Flow Free: Bridges, simple puzzle game you can waste a lot of time on

Looking for another great game to waste time on? Check out Flow Free: Bridges. In this puzzle game, you connect matching colors with pipes to create a flow. Pair all colors and cover the entire board. Use bridges to cross two pipes and solve each puzzle.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay video on a Nokia Lumia Icon.

Save the Hamsters for Windows Phone proves math games can be really fun

Math games can be really fun. Take a look at Save the Hamsters, for example. This Windows Phone game has cute hamsters that are lost and need to find their way home. Pass each level by solving the math problems and going though obstacles such as boxes and ropes. Watch out for the cutters!

Head past the break to watch our hands on video and gameplay.

Puzzle game Move from iOS and Android makes its way to the Windows Phone Store

An awesome puzzle game from iOS and Android has just made its way to the Windows Phone Store. We previously covered a similar title, but it was not the official version. This is the real deal. Let’s check out Move by Nitako.

The game is simple. The goal is to move the dots onto the target squares. They all move together in the same direction unless they are blocked.

Joining Hands 2 for Windows Phone 8, one of the cutest puzzle games around now available

Some development teams just made solid product after solid product. One of those development teams is game studio 10tons. They’ve given us great (sometimes weird) games like King Oddball, Sparkle, and more. Seriously, if you haven’t played a game from 10tons you need to go to the Windows Phone Store, pick one up and at least play the trial. You’ll probably get hooked. Well 10tons has just recently released another game for Windows Phone called Joining Hands 2, a follow up to their previous puzzle game of the same title. Let’s check it out.

Boonce, a blast of a puzzle game for your Windows Phone

Boonce is a Windows Phone game that is part shooter and part puzzler. You control a cannon and are tasked with taking out targets. Sounds simple until you realize you have to snake your shots through various mazes and some targets require certain actions before they can be destroyed.

Graphics are simple, controls could stand a little improvement but game play is challenging enough to keep Boonce from growing stale.

Blow your mind with a Lumia 920 controlled DIY Labyrinth puzzle

We love DIY projects that use Windows Phones here at Windows Phone Central, and this project is nothing short of impressive. Almost veryone is familiar with the labyrinth puzzles you can purchase from local toy stores that task the player with tilting the maze to control the ball and reach the end of the puzzle, without dropping into any holes.

So that would make a rather cool app, right? Well, that's simply not good enough for developer Matt aka 'RogueCode' (who used to write for us and makes the awesome Ffffound app). He decided to make a DIY labyrinth puzzle that can be controlled by a Windows Phone (Lumia 920 is used in the demonstration above) and its on-board accelerometer.

Break some orbs, save the world in Sparkle for Windows Phone 8

Enjoy the classic marble shooting games where you're centralised and have to shoot and match gem colours to prevent the trail from hitting the end? You might want to check out Sparkle for Windows Phone 8, which is a game that will take to your liking and offer up many hours of gameplay to pass the time.

Pick up the full version of Tile Path for free for a limited time only

Tile Path, a popular puzzle game for Windows Phone is now on special offer. Jourde Frédéric, the developer of the title has got in touch with us to reveal that the pricing for the full version has been slashed to a whopping zero until tomorrow. We've confirmed that the pricing alteration has taken effect so be sure to check out the listing on the Windows Phone Store.

ThinkInvisible – Now available for Windows Phone

Touting itself as an optical illusion game, ThinkInvisible has recently landed on the Windows Phone Store after picking up some good reviews on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The game is designed to push your grey matter by getting you to recognise things from the smallest element of an image. The idea for the game is simple enough but the execution on the style and graphics makes this one worthy of checking out. Did we mention it’s free? Read on to find out more..

Elems: Windows Phone Game Review

Elems is a Tetris styled game for your Windows Phone where you try to form groups of fuzzy little creatures, Elems. Line up four Elems of the same color and they disappear from the game board. Elems has three game modes to keep things interesting.

Game controls will take a little time to get used to but overall, Elems is a decent little game for your Windows Phone.

HexaLines now available for Windows 8, coming to Windows Phone later this month

The popular Windows Mobile game HexaLines now breathes fresh air on the Windows Store as a Windows 8 title. We last looked at HexaLines with the news of the strategic game making its way to both Windows Phone and the desktop stores. The aim of the game is to expand by deploying new hexagons (all players start from the centre) and attempting to cut off or annihilate enemy colours.

Windows Mobile game HexaLines on its way to Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Does the name HexaLines ring any bells to veteran Windows Mobile owners? It should if you are crazy for competitive mobile games. HexaLines was a strategy game that saw players filling up as many paths as possible. Starting from the centre Hexagon, players are tasked with adding more hexagons to expand the available path for his or her colour.

Playing against either AI or friends, the game can get relatively busy on-screen with a number of ways to attack (or be attacked by) the enemy. Rotating the next available hexagon and strategically placing it to either cut off an enemy's flow or pour your own colour into their line is key to survival.

Xbox 360 Impressions: Zuma's Revenge from PopCap, makers of Plants vs. Zombies

PopCap Games may be best known for their sublime Plants vs. Zombies (on sale for $2.99 this week!), but they actually produce a number of stellar franchises like Peggle and Zuma. We interviewed PopCap about those two series coming to Windows Phone last year, and we’ll continue to ask about them whenever we can. PopCap seems to work on one game for one platform at a time, and they’ve just completed a new Xbox Live Arcade release: Zuma’s Revenge. It just came out yesterday, but I’ve been playing the game for a week now in order to bring you this review.

The original Zuma Deluxe was an XBLA launch title way back in 2006. Basically an enhanced clone of classic arcade game Puzz Loop (aka Magnetica), the Zuma games put players in control of a stationary frog who can rotate in any direction and shoot colored balls from his mouth. In each level, more balls roll on-screen along one or more paths. The frog’s job is to stop them from reaching the goal at the path’s end by quickly making as many colored matches as possible. It’s sort of like Bubble Town 2 but much, much better and more varied.

Head past the break for our full impressions and more screenshots.

Doodle God: Xbox Windows Phone Review

Windows Phone already had an Xbox Live ‘god’ game before JoyBits’ Doodle God graduated from indie to Xbox Live status. That title was Pocket God, an ill-supported and underwhelming port of the hit iOS game. Regardless, Doodle God and Pocket God couldn’t be any more different. Pocket God is all about teasing hapless worshippers via minigames, whereas Doodle God focuses on the creation aspect of godhood. As it turns out, creating a world and populating it with new things takes a sharp mind and plenty of trial and error. No wonder that one guy needed a rest after six days!

Droplitz Delight making a splash on Xbox Live for Windows Phone May 23

Screenshots from Droplitz Delight coming to Windows Phone on May 23

Last month, WPCentral broke the news of three new Game House titles coming to Xbox Live: Droplitz Delight, Sally’s Spa, and Tiki Towers 2. We’re now delighted to reveal the official release date and exclusive first screenshots of Droplitz Delight on Windows Phone. It’s coming Wednesday, May 23 for just 99 cents!

Droplitz Delight is the mobile-exclusive sequel to XBLA and Steam puzzler Droplitz. In each level, players are tasked with guiding the adorable liquid droplitz from the top of the screen to the bottom. You’ll have to quickly rotate a bunch of tiles in order to create a safe path for the little liquids, and then do it all again after the old path disappears.

Gameplay modes like the 40-level Target Quest, Dash, Classic, and Free Play should accommodate a variety of play styles. Delight features multiple Achievements for playing and completing the main Target Quest mode, unlike Game House’s previous puzzle game Collapse!, whose Achievements are the most quickly obtainable of any Windows Phone title. Nice to see Game House taking player feedback into account.

Droplitz Delight launches on May 23 and will cost 99 cents. Preceding it will be geoDefense Swarm on May 16.

Xbox Live: Feed Me Oil splashes onto the Marketplace

WPCentral broke the news of Chillingo’s Feed Me Oil coming to Xbox Live last month, with the promise that it would release within the next 1-2 months. It looks like we were right on the money, as Feed Me Oil has just debuted on the Marketplace. Even better news? It costs only 99 cents, just like its iOS counterpart. Also of note: Electronic Arts published the game rather than Chillingo, their subsidiary.

Feed Me Oil is a physics puzzle game that closely resembles Enigmo. The player’s job is to get a bunch of dropping oil into the mouths of gigantic creatures. You’ll use a variety of gadgets to do so, pushing, pulling, and otherwise directing the flow of oil. While the gameplay may be somewhat familiar to puzzle fans, Feed Me Oil’s creative art design (complete with cute intro) is far more appealing than Enigmo’s sterile setting. The Windows phone version features several exclusive levels, making the low price tag even more of a bargain.

Feed Me Oil costs 99 cents and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Zebrasqual and Robin Dale for the tip!

Chillingo bringing Feed Me Oil to Xbox Live on Windows Phone

Last year WPCentral asked our readers what mobile games they’d most like to see ported to Windows Phone. One highly-requested game was Cut the Rope from Chillingo. Well, we’re getting one step closer to seeing that happen. WPCentral is pleased to announce that Chillingo has officially begun to support Windows Phone. Their first game: Feed Me Oil, from developer Holy Water Games.

Feed Me Oil is a physics puzzle game that closely resembles Enigmo. The player’s job is to get a bunch of dropping oil into the mouths of gigantic creatures. You’ll use a variety of gadgets to do so, pushing, pulling, and otherwise directing the flow of oil. While the gameplay may be somewhat familiar to puzzle fans, Feed Me Oil’s creative art design is far more appealing than Enigmo’s sterile setting.

The Windows Phone version of Feed Me Oil will include all of the original iPhone version’s levels, plus a new chapter with “fun new game elements.” Gotta love new content! It’s due out within the next month or two and will probably cost $2.99. Hopefully this is just the first of many awesome games in store from Chillingo!

Gerbil Physics squeaks onto Xbox Live a bit early, runs around in a little wheel

WPCentral broke the news that Pencel Games’ Gerbil Physics would be coming to Xbox Live this week a little early. So it’s only fair that we should also reveal that the game has hit the Marketplace a few hours ahead of time as well. That’s right, you can get Gerbil Physics right now.

Gerbil Physics is a physics-based puzzle game that’s overflowing with cute and dripping with adorable. Each level presents stacks of adorable, well drawn gerbils which players must then knock over with well-placed bombs. The Windows Phone version includes 72 levels (three times as many levels as the original Xbox 360 game), lots of new animations, music, and some entertaining story sequences, too.

We’ve spent some time with the Windows Phone port and come away impressed. Since Xbox Live is drowning in physics puzzlers, it takes something extra to stand out from the crowd – namely personality! And anyone whose heart hasn’t been hardened by the rampant cynicism of the internet will find it warmed by these cuddly gerbils. The opening levels ease you into the gameplay mechanics and feature some nice new tutorial text. I do wish you had the option to replay a level immediately upon completing it (for a higher score) rather than automatically going on to the next level though.

For more information, check out our full preview – or download these fun papercraft designs.

Gerbil Physics costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace. Thanks, Donald B., for the heads up!

Windows Phone Game Review: Buzzwords


I’m a sucker for word games; board games like Scrabble and Boggle are mainstays in my household. Naturally my obsession with spelling extends to videogames, with PopCap’s Bookworm games numbering among my favorites. But PopCap has yet to bring the iOS version of Bookworm to Windows Phone. Indie developer M80 Games – the folks behind the puzzler Pirate’s Mind – has risen to the occasion with their latest title, Buzzwords. This bee-based spelling game should tide Windows Phone gamers over quite nicely until Bookworm comes around - if ever.

Collapse stacks up as the Xbox Live Deal of the Week

The Xbox Live Deal of the Week has been updating rather late these days. In fact, it’s only just turned up. Collapse! from GameHouse is now on sale.

 Collapse! is a simple puzzle game in which players slide blocks up and down to make colored matches. The sprawling Adventure mode offers plenty of twists on the standard gameplay, plus a simple character customization system. For better or worse, Collapse! also has the easiest Achievements of any Xbox Live game, mobile or otherwise. You can seriously get them all in 20 minutes or so. Check out our full review for more details.

Collapse! is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.