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Windows Phone browser share looks to take over Blackberry in France

Windows Phone is on the rise in France, as can be seen in the above browser share chart. The OS is almost hitting Blackberry, which appears to be still in decline (is there ever any good news when it comes to Blackberry?). This goes on top of the French developer who saw a noticeable increase in Lumia 800 activity using his apps on the Marketplace. If we remember the chart that the developer provided, no other Windows Phone dropped to make way for Nokia's handset so one would assume we've had a number of French platform adopters.

Although it's not all roses in the garden, prior to what seems to be the end-of-2011 surge (thanks to Nokia's marketing frenzy), the graph doesn't show the kind of growth we'd hope to see. But if the sharp increase continues with more Nokia and Microsoft marketing, we should see some positive results indeed.

Source: StatCounter, via WMPU

Nokia Canada promoting Lumias. New devices February 6th?

We just saw Telus begin promoting the Lumia 800 and now Nokia Canada themselves are showing that phone and Roger's Lumia 710 off on their front page. Canada: your time has come!

Regarding Rogers, they have a "In stores this February" which gives you a pretty good idea of when to expect that. For Telus, they just have "coming soon" which is a bit too vague for our likes, but we're thinking that too is just a few weeks.

In fact, we have a tip stating that in Canada, February 6th is the day for a launch party for so-called "Generation 2" devices, which includes Nokia's and who knows what else at this point. We can't verify that date ourselves, but the tipster said they confirmed it with their local Bell and Rogers stores--so take that as you will. Seeing as Nokia is listing the 710 as February, it seems to coincide nicely. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Source:; Thanks, Ryan L. and Juan C., for the tips!

Nokia Lumia 800 firmware update detailed, not fixing everything?

An article has been published over at Nokia Conversations detailing the 1600.2483.8106.11500 firmware update for the Lumia 800, which is in the process of rolling out. The update is being pushed out gradually using Zune software and contains two benefits; battery performance (making use of the capacity too) and WiFi connectivity improvements. This is update number two of two that were announced at the end of last year.

"The update will not be delivered to every Lumia 800 simultaneously, but rather will be staggered over the next two weeks through Microsoft’s standard update process. This helps each owner gets the update without any hitches. Around half of owners will get the update in the next seven days, with the remainder over the following seven days."

Unfortunately, we've received reports that users have encountered issues with soft key lighting and battery performance after updating, but we've yet to confirm this on our models. Let us know in the comments when you get the update.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Telus now listing Nokia Lumia 800 as "coming soon". Available in all three colors.

Good news for those up north, as Telus is finally listing the Lumia 800 as "coming soon" on the site. We heard they were getting the 800 back on the 10th and now that's looks to be coming together. That's certainly good news as it implies an impending launch. What's more, users can expect the device in the three main colors of black, cyan and magenta.

Not much on pricing but we're sure to hear more in the coming weeks. So get saving! Usual press release after the break...

Source: Telus; Thanks, JG, for the tip!

Nokia running Lumia 800 'battery fix' update [Updated]

Nokia announced at the end of last year that two updates would be hitting the Lumia 800 to fix a number of issues that were present. We've already received the first firmware update, but it's time for those who suffer from 800s that aren't using the battery capacity in its entirety to receive some love.

Operators in France have started to push out the second update, so we should see some movement across the board soon. For reference, the firmware version changes are found below, including the first update.

Firmware version: 1600.2475.7720.11414 -> UPDATE 1: 1600.2479.7740.11451 -> UPDATE 2: 1600.2483.8106.11500

We haven't yet got the notification on any of our Lumia 800s. Let us know in the comments if you're also receiving this update for your handset.

EDIT: Nokia UK has confirmed the start of the rollout on their Facebook page, check out a video walkthrough after the break on updating should you be new to the platform.

UPDATE: We've received reports from readers who have updated to the latest version that the lighting of their soft keys are acting up should medium or high brightness be set. If you're also experiencing this issue after updating let us know in the comments.

Nokia Lumia 800 Available in South Africa 7th Feb

This is a small update for those of you from South Africa that have been following the previous Nokia Lumia posts.

Previously we received a tip that the Nokia Lumia 800 would be available in South Africa sometime during the first quarter of 2012. Now Nokia has announced it officially and given a fixed date via their Facebook page. So how long do we need to wait? Well, not long at all. The Nokia Lumia 800 will be launching in South Africa on the 7th of February 2012!

I don't know how Nokia/Microsoft managed to make this possible, as South Africa is more often than not way behind the rest of the world (in terms of phone releases). But I know a lot of South Africans will be extremely excited to be able to get their hands on a Windows Phone 7, especially the Lumia 800. The official launch party is taking place on the 25'th of this month, and we will be there to report back!

Source: Nokia SA's Facebook page; Thanks, Japie, for the tip!

Windows Phone featured in Coronation Street

In the second part of Coronation Street (a popular British TV soap) that aired this evening (8:30pm), we can clearly see a Nokia Lumia 800 being held by the actor with a beautiful camera shot to show off calendar functionality. At about 21:20 in, we see the product placement. You can check out the episode on ITV Player (link below), but be aware that ITV loves advertisements.

Source: ITV Player

Nokia Lumia 800 hitting Ireland February 1st, 900 following?

Nokia has announced on Facebook that the Lumia 800 will be available on Vodafone in Ireland on February 1st, which we touched on last week. What's more is that according to users who visited the Facebook page, they noticed the manufacturer stating that the Lumia 900 (the recently announced U.S. LTE Windows Phone) will be coming to Europe in Q2 2012. See the below quote:

"The Nokia Lumia 900 will launch across Europe including Ireland in Q.2 of 2012. We cannot confirm whether Vodafone will stock it or not at this point. Hope that answers your questions guys?!"

So that will at least give us hope of the high end handset coming to Europe.

Source: Nokia Ireland Facebook Page, thanks Mike for the tip!

Lumia 710 and 800 coming to TMN Portugal

The Lumia 710 and 800 have been infiltrating a number of countries, and now Portugal is set to receive Nokia's first family of Windows Phones. The carrier that they'll be coming to is TMN, but it's not stated when the handsets will be available. For now, you can register your interest (as is the case when carriers announce upcoming hardware). Good news nonetheless!

Source: TMN, via: PocketPT, thanks Luis for the heads up!

Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Vodafone Ireland

Good news for our Irish brothers, Vodafone IE is looking to bring the Lumia 800 to Ireland. Nokia's flagship Windows Phone has received positive attention from both the bloggersphere and owners across Europe, which will make the handset a welcomed addition to the Irish arsenal. No word yet on pricing or availability, but we would hazard a guess that it'll be competitive and be in line with what we've seen in the UK.

Source: Vodafone, thanks Liam for the tip!

Nokia holding event for South Africa

If you needed anymore proof that South Africa isn't just being tossed aside when it comes to the Nokia Lumia/future devices, then we have great news for you. We have just received word from an anonymous tipster that Nokia is holding an event in Midrand near the end of this month. Although the invite doesn't outright say that this is a launch party or unveiling event, it's probably quite safe to assume that it is.

And here is the invite:

Besides the obvious positives of Nokia launching their Windows Phone 7 devices in South Africa, there is another aspect that you may not have considered. Blackberry and Android may be all the rage over here at the moment but before that Nokia was a really big player in SA.

I remember a time when almost every person I knew either had a Nokia or was attempting to get one. What this means is that when they start selling their new phones people will not be buying Windows Phone, they will be buying a Nokia, because they trust the brand. So this skips the step of people avoiding WP7 because of their feelings on Windows Mobile, and allows them to experience the amazing everyday with no bias.

EDIT: This is a private event.

Clove UK offering 40-day trial on Lumia 800

Clove is so confident you'll love the Nokia Lumia 800 that they are now offering a 40-day money back guarantee.  The new LoveMeKeepMe promo lets anyone who buys a Lumia 800 between now and February 29 send back their fully boxed, like new phone for a full refund.  To take advantage of this offer, simply buy a Lumia 800 through Clove, then register it within ten days of purchase.  You then have 30 days to love it and keep it, or to send it back. 

Check out the flyer or go to the link above for full details.

Source: Clove UK

South Africa getting Nokia devices!

Many people are of the opinion that Nokia is Microsoft's trump card. The game changer. And it really is looking more and more likely that Nokia is going to give Windows Phone 7 the momentum it needs to get further than the hands of tech bloggers and developers.

We recently covered Nokias plans to take over the world, and now we have report of the Lumia 800 and 710 both launching in South Africa in Q1 2012 and just after that respectively. Yep, you heard that right. The same country that can't manage to tell the different between Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 (Vodacom's terrible advertising campaign for the Omnia 7 - not the one below). So why is this a big deal? Well, because up until now South Africa has only had three devices; the Samsung Omnia 7, the HTC Trophy and the HTC Mozart.

As a resident of South Africa I had actually almost given up hope for WP7 here when just recently one of the service providers sold the last of their Omnia 7 stock:

For reference R1699 is about $208.

Now I would take this with a slight pinch of salt as the actual source is not mentioned and upon reaching out to a local Microsoft Developer Evangelist I received the usual "we cannot confirm or deny this". If it is legit then presumably the fine details are still being ironed out, and hopefully South Africa will appear on Nokias domination map soon.

EDIT: We have received word that this came straight from Nokia, so you may remove said salt where necessary.

Source: MyBroadband

Orange FR offering 5 free apps with Lumia 800 purchase

The French mobile network Orange is offering to purchase five apps from the Marketplace for new Nokia Lumia 800 buyers. When downloading the first five apps, instead of using an attached credit card, the Windows Phone owner can choose "Orange bill" as the payment option and the carrier will not charge these five apps to the next bill. The beauty of this offer is Orange will allow any app that costs up to €14.99, so in theory you could get €75 worth of apps for free. Not bad!

The offer is for new purchasers of the Lumia 800 (available in black and magenta), and will be running from January 12 to February 8, 2012.

Source: Professeur Thibault (translation)

Nokia Lumia 800 to be sold at Microsoft Stores optimized for AT&T

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Nokia Lumia 800 will be sold here in the US through Microsoft's growing chain of stores as well as online. Since there are no plans for any US carriers to sell the 800, buying it unlocked through Microsoft is really the only way consumers here can grab that phone.

The big question everyone has was what GSM bands would this feature? We just met with Microsoft and Nokia and figured we'd ask. Turns out, it will be optimized for AT&T, which depending on your current carrier (and loyalty) is good or bad news. Here are the bands it will support:

  • WCDMA/HSPA+: 850/1900/2100
  • GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900

No details on exact release dates but we're probably looking at just a few weeks at both Microsoft Stores and their online market. It should be a pretty good score though for those who want the smaller Lumia as the 900 can be quite large for small hands.

Nokia CEO discusses the Lumia 900 and more...

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sat down on the eve of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show with Nokia Conversations to discuss the Lumia 900 and the other Lumia Windows Phones. He made no bones that Nokia is eager to become a presence in the U.S. Market.

“The Lumia 900 is designed specifically with the North American consumer in mind. The Lumia 900 is also Nokia's first 4G LTE smartphone and will take advantage of AT&T's 4G LTE network."

Elop also noted the presence of the newly released Nokia Lumia 710 that is designed for the consumers who have yet to make the transition to a smartphone. He feels the entry level Windows Phone is the perfect combination of operator and device.

There was also mention of the Lumia 710 and 800 coming to Canadian Markets and the Lumia 800 becoming available through Microsoft stores.

Elop continues to use battle front analogies with their approach to regaining North American market shares. So far the first three installments in Nokia's battle plan have been impressive and there's no telling what we'll see once that beachhead is established.

source: Conversations by Nokia

Publish an app and receive a Lumia 800 [Developers]

Microsoft is offering the first 500 AppHub developers to publish a Windows Phone app to the Marketplace a free Nokia Lumia 800 handset, to really set the ball rolling for 2012. Keeping the Lumia family fire at a heated blaze, the Windows Phone team will be handing out the 800s to developers who submit a completely new app that fits in with the following requirements:

  • Target Windows Phone 7.5;
  • Work as described;
  • Include Fast App Switching; and
  • Conform to Metro guidelines.
  • You must be a U.S. registered member of App Hub.

The app must have a release date that is, or between, January 1, 2012 and by February 10, 2012 (by 11:59 PM PST). Once the app has been submitted, developers can then send the following form in an email to

Name (matches App Hub account):
Mailing Address (where device will be shipped-not used by Microsoft for any other purpose):
App Hub Publisher/ISV ID #:
Application ID:
Marketplace deep link:
Application publication date:
Uses Fast app switching (yes or no):
Conforms to Metro guidelines (yes or no):

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, this offer is only on the table for U.S. residents and only one entry per AppHub ID is allowed. Developers, get creative, and best of luck to be one of the lucky 500.

Magenta Nokia Lumia 800 expected February at Carphone Warehouse UK

For those of you who are still waiting for the Nokia Lumia 800 to be available in magenta (pink), and reside in the UK, you may now rejoice at the news that the Carphone Warehouse will be stocking the handset in a months time. Following Orange FR, who added the pink model to their website store, you'll be able to order yours on this side of the channel soon enough. Will you be picking one up?

Source: Carphone Warehousethanks, Richard, for the heads up!

Nokia Lumia 800 GSM available at Newegg for $549.99

The Nokia Lumia 800 is available to order from Newegg, for just $549.99, which isn't a bad price at all for an unlocked mid-range Windows Phone. The handset sports a 1.4Ghz processor, 8MP camera (with Carl Zeiss optics), 16GB storage, and a 3.7" AMOLED screen with Clear Black technology.

Check out our full review of the Lumia 800 for more detail. As a bonus, a limited offer is currently available that will see the purchase of the 800 being accompanied by a Bluetooth accessory.

Source: Newegg, thanks TriAxis for the tip!

Lumia 800 coming to Belgium January 20

Nokia Belgium announced on their Facebook that the Lumia 800 will be sprouting up in Brussels on January 20 for an exclusive event.  The event will signify the launch of the 800 in Belgium and you can be a part of it.  Nokia has set up an online entry form where you can apply for one of 30 seats to the showcase.  To enter, send your name, email address and a short blurb explaining why you want to attend.  Bonne chance!

Source: Nokia Belgium (Facebook); via: MonWindowsPhone