Deutsche Telekom reportedly pushing NoDo today for HTC Mozart

For those with the super sleek and snazzy HTC Mozart, we getting word that Deutsche Telekom has finally starting pushing the long sought NoDo update for that phone today. Originally scheduled for "end of April" we'll give a "close enough!" pass to DT here.

No more info at this time as far as firmware changes, but HTC almost always includes some under-the-hood changes e.g. the driver required for the hidden WiFi app.

No word on the Omnia's update getting pushed out but we think it's just a matter of time.  Anyone else can confirm their update in comments? Go ahead..

Thanks, Fisi_zubi, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Not getting it on Omnia 7 but i'm with DT.Boo :(
  • Where is my update on my Surround?????????? taking way too long
  • No update here. DT Mozart.
  • Those titles icons looks really bad. There's something really off about them.
  • These are standard T-Mobile Germany icons, so not in WP7 style unfortunately... but that's just bundled removable apps, no big deal.
  • Have the unlocked Mozart. Updated a while back with the "disconnect network" method, but can't find a hardware improvement. Just wat NoDo brings, no firmware changes to report from HTC themself.
  • Today i got my Update HTC Mozart DTFirst 7008 after restart the next update is in Zun available 7.0.7392.0