Updates out for HTC HD7, Mozart and Samsung Focus, bringing tethering to many

We've had a number of reports sent in from readers and the like with regards to updates being rolled out to a number of devices including the HTC HD7, Mozart, and Samsung Focus. Many reports mentioned Internet sharing being enabled, but we can't confirm for each device and carrier. 

Have you received an update, and if so is Internet sharing included? Let us know, along with your device and carrier, in the comments below.

Update: The following is a list of devices and/or carriers that are currently rolling out updates (will add more carriers/devices to the list as comments come in):

  • HTC Mozart / O2*, One Call*, Telenor*
  • HTC HD7 / O2*, T-Mobile*
  • HTC Titan /
  • HTC Trophy /
  • Samsung Focus / 

* denotes confirmed Internet sharing capabilities.

Thanks to everyone who sent this info in!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • T-MO, southeastern united states, HD7, no update.
  • Downloading my new firmware for my HTC Mozart right now :)
  • Unlocked HTC mozart updated, Internet Sharing ENABLED!!! WOOHOOO!
  • Carrier? :)
  • Unlocked, thus any carier.
  • I'm interested to know what carrier he's using his handset on. Ya'know, to use a phone, you need to be on a network. Carrier = network. Doesn't matter if your device is locked or unlocked.
  • did unlocked HTC Mozart from O2 gets updated and its firmware not get it locked again?
  • HD7 on O2 here and got pinged about an update which is currently installing, so will be interesting to see what if anything it enables. I'd imagine O2 would like to block anything if they can :p
  • Has anyone ever got Internet Sharing working with WP7 on AT&T? I couldn't find any data on their website about enabling it.
  • I use tethering on my LG Quantum on AT&T. I don't know about creating a personal hotspot since I have no need for that.
  • I have but it is the hacked/cracked version. Don't know how long it will take before they come knocking on the door asking me to stop it though. Saved my roommate's and my **** the other day though when our internet went out right before registration.
  • May I just say F you to Samsung, Microsoft, and ATT. The Focus is getting another update after Mango, when us poor slobs with Focus rev 1.4 still have yet to get Mango. This is just pissing me off big time.I really wish WPCentral, or some other tech/phone site would do a real article about it and try and pressure Microsoft/Samsung/ATT into answering the question of what is really going on and when, if at all. Individual people posting in message-boards is not really an incentive for them to comment because it is not really bad publicity.
  • Check out this weeks Windows Weekly podcast. Paul Thurrott has some interesting comments about the 1.4 version of the Focus (and the Focus in general).
  • Instead of trolling on windows phone fansites why don't u ask AT&T to give u a 1.3 as a replacement?
  • I emphatize with your pain and frustration about the lack of a rev 1.4 update. I feel similarly about AT&T's failure to provide Visual voicemail. Based on all the information I've read over the last several weeks, I believe the delay in the rev 1.4 update is AT&T. I read a statement issues by Samsung a few days before Mango was released, that laid out their schedule for packaging/shipping the update to AT&T, and for AT&T testing. I can't seem to locate the article again, but the date that Samsung specified for their release of the update to AT&T has long come and gone, so I'm fairly certain this update is held up at AT&T, just like Visual voicemail. Those folks at AT&T responsible for Windows Phone are absolutely insensitive to customer needs.Btw... I bought three Samsung Focus for my family a month ago, and I made the store rep open every box and confirm rev 1.3 before I would accept them, because I just knew this rev 1.4 thing was going to be a disappointment. 
  • Same state here too. Really pissed off about Mango and Focus Rev 1.4 phones. Don't expect WPCentral to cover this and write anything bad about Microsoft and its partners. May be they won't get the invite to the next night out if they do so. Expected much better from WPCentral than this but might be my fault expecting much from them to support a WP7 user/users concern.
  • I live in Argentina and a friend bought my Samnsug Focus rev. 1.4 in USA when he traveled to it in the last September.  
    I'm really angry with Micro$oft and ATT because I don't have any chance to can change this phone for another version.
    I would like that these corporations give us any explanation about this pathetic situation!
  • Nevermind, updating now.
  • Don't see any update for my Focus. AT&T and Rev 1.3. I'll try to do some reboots to see if I can get it to show up, but yeah. Curious where you guys heard the Focus stuff from.Nope, still not seeing an update for the Focus. I'd really like to know where you guys are getting that from, as I don't see the Focus being mentioned anywhere else.
  • HTC HD7 on T-Mobile. update complete, now i have internet sharing and it actually works!
  • I have the same divice htc hd 7 and i have a big trouble trying to down low sofeware to tether the phone. will you send me or post step by step instructions in how you do it. thank you.
  • Updated the my HTC Mozart and Internet Sharing is available for my carrier here in Norway, Telenor :)
  • I can confirm I have internet connection sharing for my HTC 7 Mozart, which is unbranded, in Norway! :D I tested it too, worked flawlessly! (Carrier is One Call)
  • mozart on o2 uk... now with internet sharing and it works. :-)
  • enahs555, I lay that entirely at Samsung's feet. They have several different versions of the Focus. More than just 1.1 through 1.4. There are supposedly multiple variations of the 1.4 revision. The previous revs were more standardized although not entirely "standard".Isn't this update that is coming out now a hardware and carrier update, not really an MS update? This was a Mango feature.
  • "This was a Mango feature."You mean Internet Sharing? While it was included in Mango, it needed to be enabled by the OEMs and carriers.
  • I thought there was only the Focus v1.3 and v1.4?
  • Got the update on my TMOUS HD7. Sweet!! :)
  • No update here for Samsung Focus v1.3 on AT&T US. Is the roll out geo-based? I noticed that NoDo started on the east coast at midnight and ran to the west coast. I already have internet sharing on mine via Interlop unlock, wonder if that effects anything?With AT&T, woud you have to have a tethering data plan for this to be enabled, or would it allow you to do this by default?
  • I am not sure about the focus but I know that I went to my ATT store and they have a focus S and flash and they are selling fairly well and I played with the focus s and it has internet sharing enable the sales rep thought that it was included and said that my smartphone unlimited data plan would be grandfathered in.  However while the focus s is nice  they are planning LTE rollout for sometime next year  for my area and I suspect that I will just wait for that, or at least wait until the ebay prices on the focus s or titan come down to semi reasonable.  Thats what I have done in the past with fairly great success as far as prices.  They already have two android decices  the vivid and the samsung one that are LTE ready and work on the HSPA+ as of now.  They looked pretty nice.  But i really dont care for android. 
    As far as the update havent seen it yet either through zune or a message on the device that an update is available.  But I have never seen the "An update is available" on my focus rev 1.3.  Hopefully it will come in a few days.
  • I suspect so.  Hopefully it will be rolled out soonerv arther than later.
  • Hopefully this fixes the annoying lockup when playing music on Zune.
  • HTC HD7 (Germany) I've now got the update. =)
  • Just wanted to confirm that HD7 on O2 in the UK has updated and has internet sharing.
  • nothing for my mozart on orange uk so far...
  • I have an open market LG and I haven't received the update yet...
  • HD7 on T-mobile. Just finished updating. Internet sharing?? Heck yeah!!! ;D
  • T-Mobile hd7 being used on att has been updated and has internet sharing:)
  • Do you have any issues using you hd7 on att. I want to purchase the titan when it arrives and was wondering is there any drawbacks. I currently had an hd7 on tmobile
  • Just got 2 updates for my HTC Trophy (UK). Email fix and.............. INTERNET SHARING :)
  • HD7 T-MO downloaded and installed..
  • Nothing on a 1.3 Focus on AT&T.Tried the debrand trick from NoDo, and no luck there as well.
  • well apparently the focus 1.3 users arent getting anything inculding myself
  • T-Mobile HD7 update with internet sharing. No disappearing keyboard fix, that must be from microsoft. Should i be able to purchase and htc titan on att and use my tmobile sim card on it? Thanks in advance
  • tmobile HD7 northern va, downloaded, installed, and working
  • Well, well just received the prompt to update :) HTC HD7 On T-Mobile In Texas.
  • Toronto - Canada. Rogers network - Samsung Focus running Mango unlocked with Chevronwp7 Tool....Updating right now.
  • Just updated HD7 on t-mobile – the internet sharing works great. However this may sound nuts but it seems that the MAC address has changed. Did anyone see this?
  • Same here with samsung focus 1.3, unlocked unit with forced OFICIAL MANGO inside.I hope samsung is preparing an update not only for tethering... I am talking about the compass driver.
  • I have the Focus 1.3 and the compass works great.  I had to try a couple of different compass apps to find one that I actually liked, but it works fine.  Even the augmented reality one works pretty well.
  • Just updated HD7 on t-mobile – the internet sharing works great. However this may sound nuts but it seems that the MAC address has changed. Did anyone see this?
  • HD7 on T-Mobile USA here too.  I'm not sure it's just MAC address changed or what, but I had issues with my work WiFi since the update last night earlier.  Out of no good reasons I had to regiter my device twice to finally get it work.
  • T-Mobile, Ohio,HTC HD 7 just updated,Check Internet Sharing,Check.
  • What's wrong with you, Sprint!?
  • They can't even fix their overloaded towers. U wouldn't be able to get this to work even if they did provide it.
  • As usual the HTC Arrive is left high and dry with no update to 7740 and no tethering...
    Oh and the 160 character problem with the text messages is STILL a problem!  Amazing.
  • I just updated my Samsung Focus 1.3 from Rogers.I had installed the hacked version of Internet Tethering on my Chevron WP7 unlocked device and it is still there and the settings were not reset and it still works.Firmware revision number is 2124.11.9.4Hardware revision number is software version: 2124.11.9.3Radio hardware version: hope that gives you guys some details! :)
  • Have you had any issues with wifi after hacking/using internet sharing? I did (as I describe in a comment below)
  • I have the Samsung Focus from Rogers, just did the recent update from samsung hoping to get the Internet Sharing,,,but there was nothing there >!?
  • You didn't get internet sharing? You checked in Settings?That is dissappointing news. I hacked it on and it has caused problems...I was hoping for an official solution.
  • Is the internet sharing free?
  • Yup. I do pay for a 6GB/month data plan -- this probably enables the tethering option..
  • Anybody with a Samsung Focus on AT&T getting any update? I keep mine downgraded to the Samsung driver before Mango because they messed up the Bluetooth volume in the last update. Consequently, I can't tell I when a new update is available. I hope it's fixed in the next update or I'll be stuck on an even older version.
  • I tried the Zune trick to see if I could force the alleged update and I got nothin'.  So, at this point it looks like AT&T is probably not rolling that update.  And, actually, that wouldn't surprise me since they still haven't rolled the update for Focus 1.4 owners.  Now, it just occurred to me that IF this rolls for AT&T that the Mango update will also roll for the 1.4 Focus owners.  Remember that the 1.4 owners got that security update and us 1.3 owners did NOT, but it was rolled in with the Mango update.  We may see the reverse going on here.  Then again, I could be wrong.
  • HTC HD7S on AT&T, Los Angeles CA. No update :(
  • I also got the update on my Focus with ROGERS (in Canada).I don't know if it enabled tethering since I already had hacked it on there.norseman, if you read this, can you tell mme if you noticed any Wifi/3G issues after hacking/using internet sharing? I myself and some others seems ot have had an issue with data stalling while on wifi after using Internet Sharing...
  • I was wondering what was causing that problem! Yes - I definitely notice that. I noticed it before this update too though. I wonder if it had to do with the installation of the unofficial tether application being installed. I didn't really notice why it was starting to do that but can see it being related.I will try now that this update was installed and see if it is still happening.
  • I has the issues before this update...I think because of hacking/using internet sharing.After the update, the problem still persists :(
  • Mine seems to be okay -- I could even get my information from 'My Account' app when using WiFi or being in tether and of course 3G worked just fine after I disabled both of those services.Not sure why it is working better for me.
  • Just updated HD7 on t-mobile – the internet sharing works great. However this may sound nuts but it seems that the MAC address has changed. Did anyone see this?
  • Samsung Focus on Rogers. Got an update but I don't see internet sharing in settings.OS version: 7.10.7720.68Firmware revision number: 2124.11.9.4Hardware revision number: software version: 2124.11.9.3Radio hardware version: version: SOC version:
  • Ah man...that is dissappointing.
  •   Samsung Focus on Rogers.  Got the update, and don't have Internet Sharing (on the 6GB plan).   However, I believe the update includes new drivers for the compass, because it appears to be a lot more stable and reliable.  I've tested it with a couple compass apps as well as an Augmented Reality app.  Can anyone else confirm this?
  • Why the hell does the site comments say all comments were posted on "31 Dec 1969"? lol
  • Has anyone gotten an update from ATT yet?
  • Not me.  I'm in southwest Texas....we get things by horse or carrier pigeon ;).  That might explain the delay.
  • I don't understand, why would there be an update that does NOT include internet sharing on Rogers?! They offer it on Android and Apple devices, so why disclude Windows, it just doesn't make sense!
  • Just got the update.
    AT&T, Samsung Focus 1.3 = NO Internet Sharing.
    So disappointed. So, so disappointed.
  • Updated my Samsung Omnia 7 yesterday. Internet Sharing onboard and working! Phone is a Three branded phone with a Telia sim in it (I live in Sweden) :-)
  • T-Mobile HD7 in Rhode Island, just got the update prompt and am updating now. Yessssssssssss. Now, if they could just fix that disappearing keyboard issue...
  • Just Updated my HD7 on O2 Germany and Internet Sharing is available and works. Great Day! Now i need a fix for the https sites in IE9 mobil... they can only be accessed, when i manualy install the needed certificate.
  • HTC HD7 tmobile UK wifi tethering works just fine. I can now completely cut my ties with my old android phone I was using as a hotspot for my windows 8 tablet.
  • I just connected my HTC 7 Pro to my PC and got the tethering update! My carrier is o2.
    Thank you for informing me! :D
  • I received an 2 updates on my Omnia 7 on Monday, still no tethering though - slowly loosing my patience with Samsung and Microsoft, looks like I will be going back to Android :(
  • While these updates are rolling out I'm beginning to wonder about the various messages from Omnia 7 users. What I concluded sofar is that certain countries with certain providers have gotten tethering enabled in the latest update.
    I also had the latest update (new firmware) and was not enabled for tethering.
    I have an open market Omnia 7 phone and live in then Netherlands.
  • just updated my htc hd7 on O2 germany and the internet sharing feature works perfectly! Anyone noticed improved battery life? cause mine somehow seems last longer now..perhaps I'm just too excited! :D
  • My unlocked HTC Mozart in Hong Kong got it several hours ago
  • roger samsung focus (unlocked)....got the update, but still no internet sharing :(
  • Unlocked Euro Mozart
    Tethering on O2 DE works
  • My Orange CH branded HTC Mozart is still on Firmware 2250.21.40600.071 and no sign of an update from Orange CH.
    I received the latest Update via Zune this morning tho, but of course this only fixes the Exchange Server 2003 and voicemail notification issues.
    Anybody out there received newer firmware on Orange CH branded phones?
  • Omnia 7 unlocked, received, no tethering.
  • Samsung Omnia 7 unlocked with Telenor Sweden.
    Teathering working.
  • T-Mobile HD7 in NC, USA and update is downloading now.  Thanks for the tip!
  • HD 7 - Germany - O2 - tethering is enabled 
  • Updated my HTC HD7 on O2 last night now notice I can't connect to by router via Wi-Fi nor does it show it in the list, reversed the update all workes, done a complete reset and no joy any one else had these issues? Router using WPA2 AES
  • are you doing MAC address filtering?  If so, check to see if your phones MAC chandged.  I read somewhere that "someone" had that happen.  (im not sure how..but...)
  • Nothing yet from AT&T... guess my Focus will never see it because my new Focus S arrives today!!
  • OMG
  • HONG KONG: Mozart T8698 (unlocked) received the update this morning. HD7 T9292(unlocked) still waiting. All working correctly.
  • I got my update this morning. First I noticed you can now use ringtones for calls now on the Samsung focus. Still cant set a custom ringtone for SMS and E-mails. Update took  about 35 mins to install.
    So far everything is working, although Samsung's Now weather and news app still doesnt work properly. All the categories (health, travel, science, ect.) doesn't load any new information for each category. I suppose this could only be fixed with an application update, but its been broken since mango released.
  • Got the update, Internet Sharing present. HTC HD7 in Singapore 
  • Could anyone let me know where i can get the earlier version of zune, so that I can alteast have access to Market place, I still do not have access to market place india as I am not on Mango yet, samsung focus version 1.4, I will appreciate if any one can provide me with Zune 4.7.1404
    Thanks, anil.yvs@gmail.com
  • You could try here:
  • It seems that updates is only effect to "West". There is no message from "East" or Asia. I am from India have HTC HD7 (Unlocked) no intimation till now. Have any of my Indian friend received any intimation.
  • T-mo htc-hd7 have my update everything works perfect except the marketplace start to freeze.anyone have an idea about that ?
  • HI
    I am using HD7 in India on Airtel
    Its was bought in UK on O2.
    Yesterday got the Internet sharing update.
    Loving it 
  • Singapore HTC 7 Mozart has also received the update. I just updated it on my mozart. So cool~
  • Anyone having issues reconnecting to existing routers or reconnecting previously connected wifi devices back to your phone wifi hotspot? There have now been several reports of the MAC address changing on HTC devices that have had the 2 recent firmware updates that enable tethering.
  • HTC 7 Mozart from Tele2 Sweden; and yes we have internet sharing enabled!
  • just updated HTC Mozart 7 on Orange UK - still no I.C.S, gutted gonna have to keep the 3 mifi going longer....
  • I have an LG Optimus Quantum on the SaskTel network.  Received the 7740 update today but Internet Sharing is not showing in the Settings app.  Not sure if this is prevented by Microsoft, LG, or SaskTel, but either way I am not a happy camper!  USB tethering just doesn't cut it for me...
  • I got Internet Sharing on my Trophy Dec 2, with 7.10.7740.16 and FW 2250.21.51006.401. Country is Norway, operator is Telenor.
  • Internet Connection Sharing now available for Telstra branded HTC 7 Mozart and HD7. Refer to:
    Telstra Community Forums - Re: Tethering Update out now for HTC Mozart etc - CrowdSupport http://bit.ly/tnbPEI 
  • I have a Samsung focus flash and it keeps freezing up while I'm texting how do I stop that from happening?
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