Windows Phone Tango update in testing at Telstra

The Windows Phone Tango update is currently in testing by Australian carrier Telstra. What is being referred to as the Mango Commercial Refresh 3 update is being tested for release to the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Mozart and HD7, Samsung Omnia W and LG c900k.

Speculation has the Tango MCR3 update being pushed out sometime in July. The update will bring these older Windows Phones current with the HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 which are shipped with the updated version of Windows Phone.

Source: wpdownunder; Thanks, Peter and Sheeds, for the tip!

Windows Phone Tango update being pushed out for HTC Mozart? [Updated]

We just got a report in that the venerable (and underrated) HTC Mozart is receiving a Windows Phone "Tango" update. The news comes form the personal blog of Aviraj Ajgekar, who is a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft Corporation.

That puts him pretty high up there as far as credibility. What's more, he documented the whole experience noting that his Mozart (we assume un-branded) received no less than three updates, going from OS build 8112.7 to 8773.98 to 8779.8, putting it just slightly ahead of what we understand to be "standard" Tango or Windows Phone Mango, Commercial Release 3 (CR3).

The whole update only took a few minutes to download mostly due to the fact that "Tango" only offers a few fixes and updates to the OS (mostly around enhancing MMS).

No word if HTC is pushing this out for their other devices but we have a feeling we'll be reporting on this a lot more for HTC phones very soon.

Carriers are reportedly going to push out Tango in June while unbranded devices presumably will get it earlier. Nokia already has the Lumia 710 Tango ROM completed with internet sharing on board and we expect the Lumia 800 and 900 to get it as well.

Update: Aviraj has deleted the post from his blog and no one else is reportedly getting this update. Is yet another Microsoft employee being misinformed or was this an internal update for testing?

Source: Aviraj Ajgekar's Blog; Thanks, Joe (@astroXP), for the tip!

Australian HTC Mozart gets sales uptick in the last 12 weeks

We're going to chalk this up to Mango-mania, but according to research firm Kantar, at least in Australia the HTC Mozart has been "performing well in the last 12 weeks".

While no exact figures were given, it's still interesting that such an increase was noted in the first place--especially since Android seems to be exploding there, now surpassing the iPhone. The HTC Mozart is a relatively old phone, being part of the generation 1 launch devices. Having said that, it's also one of the nicest in terms of design, featuring a solid, unibody case and a near perfect size for the pocket.

So why the sudden increase? Perhaps with the impending Mango update and all the news surrounding Windows Phone of late, including lots of positive reviews, consumers are finally taking notice.

Source: CNet Australia; Thanks, Dean, for the heads up!

Official HTC Mango ROM for unbranded Mozart leaked

HTC is known to leak like a sieve and that hasn't changed in 2011 at all. Which is good if you have an unbranded, unlocked HTC Mozart as you can now flash the official HTC ROM with Mango on it. We must stress, if you have the Mozart on Orange or any other carrier to not do this flash and to remember that this is still taking a risk. The details are as follows:

  • OS Version: 7.10.7720.68
  • Firmware: 2250.21.40600.401
  • Radio Software:
  • Bootloader Version: 4.6.2250.0(129193)

Reportedly it runs pretty well, though GPS still may be flaky. A good tutorial on the process can be found at WindowsPhoneReview. Now if we can just get our hands on the Sprint Arrive official ROM, we'll be happy...

Source: XDA; via WMPU, WindowsPhoneReview

Official HTC Mozart localized for Russian goes on sale?

Well this is interesting and we can't verify 100% at the moment, but we're told this is from the official HTC developer site for Russia (official HTC site is this: and they're clearly showing off a Mozart for sale. No biggy there, but the fact that is says in red "UNIT HAS RUSSIAN LOCALIZATION" is of interest since as of now, Windows Phone doesn't have Russian. Heck, even the 7720 build of Mango doesn't have Russian on it, which means if this is legit it's certainly an HTC-OEM thing. You can evidently order it for 19,990 Russian rubles or about $690.

So does this actually have Russian language support? Does it run Mango? Maybe and it must.  Someone should pony up and we can all find out. Hey, if Japan can get the IS12T now, why not Russia? And perhaps, just perhaps that HTC announcement later today will shed some light on this sudden change. Stay tuned...

Source: HTC Developer Russia; Thanks, cehseven, for the heads up using our app!

More device updates being pushed out

On the heels of Tuesday's Samsung Focus 1.4 update comes some more device-specific updates for the HTC Mozart, LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7.  The updates are meant to address some significant features, such as battery life, touchscreen response and call clarity.  Because they have been tailor-made for certain models, we do not expect that every phone will receive one.  However, this is not an exhaustive list, so there may be some more lined up.

Have any of you updated, and if so, noticed any improvements?  Are there any devices not listed that you have been prompted to update?

Source: @TonHor (Thanks for the tip!), WinRumors

Deutsche Telekom reportedly pushing NoDo today for HTC Mozart

For those with the super sleek and snazzy HTC Mozart, we getting word that Deutsche Telekom has finally starting pushing the long sought NoDo update for that phone today. Originally scheduled for "end of April" we'll give a "close enough!" pass to DT here.

No more info at this time as far as firmware changes, but HTC almost always includes some under-the-hood changes e.g. the driver required for the hidden WiFi app.

No word on the Omnia's update getting pushed out but we think it's just a matter of time.  Anyone else can confirm their update in comments? Go ahead..

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HTC 7 Mozart on Telstra gets NoDo approved, awaiting Microsoft to distribute

Although you wouldn't know it from Microsoft's update page, there's good news for those of you on Australia's Telstra network and who own an HTC 7 Mozart: your NoDo udate has been approved and is now in Microsoft's hands for distribution. "Early May" is given as a time-frame, so basically any day now.

Kudos to Telstra for having a more, shall we say, direct way of checking on their phone's update statuses--seems like a sane approach to what AT&T does i.e. silence. And although the HD7 NoDo update is still in testing, that too should be out in a few weeks.

Update: Strider Auz/Sheeds informs us that the only reason Telstra has that awesome update page is because he lead a campaign against them. Direct action, mon ami! See his site for more info.

Source: Telstra; via @Strider_Aus, @ChrisWalshie

HTC Mozart launches in Thailand

The HTC Mozart, a swell little device that we look to be getting here in the U.S. soon, received quite the red carpet launch event in Thailand today. Recently we were asked about new hardware launches, specifically the lack of new devices and to that we'll say that Microsoft and partners are more about augmenting that 30 countries/60 carriers figure than the nine different devices.--Thailand and Canada are good examples of that focus.

Oh and the above video is in Thai but it doesn't mean you can't appreciate the fun it looks like they're having. Did we ever mention we want to go there? The place looks awesome.

Source: WinPhoClub; Thanks, Ton Hor, for the heads up

HTC Mozart coming to T-Mobile? [Rumor]

Our friends at TmoNews are reporting form one of their trusted sources that the HTC Mozart may be coming to T-mobile rather soon.

The device has that aluminum uni-body design, giving it one of the most solid builds we've experienced of any Windows Phone. It also features a rather impressive 8MB camera with dual xenon flash, 3.7" capacitive screen and a super bright LED for charging (seriously, it's blinding). There's also hints that it may come int 8GB and 16GB versions, though more details are needed. 

Anyone looking to pick up this bad boy? From our usage of it (sans U.S. 3G) it's one of the most svelte phones we've handled. Peep the video above of Dieter taking our Mozart for a spin...

Source: TmoNews; Thanks John C, for the tip!

Windows Phone 7 device review Roundup

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices are already landing in stores overseas and are just around the corner from hitting the store shelves in the U.S. We are now seeing reviews surface across the web on the Samsung Focus, HTC Mozart, HTC Surround, and HTC HD7.

We will soon add our own reviews to the growing list but in the meantime, we thought we would offer up a little roundup of what others are saying about these new phones.

Ease on past the break to see what others are saying about the new Windows Phones.

HTC adds Windows Phone 7 videos to YouTube Channel


HTC was in the thick of the Windows Phone 7 launch and has added three new videos highlighting three of their WP7 phones. You can find the video on the HTC HD7, Trophy and Mozart over at HTC's YouTube Channel.  The twenty second videos don't offer any specs on the phones but showcases them nicely.

While the Trophy and Mozart are headed to overseas markets, the HD7 will land at T-Mobile next month. Still not sold on the kickstand but that 4.3" screen does look nice.

Ease on past the break to see the videos on the Trophy and Mozart.

HTC HD7 Mozart passes GCF

The HD7 Mozart, one of HTC's upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices, has received the stamp of approval from the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

The specs listed on the certification show that the phone is fitted with European 3G which obviously means it will likely stay overseas.

All of which poses the question, is the Shubert, Mozart, HD3, and HD7 the same phone?  Is the Shubert / HD3 the U.S. version? 

via: theunwired

HTC to release WP7 in October, more phones on the way?

We've seen numerous indicators that HTC will be launching a Windows Phone 7 device next month (October 21st in Europe?) and an HTC Executive added more credibility to an October launch.

In a recent interview with Gulfnews, Mohammad Kais Zribi, HTC's Regional Director for the Middle East/North Africa, stated, "We will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month and we will be concentrating on Android and Windows segments."

While Zribi didn't get into specifics on which HTC Windows Phone 7 would launch or where it would launch, he did continue to say, "So far we have launched six models and around five more models by end of the year." Combining their efforts with Android and Windows Phone 7, HTC is hoping to secure 5% of the smartphone market, up from just under 2% the company claimed last year.

So far, the WP7 phones we've seen from HTC include the Shubert or HD3 (or is it the HD7), the T8788 (which we think might be the Surround) and the Mozart.

If these are three of the five additional models HTC plans to release this year, what do you think the remaining two will be? Android or additional Windows Phone 7 devices?

via: endgadget

HTC Windows Phone 7 leaks roundup: Mozart & Spark

Busy if not unexciting day for HTC leaks so far...

First, it appears that those earlier pics of the HTC Schubert were mis-identified. Instead, it seems that it is actually the HTC Mozart, a more low-end WP7 device headed for Telstra  (rumored for T-Mobile too). A few more non-thrilling images are below via Xmoo on Twitter (as evidenced by the low-quality images, he must be using an HTC camera--zing!)

So for those thinking "Is that all HTC's got?", the answer would be "???".

The other info is on the HTC Spark, which is, we're told, basically an HTC HD2 with a smaller screen. The Spark_W was mentioned for Verizon awhile back, but who knows about that anymore.


We're still waiting for the big guns from HTC but at least appreciate the fact that Windows Phone 7 will be on a wide-range of devices/price points--well, as wide a range as "black slab" can go at least.

[via WMPU 1,2]

WP7 device rumor: 'Mozart' coming to T-Mobile USA; same as 'Schubert'?

File this under "confusing": Are the HTC Schubert and HTC Mozart one and the same? We may be finding out soon as TmoNews is hearing from a trusted source that the HTC Mozart (a 800x480, keyboardless slab) is coming to T-Mobile USA in the fall.

The big question is are Schubert/Mozart just swappable code names--one being the general device ('Mozart'), the other the carrier specific version ('Schubert') or are they two separate devices?  Too early to tell and like most WP7 device leaks, no hard info to really get excited about.

Hopefully we'll see some real hardware, real specs and something tangible soon.