Although you wouldn't know it from Microsoft's update page, there's good news for those of you on Australia's Telstra network and who own an HTC 7 Mozart: your NoDo udate has been approved and is now in Microsoft's hands for distribution. "Early May" is given as a time-frame, so basically any day now.

Kudos to Telstra for having a more, shall we say, direct way of checking on their phone's update statuses--seems like a sane approach to what AT&T does i.e. silence. And although the HD7 NoDo update is still in testing, that too should be out in a few weeks.

Update: Strider Auz/Sheeds informs us that the only reason Telstra has that awesome update page is because he lead a campaign against them. Direct action, mon ami! See his site for more info.

Source: Telstra; via @Strider_Aus, @ChrisWalshie

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