Kobo Books now available on Windows Phone

It was a few months ago that the official Kobo app came to Windows 8. Kobo is a company that makes the popular Kobo eReader in addition to apps for mobile platforms. Today we can add Windows Phone to that list of mobile platforms that has Kobo Books.

Official Kobo Windows 8 app launches; Windows Phone version coming soon

Kobo (www.kobobooks.com), the eReader and eBook giant, today announced the launch (or re-launch) of the official Windows 8 app. The company has brought across features from its own device line to Windows-based tablets, offering a complete solution for those who'd rather read digital content on their tablet or laptop and PC.

Reading on Windows 8 - a look at Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

While many readers still embrace the paper pages of a book, others have moved on to the embrace of an electronic ink or LCD display. Amazon was the first company to push eBooks into the mainstream market in 2007. Today, many readers choose to pick up a tablet, cellular phone, or dedicated eInk device to dive into a world of adventure. We are taking a look at the top three eBook reading apps (Kindle, Nook, and Kobo) for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

Samsung Windows Phones get a Kobo eBook reader

For those of you with Samsung Windows Phones, it looks like they've made their own eBook reader (via Kobo) for your device.

First impressions? Very nicely done by Sammy, but we have question its usefulness with the ubiquity of Amazon's Kindle/Marketplace. With Kobo, you'll have to create a userID if you don't have one and login under an Adobe account as well (ugh).However, if you're already a Kobo user, you'll love this app. If you're not, you'll admire it but pass.

Unfortunately it's not listed (yet) under the 'Samsung Zone' but you can get their by clicking here on your phone or just by doing the "find more SAMSUNG..." trick.

via: MobilityDigest