Stephen Elop: Nokia handset for Q4, country by country

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has spoken out about when Nokia is expected to be releasing the first Windows Phone handset - Q4 this year. We've previously covered this prediction even though many speculated that it will be delayed until 2012. What's interesting about the above video interview, is how he explains the process that Nokia will launch the device internationally.

Nokia is planning to release the first handset on a country by country basis with adding more over time (this ties in with the Australia 2012 launch mention). The company is currently working with operators in multiple countries including China. He goes onto preach about how awesome Nokia Windows Phone handsets will be, which will hold true with their navigation and map capabilities as well as a history of interesting hardware to ensure the user experience is something new.

Something for Symbian users, Elop mentioned that the company will provide the help and support for Symbian users who may wish to migrate to newer hardware running other operating systems, whether it be WP or MeeGo.

Source: (Bing translation)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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