Vodafone AU approves HTC Internet Sharing update, roll-out soon

Good news for those on Vodafone in Australia: the carrier has approved the HTC update that will enable WiFi internet sharing on the 7 Trophy, this just weeks after announcing that they were testing it:

Windows Phone 7.10.7720.68Maintenance Release MCR1 (Internet Sharing Update)Vodafone has granted technical approval of a new maintenance release. Roll-out will begin soon; keep an eye on our blog for further details.

This is excellent news as HTC certainly seems committed to their customers in getting this update to as many devices and carriers as possible. We'll keep an eye out for when it goes live.

Source: Vodafone Blog; Thanks, Gary H., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why cant Sprint offers unlimitted data and why is it they have not enable it to have internet sharing also for HTC Arrive Windows phone 7.5 Mango. I wonder if it will work if i update on HTC Arrive.
  • Because sprint's network is too shitty to handle it and then they expect current customers to pay full price on their bills to help them pay their debt to apple for the iPhone and want former customers to pay the ETF over the unlimited data use during the period where it actually worked and in locations that didn't have the congestion issues.
  • I'm pretty delusional in hoping the Verizon Trophy gets this, aren't I ... ?
  • The 7740 update for the HTC Trophy just came in including an HTC update for internet sharing. All in 1 update :)
    Provider: KPN, The Netherlands