Telstra rolling out update featuring Internet sharing

It appears that Telstra is rolling out the Windows Phone tethering update, and has enabled Internet sharing for customers, following Vodafone AU. We've received multiple reports from readers (some using the HTC Mozart - new FW version: 2250.21.510002.841) that they've successfully updated. It's good to see the Australian carrier still keeping up with updates.

Should you be on the network and have received the notification to update, let us know in the comments below with what handset you're packing.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I can confirm that Telstra has rolled update is out. Works perfecty (I have a Mozart) and is very easy to setup etc.  It's about time but just happy it's here.
  • I have a Telstra HD7 (T9296), using a Vodafone SIM, and I've updated successfully today. However, it has now introduced an issue where the MAC address CHANGES every time the phone is rebooted! Not that I reboot often, but it's a pain with networks that use MAC address filtering. A quick internet search confirms that it is an issue with this release for everyone (not particular to Telstra)... hopefully to be fixed soon by HTC :/ Note: in case anyone is wondering, the update provides mobile network internet sharing over WiFi and not tethering via a USB cable.
  • Doesn't help me with an ATT branded Samsung Focus on Telstra.
    Screw you ATT :/
  • Bout time Telstra released it!
  • I was hoping that because it took so long for the firmware updates to finally arrive it might have fixed the HTC MAC address changing bug, this is not the case.
  • ok so just an update on telstra updates (after significant investigation) -
    I've not been able to receive this fw update on my Mozart - which for some unknown reason is on 7740 (not 7720) - even though it's only ever been officially updated via standard mechanisms.
    Telstra are saying that since they have not yet approved 7740 the update mechanism will not allow me to have what they call the '7720 firmware' (and I have to wait for a yet to be released 'HTC 7740 telstra firmware').
    At the moment telstra have confirmed they have not yet established a date to 'begin' testing the 7740 update from Microsoft - so this could be quite a while off.
    So... they are not exactly keeping up with the updates at all - they in fact just finally released the HTC firmware - for the o/s software update released an entire 5 months ago).
    Anyhow - if you're on telstra - and you are offered 7740 by mistake - don't install it if you want these updates.....
  • I'm pretty sure my OS version never changed from 7720. The firmware version is now 2250.21.51001.841. I wonder if you had 7740 before the update...
  • I have checked with a mate who has NOT updated his Telstra HD7 yet and the OS version is still 7.10.7720.68, but the firmware version is 2250.21.40501.841. I have also confirmed that the 'radio software' version is currently 5.69 (changes to 6.71 after update).
    So it looks like the OS version doesn't change and it only affects the firmware & radio software versions.
  • yes - this is the case - the update is simply to change the firmware - and will not alter o/s version unless you also install other updates at same time.
    however ... it appears the approval and update process for firmwares (by carrier) is done on a 'per os revision' basis - in that telstra appear to have approved ICS update for 7720 only (not 7720 'or later' as would have been expected).
    So hence - I will not get offered this update (without rolling back handset) - until telstra go and re-test and re-approve this exact same firmware for second time on 7740 (which at this point hasnt even been scheduled for testing by telstra).
    and there's no ETA for any of that - in fact since telstra and other carriers have all but dumped WP7 in AU (see wpdownunder's blog post on this)  - testing/approval times by telstra on new updates may begin to get slower and slower (or even cease to happen).
  • Ah right, sorry I misunderstood your original post. Very weird you're on 7740!
    I don't think we can say they've dumped WP7... but it certainly is marginalised at the moment. Hopefully a rise of Nokia will promote WP7 a bit more. Hopefully MS have plans in place if/when carriers decide to stop testing.
  • I got an update two days ago, now have internet sharing. My firmware says 2250.21.51001.841 and OS 7720.