NoDo: End of April for Deutsche Telekom Windows Phones

While up in Canada, Telus users get the 'NoDo' next week, the same can't be said for those in Germany. In case you can't read German, the above Tweet from Deutsche Telekom reads "Windows Mobile 7 update at the end of April".

We know these updates are rolling and dependent upon carrier approval, but we're just going to take a guess here and bet DT customers won't be too happy with the wait. Who wants to take bets on American carriers?

Source: @deutschetelekom; via @rschu

Daniel Rubino

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  • Since DT owns American T-Mobile, I guess that's probably a good estimate as to when we'll get updated as well.
  • I came to the conclusion last night that I'll probably be looking toward XDA for my updates. Can't say I'm confident that AT&T users will have the update this month.
  • I said several weeks ago, somewhere on some Windows Phone 7 forum, that AT&T users won't see the update until May or June.
  • This makes me sick to my stomach (on T-Mobile USA), but oh well.The incremental app updates that come out 2 or 3 times a week should tide me over. I rly rly rly rly rly rly want my Facebook updated to receive notificatiooooooooons!
  • Wow this platform is going to fail.
  • microsoft update processe is a big joke...
  • remember android people. That Update process is the biggest joke in the industry. At least We are ALL getting update at around the same time.On android, Samsung released the Nexus S with Android 2.3. Yet they NEVER updated their Galaxy S phone to even 2.2!!!! That my friend is a joke
  • Yup. I got my Captivate in October, shortly after an update which didn't fix the GPS issues many were having, but seemed to only remove the tethering option. IIRC, Samsung had promised a Froyo update "by the end of [2010]". It wasn't released until the 24th of last month.Regarding the WP7 update fiasco, I've said it before but, given time, it will be forgotten. The true beta testers are those of us who are among the first to buy a product before the commoners do. I've faith that MS will improve the update process. There will still be missed deadlines, but nothing like the what we're experiencing now.
  • What bothers me most is that they lied about this **** january, february, march. If you dont know for sure then dont give people dates and don;t tell us this update process is better because carriers can't block them. I bet you in order to get Mango we will have to buy new devices that have it preloaded.
  • You're probably right. So lemme see, I purchased my Dell Venue Pro in January. So in a year n half's time I can get an upgrade to a new phone. So by June of 2012, I can get my next phone at a discounted price. Grrr, by then it'll be on the "Coconut" update. Hopefully it's smoother by then lol
  • also, **** and **** are not bad words..
  • When I had a blackberry with T-Mobile, they were consistently dead last on the planet to upgrade the OS. So T-mobile users who wanted the latest OS would have to delete their vender xml and use the OS released by another telecom. How foolish of me to think they would be faster with WP7
  • simple, im not paying my bill until i get my update from ATT, who's with me!how do we organize a protest?