We've had a number of reports sent in from readers and the like with regards to updates being rolled out to a number of devices including the HTC HD7, Mozart, and Samsung Focus. Many reports mentioned Internet sharing being enabled, but we can't confirm for each device and carrier. 

Have you received an update, and if so is Internet sharing included? Let us know, along with your device and carrier, in the comments below.

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Update: The following is a list of devices and/or carriers that are currently rolling out updates (will add more carriers/devices to the list as comments come in):

  • HTC Mozart / O2*, One Call*, Telenor*
  • HTC HD7 / O2*, T-Mobile*
  • HTC Titan /
  • HTC Trophy /
  • Samsung Focus / 

* denotes confirmed Internet sharing capabilities.

Thanks to everyone who sent this info in!

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