High res Nokia Sea Ray mockups based off of N9 show potential

We've seen the video a few times already today, but in case you wanted a better idea of what the 'Sea Ray' will look like in some professional shots, here's your chance.

Taken from the official Nokia N9 shots, Downright Wireless has re-imagined the device with familiar WP7 start screen (and extra camera button). In addition to the black, we can see the alternate colors would bring to the table as well. That baby blue? Not too shabby of a choice, that's for sure.

Head to Downright Wireless for a few more shots of their excellent work.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm actually really digging this. I can't wait to see what else they design, and what the other OEM's start producing as well.
  • not really attractive enough. X7 and Omnia 7 is heck alot sexier.
  • ewww not a fan of this designMy mozart looks a thousand times better
  • Although I like square phones (I use Omnia 7) I don't like this as much as I thought I will. But then again I'm much more interested in what 4 models Samsung will release in the fall!
  • I want to see the WP7 device that Nokia showed renders of, that was pure ****
  • With Nokia, it's all about holding the device in your hand. You hold this in your right hand and the Focus in your left hand, and you'll understand why everyone is excited about Nokia WP7 devices.
  • You've held one in your hand and made the comparison?
  • DAMN...... I LIKE IT... 4.5 INCHES PLEASE.....
  • I was thinkin' 4.0" would be about right for this device, though I honestly think it's wishful thinking. I'm betting we're looking at a 3.7" device.
  • This one looks like 3.5-3.7" yah. I also prefer 4" screens but I have faith that Nokia will be making one of those as well.
  • Nokia, no less than 4.0 screen size, pls.. Thanks.! :-)