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Is the Tidal music service worth it for Windows 10 users? Let's examine the pros and cons

You may have heard a bit about Tidal, the high fidelity music streaming service. But is it worth subscribing to if you're a Windows user?

With Apple waving goodbye to Beats Music, here are some alternatives for Windows Phone owners

Apple Music is here and with it we say goodbye to Beats Music. Why is that relevant? Beats Music launched and actually supported Windows Phone. Apple is killing off that support so here's a list of some good alternatives to give your money to.

Beats Music launches on Windows Phone, now available for download

Beats Music is now available for Windows Phone users. The music streaming service was first announced over ten days ago. We took notice because Beats Music announced that a Windows Phone app would be launching alongside its Android and iOS counterparts. However, that wasn’t exactly true as we later learned the Windows Phone version would be a few days behind.

Well, here we are, and Beats Music is now on Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

Beats Music to launch online streaming service, bringing a personalised music experience to the US on January 21

Beats has announced a new music service ( that will be available on Windows Phones on January 21st. Not only that, but should you be with the US mobile operator AT&T, you (and every member of your family, up to five people and ten devices) will be able to take full advantage of a sweet deal to get you all started. Rock on past the break for details and more.

Pandora adds recommended stations and lock screen integration in latest update

Windows Phone users have a lot of options when it comes to streaming music. Pandora is one of them. Their app has just received an update that should improve user experience. A change log is included in the store listing, so head past the break to take a look.

Vote to bring Spotify's free streaming service to Windows Phone

Spotify has recently made its free service include mobile devices. It’s free on iOS and it’s free on Android. How about Windows Phone? Nope. Not yet. If you try logging in to the Windows Phone app without a premium account, you get an error that says you need a Spotify Premium account. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Official Napster app for Windows Phone on the way, here’s what it looks like

For those who have been involved with digital music, the name Napster should ring a few bells. Considered to be the forefather of digital music distribution, albeit ruled illegally, the service was shutdown, re-opened and acquired a few times since its inception in 1999. Years later, in 2011, the company was bought by Rhapsody, who still maintain its trademark and logos.

The service is available on the Xbox 360 (in the UK) and now it’s evidently coming to Windows Phone.

Report: Official Songza app due next week for Windows Phone 8

Back at the end of June, the official Songza app for Windows 8 launched during Microsoft’s //Build/ conference.  That was after an earlier report from the company in April, where they announced a Windows 8 app and said they would begin working on a Windows Phone version soon thereafter.

So it’s never been a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’.

Hands on: Official Digitally Imported app (beta) for Windows Phone

We announced a few weeks ago that the popular electronic music streaming site Digitally Imported ( was beta testing their official app for Windows Phone. Tonight, we figured we show you the current status of the beta and how it all works.

Digitally Imported is a free music streaming site, though users can opt for a paid “Premium” experience like on Pandora. That feature enables 256kbps streaming with no ads and that membership level is reflected in the app.

Songza working on Windows app, Windows Phone to follow

Songza ( has revealed that the company is working on a Windows app, but more importantly a Windows Phone app thereafter. But what is Songza exactly? It's a free music streaming and recommendation service for the US. Playlists are claimed to be created by music experts and the service recommends various playlists based on time of day and mood or activity. 

Rhapsody updated for Windows Phone 8, introduces offline playback and more

The official Rhapsody ( app has been updated for Windows Phone 8. The music service enables consumers to access millions of music tracks within its expansive catalogue, but it's restricted to the US which leaves everyone else outside the exclusive club.

While majority of Windows Phone owners have access to both Xbox Music and Nokia Music (depending on location and device), it's always good to have more choice available. Back to Rhapsody. We're looking at a rather large update, so what's new in version 3?

GrooveShark compatible client comes to Windows Phone

Although it's been talked about at XDA, creating a GrooveShark client for Windows Phone has so far eluded most of the developers there. But it looks like Devalane has managed to pull it off, releasing a free app for the music-streaming site. (For those who remember, we had the pretty awesome GrooveFish & NanoGroove for Windows Mobile.)

MusicShark, just released in the Marketplace, allows you to search for any artist and basically stream whatever is available on GrooveShark's site--which is quite extensive. Interestingly, outside of the app's logo and name, it makes no mention of accessing GrooveShark's music library (perhaps for legal reasons). But if you do a search on both, you'll see they match exactly in content. In addition to streaming, you can add songs to the queue and create a playlist. Unfortunately as of now, you can't login to your GrooveShark account, but for creating and streaming playlists, it seems to work well enough.

For being v1.0, free and the first of its kind, we're not complaining. Grab it here in the Marketplace.