM owns some shares ) , Apple or any Hardware vendor machines. this is why they have these deals, so they can resell these machines as part of larger deal with enterprises
  • Afte the many recent IBM enterprise fails (just look at how they botched the australian census) I'd not want them anywhere near my IT clients' enterprises.
  • The secret of marketing upcoming Surface phones is here.
  • I've never in my life seen people so vociferously believe in a piece of vaporware as much as people believe in this damn phone ....