Stephen Elop: Nokia handset for Q4, country by country

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has spoken out about when Nokia is expected to be releasing the first Windows Phone handset - Q4 this year. We've previously covered this prediction even though many speculated that it will be delayed (opens in new tab) until 2012. What's interesting about the above video interview, is how he explains the process that Nokia will launch the device internationally.

Nokia is planning to release the first handset on a country by country basis with adding more over time (this ties in with the Australia 2012 launch mention (opens in new tab)). The company is currently working with operators in multiple countries including China. He goes onto preach about how awesome Nokia Windows Phone handsets will be, which will hold true with their navigation and map capabilities as well as a history of interesting hardware to ensure the user experience is something new.

Something for Symbian users, Elop mentioned that the company will provide the help and support for Symbian users who may wish to migrate to newer hardware running other operating systems, whether it be WP or MeeGo.

Source: (Bing translation (opens in new tab))

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • If Nokia fails to launch a WP7 phone in the US this fall along with all the other Mango phones that are about to come out, then Nokia has failed PERIOD.
  • The world does not revolve around the US. Europe allows consumers to buy phones outside of carrier control, makes much more sense to launch there where there are more outlest to purchase. In the US, if a carrier doesnt want to support your phone, you cant buy it (eg Verizon).
  • The world does not revolve around the US, but the smartphone market does. If your platform does not succeed here, you can kiss any kind of meaningful developer support goodbye. Nobody is going to throw money at WP7 development just to sell apps in Sri Lanka or wherever.
  • Money from any country in the world is good enough for developers. The problem is U.S.-based press gets so biased and drowns any platform they don't like in an endless rant.
  • So folk in Europe and the rest of the world don't purchase mobile phones? We have a more open market as theefman pointed out. They'll probably do better over here with more unlocked purchases.
  • Nokia sells virtually nothing in the US. Not selling a WP7 unit this fall in the US won't be a failure, it will be business as usual. If they're not able to strike deals with the carriers in 2012, that would be a failure but not a huge one. The US is all gravy to Nokia. It's not necessary for them to succeed.
  • LOL, "business as usual" got their CEO canned and replaced with an ex-Microsoft guy from Canada. Look, I WANT Nokia to succeed, and I really like the looks of their new Windows Phone (Sea Ray?), but if they can't compete here, Nokia will continue to bleed out.
  • calm down damm
  • @DaydreamHero...Were you echoing the same sentiments last year, when HTC, Samsung, and LG launched their WP7 devices in Europe first in October 2010?Launching WP devices in Europe first is not new! Besides, Nokia never promised a U.S. release in 2011, and is evident that no Nokia devices have been listed on any of the U.S. carriers roadmaps. Nokia will ship in volume in 2012, and the U.S. will have more than one Nokia devices to choose from.
  • WP7 launched in the US only a week or two later - I should know, I was the first to buy a Samsung Focus at my local AT&T store. Sadly my Focus has been charging under my bed most of the time since December, when I bought a Nexus S so I could actually do something with my phone except check emails.I was really hoping Nokia's new phones would come out before Christmas because WP7 is really going to need a shot of excitement to compete with all the monster Android phones that are coming soon.
  • SilverRubicon hit it right on.The US market is simply a bonus to them. Nokia has already stated many times the US would not see a Nokia WP7 device until 2012.
  • Anyone else follow this guy on twitter. He seems mighty arrogant for a person who's company is on it's last leg. I don't like him at all.
  • Well probably because you are so biased. This man made me consider buying nokia again. Without him i would never touch a nokia and with me a lot of persons.
  • I'm not biased. He takes shots at companies who are doing well. He talks trash like a fanboi, all the while Nokia mobile is bleeding to death. Hope you follow him to his next job, after Nokia mobile dies.
  • @1jaxstate1...Please! Just because Stephen Elop called out the other WP oem's on the lack of committment to the platform, in comparison to their Android devices, doesn't mean that he is 'trash talking'!But, hey, your boys at HTC can 'call out' people that use iPhones, though, right? Nokia will catapult WP sales, no doubt - they have the technology, global reach, and IP to make it happen. Any CEO would be confident about that!
  • I've never heard him call out other OEMs. He just talks **** about Apple and Android. LOL, you're living in a dream world. They've had the "technology,global reach, and IP" for a long time. And yet, they die soon. Numbers don't like. They'll die before RIM.
  • I don't mind if it's late as I'm pretty happy with my Arrive at the moment, but PLEASE Nokia, please make CDMA versions.